How To Manage Time For Study While Working

How to Manage time for study while working 3

How To Manage Time For Study While Working – Time management is what many students need to learn, as it is essential to their academic progress. There are a lot of students who rush from time to time to find a balanced timing. 

Being a full-time student is tasking as comparing it to a part-time student who has other tasks to cover especially jobs. 

A student who has work and education to catch up to at almost the same time might find it very tasking, as he or she needs to balance timing. There are moments when education would call and job almost at the same time.

You might want to balance or manage time. The reason we are here is to assist you with how to manage time for study while working, you want to study, you want to do other jobs call, then this is beneficial to you.

What is Time Management?

As defined by Wikipedia, Time Management is the process of planning and exercising conscious control of time spent on specific activities especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency and productivity.

In other words, time management has to do with planning, because without planning one won’t attain the goals of effectiveness, efficiency and productivity which is the essence of time management.

How to Manage Time for Study While Working 

It is either you are working to support yourself financially or trying to build a useful academic career. Education is important, for career growth you would sometimes need to study and study to get there.

Here are a few tips you would need on how to manage time for study while working.

  • Get your Employer aware

As you have planned to advance in your Academy, working and studying can be difficult but achievable. The first thing you should do is let your employer know your decision to further.

This might help create a time for you to work and study, at least a comfortable hour can be agreed upon by you and your employer. It is very important so you don’t get all packed up.

  • Get Your Activities Planned

So once you commence a semester or a school year calendar, get all activities planned so you can compare them with work demands.

You wouldn’t want to just go into study and work without having proper timing so you don’t have everything clashed up. A proper plan can help you progress smoothly and effectively.

  • Use Every Free Time For Study

Since you are in school and working free time might not be something you get consistently. Probably you would be occupied almost every time.

However, whenever there is free time you can actually use it to study and update yourself on your course work since it is your target. You Rarely be getting free time, so always take advantage of your free time.

  • Harness The Power of Technology

Thanks to technology, you can now learn anywhere anytime, with your internet and mobile or laptop you can revise topics anywhere even in transit home from work. You don’t have to wait till you are at home. You can listen to audiobooks, and watch YouTube so you can get updates on difficult topics or so.

Technology has made it very easy for everyone to learn on the go, even when you are in a study zone, you can use all these facilities to keep you learning and understanding topics.

  • Improve Your Reading and Understanding Speed

Improving your reading and understanding speed is very important this is because you won’t be having all the luxury of time. So it is important to learn how to read fast and understand very fast, this would be an advantage to you catching up.

You can visit this link to get some tips on how you can improve your reading and understanding speed.

  • Sacrifice Something Daily

Though you have your activities planned already, you can still choose to sacrifice something daily, this could be something less important, like watching Tv, or something, the time you would use to watch Tv, you can also use to study.

This doesn’t mean you have to always cut your TV time or fun time, after all, more work and no play makes jack a dull boy. you still need to balance it. 

  • Your Plans Should Be Around Your Study

When you are making your plan or schedule, this should be in favour of your studies. All plans or timing should go majorly to your school work, after all, your school is the main thing, for now, you are trying to improve yourself academically.

  • Always Pay Attention In Class

It is one thing to get yourself up and do off school and while in class. It is very important to always keep to your toe in class. Once you are in class, always pay attention, and get the necessary point to comprehend.

Once you can understand, then, it will help you ease your study at home.

  • Take Care of Yourself

When you work and study intensively, the reward might be great however, you might be on the brick of breaking, so you have to slow down and take care of yourself. After all, more work and no play make one a dull person.

So get enough rest, sleep well, and eat good food. Sleep and eat good food as there are necessary for going the next day. And lastly, you get social, meet friends, chat with them on social platforms, and keep the relationship alive.

  • Focus on The Goal

And lastly, you have to remember why you are doing all these, why you choose to further, and what is expected at the end of it all. The goal is very paramount to your success as there would be no point in wanting to study and not making it paramount to you.

You have to remember the endgame is the crucial part of it, you want to advance your skills, learn something new and lastly get that next job opportunity that might demand a high academic level. So focus on what your goal is, the goal keeps you moving.


Self-improvement is significant, when you choose to improve your skills you get to open opportunities for yourself. Studying while working can be very tasking and time taking. There are so many things you would want to meet up to, however, if you are thinking this is not possible then you are wrong.

You can combine work and study and still be fine, it is a matter of time management which is very important, once you know how to manage your time, then you should be fine. With our how to manage time for study while working you should be at your peak, being effective. So we hope you find this very insightful.


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