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The executive MBA program is a 23-month part-time program for leaders in a society driven by technology, giving you an in-depth knowledge of the essentials of business and the opportunities in the areas of expertise. With MBA, students can further improve their career working with executives that recognize the importance and style of business.

With a unique blend of online studies and campus classes, students take part in three campus sessions on Fridays and Saturdays which include;

  • Pre-study Modules
  • An elective module to specialize in the selected program, connecting with other MBA cohorts
  • Campus-based modules are designed to work with the online learning platform.

Students are expected to work around 16 hours of material per module, giving them the ability to apply all the skills and knowledge gained at the Executive MBA workplace.


There is some necessary information that needs to be processed such as;

  • The Online Pre-study Modules
  • Induction
  • Core modules
  • Executive leadership Journey
  • Electives and international residency

Scholarships funded by Imperial college business

Some scholarships are available for candidates who meet the entry requirements and application deadlines. These scholarships offer support for diversity and Women empowerment.

Advisory Board Scholarship

This scholarship is been made through the Advisory board with the aim to provide opportunities for exceptional students who wish to undergo a full-time study. To be eligible for this scholarship, candidates have to be self-funded and have good academic records at the time of their studies in the school. Other requirements are video submission, a balanced GMAT/GRE, professional references, and a food track record of excellence. It covers all tuition fees.

Africa Regional Scholarship

This scholarship is offered to African students who are citizens of the 54 countries listed in the eligibility criteria. Candidates must submit their application for a full-time MBA before the admission deadline. To qualify for this scholarship, students must have a good academic background, a reference letter, and a personal statement. It covers tuition of 15,000 Euro

Aziz Foundation Award

This scholarship is offered to Muslim students in an active British community and is keen on making an impact in society after their studies. This support helps to create mutual understanding between Muslims and other communities in the school environment. To be eligible for this scholarship, applicants must have submitted a complete application online, must have an upper second class from a recognized university, and must also demonstrate commitment and good relationship ethics. It’s a tuition-free scholarship.

Black Future Leader

This scholarship is geared towards admitting students with black and mixed-race backgrounds that are not fully represented and show good leadership skills. To be eligible, applicants ought to demonstrate an excellent academic record and must include a strong track record of studies, internship, or work experience. 50% percent of the tuition fee is taken off.

Dean’s Impact Scholarship

This scholarship offers 25,000 Euros of the full tuition with the aim of improving the innovative thinking of prospective applicants who possess skills like Entrepreneurship, leadership, social impact, sustainability, and Technology. To be eligible for this, students must have submitted their application for the Full-time MBA, a video assessment is required.

Imperial Excellence Scholarship

This is a general scholarship program open to academically-sound students who indicate interest to pursue an MBA. Awarded throughout the admission cycle, there is a limited number available. It covers a fee of 15,000 Euro. To qualify, applicants must have an excellent application; demonstrate academic merit, and a strong internship experience.

Latam Regional Scholarship

This scholarship encourages Latin American students who wish to further and improve their academic degree in MBA and reside in one of the 20 Latin countries. To apply, candidates must submit their application for the full-time MBA before the final admissions; have an excellent background, reference letters, and personal statements.

Forte Fellowships for Women

The college sponsors this Scholarship for a Non-profit organization that organizes progressive communities for women through education, offering female students a 50% tuition fee which includes; participation in the annual Forte MBA Women’s Fellowship conference, access to exclusive networking groups, and special seminars and workshops. To apply, candidates must submit their application for the Full-time MBA and professional references and letters and must have a high balanced GMAT score.

Riley Family Scholarship

This scholarship supports and encourages self-funded students who demonstrate exceptional academic merit potential regardless of their background. To apply for this scholarship, applicants must have a good academic background, must have a high GMAT score, and good performance during the admission process.

Admission Information

Next start sate

February 2023


23 Months

Study Mode



Imperial College Business School, UK


63,400 Euros


Before applying for admission, it is vital to check for the requirements and confirm if they are met. Some of which are:

Work experience: To qualify, applicants must possess 8-10 years of postgraduate work experience and the program is ideal for candidates with senior roles in their careers.

Academic resume: some of these are an undergraduate degree from a recognized university, full membership of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in the UK or Ireland, or any association recognized in the World.

English Language Test score: All programs in the college are linguistics-related, therefore, the need for an English Test is important ( IELTS – A minimum score of 7.0 with a minimum score of 6.5 in all elements, TOEFL – A minimum score of 100 overall with scores of 22 in all elements, Degree studied in English-speaking country)

Complete degree transcripts: this will be submitted electronically with full copies uploaded to the portal. Transcripts should include details of modules studied at degree level, marks for each, grades, and programs.

Personal Statement: this gives an opportunity for the school to know you better as you talk about yourself, goals, what motivates you and why you are undertaking this program. Also, questions will be asked about your achievements, your contributions, and uses of this degree if admitted.

Curriculum Vitae: This is up-to-date information about you in a convenient format

Application fee of 135 Euro

How to apply

Apply online using the school site

Submit the requested documents

Wait for an interview after you have been shortlisted 

Benefits of studying at Imperial College of Business School

With its rant in the World QS Universities, Imperial College is one of the leading Universities that offer aspirants the opportunity to be among professionals, learning from the best. Other benefits of studying here are;

Priority on Students’ Health and well being: The College participates in healthy sports activities that boost the mentality and mindset of the students, ensuring that they get the necessary physical strength for steady school life.

Variety of Opportunities: situated in a city where companies like Google, boom play, Rolls-Royce, and others allow growth and accessibility, helping graduates to expand and explore.

Global advantage: as a renowned University, graduates and students are open to diverse opportunities and scholarship opportunities.

Encourages Creativity in Students: imperial College is acknowledged for its excellent standard of education that teaches teamwork and patience. its focus is on the level of learning the students as they are tasked and tested in those skills. This holds a positive effect as they are exposed to techniques that manage these skills.

After a successful admission, a conditional letter of admission will be sent with a notification of the outcome of the application by mail.

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