McGill University Scholarships currently Ongoing [APPLY NOW]

McGilll University scholarship

McGill University Scholarships are currently ongoing for
interested candidates who wish to study and earn a degree in Canada.

Known as one of Canada’s institutions of higher learning,
the University’s populations of international students rank high in the history
of public schools since 1821, its year of founding. Its campuses are located in
Gault Nature, MacDonald, and Downtown.

Student life in McGill University

There are associations and student bodies that are set up to assist both new, international, and domestics students who need a little bit of guidance in the university.

Known as the Students’ society of McGill University and the Post Graduate Student’s Society of McGill University (SSMU and PGSS), students are recognized in their various departments and faculties.

Also, clubs are organized to address some issues that may arise and to handle some financial problems that students face.

Other services

Services provided by the University are ICT services – over 600 computer work stations are made available for McGill students, giving you access to the internet, electronic resources like books, journals, etc.

Medical services – providing officials who are present for checkups and medical advice helping students over stress and psychological breakdowns and how schedules are handled.

Fitness and sports – the gyms and sports centers are also put in place to assist students with their physical well-being, keeping them fit and strong through their clubs and societies.

Tuition in McGill University

The cost of studying depends on the program of study and duration which is usually from 18,000 to 50,000 USD for international students of any degree.

Scholarships in McGill University

The purpose of these scholarships is to provide education to those who have financial problems or cannot fund their education with support from student aids, government aids, part-time study, parental support, and other methods of assistance.

These scholarships are offered in the Mater, Ph. D and undergraduate degree levels.

PBEE- Quebec Merit Scholarship for Foreign students

Scholarships are open to international graduate and postgraduate applicants or candidates with a value of $26,000 per year which is valid for three years. To qualify, candidates must have been selected by the university and are not citizens of Canada.

Government Aid scholarships

This is available to students or candidates from the US, Quebec or Canada as they are the funded by the governments of the countries mentioned above.

In-course awards and Honors

For students who are currently enrolled in a full-time education program at the university, they are opportune to be offered such as are awarded by the committee or individual faculties of the University. Some of them are:

Chandra Madramootoo is funded by the Agricultural and environmental science, CAE scholarship in Engineering Excellence – Faculty of electrical engineering, A.S Lamb scholarships – Faculty of education, Hope Barrington Scholarship – Faculty of Arts, john Bonsall Porter University – Engineering, local Pelham Kent Scholarship – Management.

Centrally-administered scholarships

With a value of about $3,000, the scholarship is merit-based for full-time undergraduate education to students or candidates who have excellent academic records and leadership skills. The two types of scholarships are the one-year and major scholarships.

McGill Financial Aid

For you to qualify for this scholarship, it takes little effort as this scholarship is geared towards funding the education of candidates who need financial assistance but depends solely on the nationality, course or level of need.

McGill Internal funding

This scholarship is open and offered to all students if they so wish to apply for it.  

Eligibility Criteria for McGill University Scholarship

Applicants must have a secondary school education to qualify for the undergraduate level

Applicants must meet the language requirements

Graduates who wish to apply should have an undergraduate degree among other requirements

Documents needed to apply for admission to McGill University

Statement of purpose



Recommendation letter

English Proficiency Requirements



The University offers programs in eleven faculties and fourteen schools which you can easily look through and select your preferred choice of study.

Interfaculty studies

Biology and Biomedical Engineering

Integrated Program in Neuroscience

Quantitative life sciences

Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Agricultural Economics

Animal sciences

Bio-resource Engineering


Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry

Human Nutrition

Natural Resource sciences


Plant science



Art history

Communication studies

East Asian studies



French Language and Literature


History and Classical Studies

Information studies

International development

Islamic studies

Jewish studies

Languages, Literature, and culture


Mathematics and statistics


Political Science


Public Policy

Quebec Studies

Religious studies

Social studies of medicine

Social work


Dental medicine and Oral Health Science


Educational and counseling psychology

Integrated Studies in Education

Kinesiology and Physical Education




Biological and Biomedical Engineering

Chemical engineering

Civil Engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Mining and Materials Engineering

Urban planning


Faculty of management

Master of Business Administration

Master of Management

Ph.D. in management

Executive Master of Business Administration

Graduate Certificate in Healthcare management

A graduate certificate in professional Accounting

Medicine and Health

Anatomy and cell biology




Biological and Biomedical Engineering

Communication Sciences and Disorders

Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Human genetics

Medical physics

Medicine Experiment

Family Medicine

Microbiology and Immunology

Neuroscience (integrated program)


Occupational health


Otolaryngology-Head and Neck surgery


Pharmacology and Therapeutics

Physical and Occupational Therapy


Experimental surgery



Atmospheric and oceanic sciences



Computer science

Earth and planetary sciences


Mathematics and statistics



Redpath museum

McGill also offers some online courses that can be taken from
anywhere in the World such as:

Project management from principles to practice

Project Risk management

Agile Project Management practice and certification

Digital wellness

Scientific writing and publishing

Certificate in applied cyber security

Certificate of proficiency

Graduate diploma in legal translation

Professional development
certificate in Data analytics for business

Professional Development
certificate in Data science and machine learning

Certificate in indigenous business management

Certificate in Public Administration

Certificate in governance

Professional Development Certificate in Parliamentary Management

Benefits of studying in McGill University

International students enjoy some benefits like:

Free airport welcome service

International student spouses clubs

The chance to participate in international students association

Access to international teaching and research

Easy access to student Visa

Affordable education and living cost

Students can work and study

IELTS requirements

To qualify for scholarship applications, applicants must
have an English proficiency test score. However, if you are from any of these
countries, you are exempted from providing a Test Score.

Antigua and Barbuda






Cayman Islands

Cook Island

Fiji Island





Isle of Man



Malta Nigeria

New Zealand

Norfolk Island

St Lucia

St Kitts

St Vincent’s




United kingdom

Virgin island




Trinidad and Tobago

How to apply

Visit the website and apply accordingly, submitting all the
necessary documents.

Check for deadlines

Ensure you qualify for eligibility

Check for scholarships


No. Generally speaking, the government calculates how much money you need based on standard living allowances.

The International Health Insurance is mandatory for all International students with very few exceptions. Exemption categories and procedures can be found on International Student Services insurance site.


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