10 Medical School Scholarships For International Students

10 free medical schools for International students

Medical study abroad is a way for international students to become doctors despite the competitive nature of the application.

Currently assisting students with scholarships to study Medicine, schools and Universities have made the process a lot easier.

Medical universities abroad have programs designed in the English language where students can study with ease.

 In European countries where medicine is a bit more fierce in granting admissions to highly academically sound students, they offer second options study in Biology, Dietetics, Physical Therapy, Neuroscience, Molecular Biology, Psychology, Genetics, and others.

Why Medicine?

Students that qualify as doctors end up paying huge tuition fees to obtain a medical degree abroad. However, some schools offer good medical programs with the cheapest tuition and living costs making medicine studies popular and in high demand.

There are other reasons why students choose to study medicine abroad;

Job opportunities after graduation

After graduation, medical students in any field of medicine are exposed to various job opportunities in different facilities.

Some often get to volunteer and work before or after graduation, choosing to be in the sector that they prefer to work in, whether Health, co-operate, or judicial sciences.

Working and experience opportunity

To have the best kind of field experience as medical personnel, doctors get the opportunity to work with patients and even senior colleagues and co-workers.

This helps fresh graduates get more experience while on the job, acquiring new skills and knowledge that give them an edge over their counterparts.


As doctors, they gain respect in society as they get to work directly with people, making them happy and enhancing lifestyles and careers.

Doctors have easily identified anywhere with their white coats which represent hygiene and cleanliness in the delivery of their jobs.

Furthermore, seminars and workshops are constantly organized to keep them up to speed with the latest information on health, hygiene, and societal hazards.

Requirements to study Medicine Abroad

The requirements for studying medicine vary according to the country and school of medicine involved.

Although, there are similarities which is common to all schools of Universities of medicine. To apply, the following is needed;

  • High school leaving certificate be in good health physically, mentally, psychologically, and otherwise to complete the course
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Letter of motivation
  • Academic achievements
  • Work experience
  • English Proficiency test score

10 Medical School Scholarships for international students

There are countries currently offering free education for students or applicants who wish to study medicine abroad. Here are some;

New York University School of Medicine

Studying in New York can be quite expensive with students expected to pay about $250,000 for tuition, living, and accommodation fees.

This decision was made after realizing that many medical students accumulate a lot of debts while obtaining loans to study.


To be eligible, students must have;

  • Completed a pre-university education
  • Completed an International Baccalaureate Diploma
  • Citizenship documents from countries with a British education
  • SAT/ACT scores
  • An English Proficiency test score
  • Provided some recommendation letters
  • Resume

Cornell’s Medical School

This University is a private institution known for its academic standards with about 30% percent of its students as international scholars.

The university offers medical education to students who qualify as soon as they begin their first year.


  • High school transcripts
  • SAT or ACT score
  • Proof of English proficiency
  • Two or three letters of recommendation
  • Academic statement of purpose

 Cleveland Clinic LerneCollege of Medicine

 Also known as the Case Western Reserve University is a private institution that is located in Ohio with a campus in Cleveland.

The university has its radio station, 10 sororities, and 17 fraternities on campus. Renowned for its undergraduate programs in medicine and Engineering, researchers make use of the school’s facilities and equipment in finding solutions or answers. 


The criteria for admission into the college are high as many students are admitted early due to the rate of acceptance. Candidates must have an SAT score of 1310 or 1470 and ACT scores of 30 to 34.

Washington University in St. Louis

To create an excellent learning experience for students, the University has created an office for International students and scholars, providing financial, housing, and transportation services to the students.

Home to about 16,000 students, the University builds and enhances their career path with diverse culture and education impartations.

With the new orientation program set up, the University welcomes students and helps them settle in the new environment,


To apply and be eligible, applicants are expected to have:

  • Their academic transcripts
  • SAT or ACT score
  • Financial support 
  • Health support
  • Letter of recommendation
  • CV
  • Essay and portfolios       

 University of Bergen, Norway

Attracting many international students to their programs, the University teaches dentistry, health, and travel, medicine in a tuition-free environment. The school offers a 30% of the population take away from the tuition away.


  • Online Application form
  • Proof of fee payment
  • Student Visa
  • Motivation letter
  • Passport
  • Application fee
  • TOEFL certificate
  • Supervisor agreement form (Ph.D.)
  • Letter so recommendation
  • Research proposal outline
  • IELTS certificate
  • Resume/CV
  • Health and Life insurance
  • Declaration of financial support

University of Berlin

The University of Berlin offers courses in Pharmacy, Veterinary Medicine, Human Medicine, and Dentistry at the graduate and post-graduate levels, not charging for education except for a few selected programs.

The university provides courses in German but here are some that are taught in English;

  • Bachelor of Arts in North American Studies
  • Master of Science in Biochemistry 
  • Master of Science in Bioinformatics
  • Master of Science Computational Science
  • Master of Arts in English Studies
  • Master of Science in International Health
  • Master of Science in Molecular Medicine
  • Master of Science in Polymer Science
  • Master of Arts in Sociology
  • Master of Arts in Visual and Media Anthropology
  • Master of Science in Mathematics.

Technical University of Munich

The university offers scholarships in programs related to science, medicine, and engineering. Partnering with different universities all around the globe, the school admits international students spread across the thirteen faculties and fifteen departments. The courses are offered in German or English therefore, students have to submit proof of English Proficiency as a requirement. 

Other requirements are; 

  • Academic transcripts
  • Aptitude test score
  • Visa
  • Proof of health insurance
  • Entrance assessment test
  • Work experience
  • Letter of motivation
  • Portfolio of work

Umea University

Located in Sweden, the University offers free science courses in Odontology, health care, and medicine in 13 departments and research centers applicable only to students in countries in European Union.

Each year, the University awards scholarships to students who show passion and zeal for the programs.


Applicants who wish to begin their educational journey in UMEA must have completed upper secondary school education.

To study a Master’s program, applicants must have an undergraduate degree that is equivalent to a Swedish bachelor’s degree.

King Saud University’s College of Medicine

Located in Saudi Arabia, the cost of living as a student is about $456 per month which discouraged a lot of international students with hopes of studying in the Arab country.

Hence, alerting the University to assist by offering free education to both local students. Applicants must possess the following;

  • A CV
  • Transcripts of records
  • Letter of objection from sponsor
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Saudi passport or Iqama for non-Saudi
  • Six passport photographs

The University of Medicine in Vienna

As one of the best medical universities that specialize in Human medicine and dentistry, the European university is located in Vienna, Austria, offering about six years of free studies to interested candidates.

To be admitted, an acceptance letter from a medical institute in the student’s country is needed. International students get to pay a fee of 800 Euros for a year while local students get educated freely.

How to apply for any of the Free medical schools

To obtain admission into any of the Medical schools above, here are the steps to follow;

  • Choose your program of interest
  • Check for the requirements, eligibility criteria, and students guide 
  • Apply online and fill out the form
  • Get your documents ready 
  • Pay the application fee
  • Follow the admission process on the school’s website
  • Await a mail and respond once received
  • Apply for a residence permit
  • Apply for a Student Visa if necessary

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