Top 20 Best Medical Schools In Poland

Top 20 Best Medical Schools In Poland – Medicine is one of the most sorted fields of profession. It is gratifying and needed in several countries. Although, many countries lack practitioners in the field. If you are planning to study medicine and have the opportunity to study abroad, there are some great places you might want to consider.

Countries like the United Kingdom, The United States, Canada, Australia, Sweden, India, Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine, China, Germany, France, and Poland are one of the best places to study medicine. However, in this article, we want to look at the best medical schools in Poland.

Poland is one of the places in Europe to study medicine. Poland is safe and highly developed, and many of its schools are equipped to train students in the field of medicine. So we will be making a list of the best medical schools in Poland.

Education In Poland

Poland is a country on the European continent. It is one of the most highly developed countries in the world. It is in the center of Europe. The country is the fifth most populated country in Europe. It is bordered by Russia, Lithuania, Germany, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Belarus and Slovakia. The country also shares maritime borders with Denmark and Sweden.

Poland is the world’s sixth-largest economy. Its economy is so strong that it provides a very high standard of living. Its economy is free and strong. The country is one of the safest places to stay. The citizens of Poland enjoy so many benefits.

The Poland system provides its citizens with a lot of benefits, such as free education up to the university level and a health care system that covers its citizens and others. Poland is a great place to study and live.

Education in Poland is one of the country’s priorities. Poland has sixteen administrative provinces. Education framework in Poland is designed by the Ministry of Education and Science. In Poland, the Education structure includes Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary and Higher Tertiary Education.

Education in Poland is compulsory. Pupils are expected to start school at the age of six. Kindergarten education is not compulsory. The compulsory level of education is till nine years. Students are enrolled in primary education, which lasts for six years.

After completing primary education, the student can proceed to secondary school which is divided secondary education, which is divided into middle school and upper secondary school.

In middle school, students are exposed to a lot of programs. At the middle school level, students can be enrolled in the Gymnasium class or Basic Vocational school. After which, students proceed to upper secondary school.

At the upper secondary school, students can also select which school they would like to enrol with. The upper school is divided into several schools, which include Technical Secondary School, General Lyceum and Specialized Lyceum.

The general school provides students with programs for universities, while the vocational schools train students for vocational proficiency and general qualifications. Once students are done with this, they can decide to further into post-secondary school or tertiary education.

Poland Tertiary education lasts for three to five years. In tertiary education, students can be awarded Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s or Doctorate Degree. Polish tertiary schools include universities, polytechnics and economics and agricultural academies.

The Polish education system is designed to equip students with the best.

Best Medical Schools In Poland

Medicine is one of the oldest programs. Medicine practice comprises various programs such as Clinical Practice, Biomedical Research, Medications, Surgery, Medical Devices, and many others. Medical Schools are tertiary that teach medicine and awards professional degree to physicians and surgeons.


There are several schools in Poland that award students a degree in medicine. The oldest university in Poland is the Academy of Krakow, founded in 1364. Poland has about 18 others.

If you are considering taking a medical program in Poland and are confused about which medical school you should apply to. We will be making a list of the best medical schools in Poland.

Here is a list of the best Medical Schools in Poland based on Edurank ranking;

  • Medical University of Warsaw, Warsaw.
  • Jagiellonian University, Krakow.
  • Medical University of Lodz, Lodz.
  • Medical University of Gdansk, Gdansk.
  • Poznan University of Medical Sciences, Poznan.
  • Wroclaw Medical University, Wroclaw.
  • Medical University of Silesia, Katowice.
  • Medical University of Lublin, Lublin.
  • Medical University of Bialystok, Bialystok.
  • Pomeranian Medical University of Szczecin, Szczecin.
  • Nicolaus Copernicus University, Torun.
  • University of Wroclaw, Wroclaw.
  • University of Warsaw, Warsaw.
  • University of Silesia in Katowice, Katowice.
  • University of Warmia and Mazury in Olstyn, Olsztyn.
  • Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan.
  • University of Lodz, Lodz.
  • University of Gdansk, Gdansk.
  • Warsaw University of Life sciences, Warsaw.
  • Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw.

  • Medical University Of Warsaw

There are several top institutes in Poland. Medical University of Warsaw is the best school in Poland. The institute was founded in 1809. It is one of the oldest institutes in Poland. Medical University of Warsaw is known for its excellence in the line of Medicine.

The institute enrols over 10,000 students yearly with ladies as the highest percentage. The Public University has five faculties, which include the Faculty of Medicine, Dental Medicine, Medical Sciences, Pharmacy and Health Sciences.

The institute is a highly intensive research institute that collaborates with other institutes in Europe and beyond. The Institute is located in the urban city of Zbigniew Gaciong. Medical University of Warsaw has been ranked among the best universities in the world.

In a recent ranking, the institute was ranked among the first 400 in Europe, the first 1000 in the world, the first 4 in Warsaw and 16 in Poland. The Institute has a very high rate of employability of students after graduation.

  • Jagiellonian University

Here is another great school for Medical Sciences. The school is located in Krakow. It was established in 1364. One of the oldest universities, it has received world rankings and recognition. The institute was ranked 2nd in Poland, 184th in Europe, and 529th in the world.

Jagiellonian University Is also recognized for its excellence in the line of Medicine. The public university is the 13th oldest university in the world. The institute has around 22 faculties. Jagiellon University has a very large enrollment every year. Over 41,000 students are enrolled every year.

The school awards student up to Doctorate Degree. Tuition fees for undergraduate and graduate students range from around $500, while for international students undergraduate fee is around $6,250 per annum.

Jagellonian University is affiliated with several bodies. The institute has been doing well both at the international and national levels.

  • Medical University of Lodz, Lodz

Medical University of Lodz is the largest teaching hospital in Poland. It is the combination of two institutes, which are the medical academy of Lodz and the Military Medical Academy of Lodz. The institute was established in 2002.

Medical University of Lodz is one of the most profound universities in Poland. The institute is an intensive research institute with ten faculties. The institute has collaborated with several universities in the world in terms of research.

Medical University of Lodz is located in the beautiful city of Lodz, Poland. The medical school is ranked the 3rd best medical school in Poland and the first 200 in Europe. The Medical school enrols around 8,000 students every year, both international and Indigenous students.

The Public-Private institute cost around $500 for undergraduate and $1,750 for graduate and for undergraduate international students, it is around $16,250. The Institute has so many publication and citation that has been acknowledged worldwide.

  • Medical University of Gdansk

With over 6,500 students enrolled yearly, the institute has been ranked one of the best medical institutes in Poland. Medical University of Gdansk is widely recognised. The institute is one of the top universities in Poland.

In 2020, the university was the first medical school in Poland and the 6th best polish university. The medical school has also been receiving international recognition. In a recent ranking, it was recognised among the first 300 best universities worldwide.

Its excellence in the field of medicine has also been highly recognised. In Poland, the school is one of the only two schools that is known for its A+ excellence in the field of Pharmacy.

It is an intensive research institute. In 2017 the institute was awarded the Elsevier award as the winner of the Polish Research Impact Leaders Award in Medical Sciences.

The institute was established in 1945. It has four faculties that are highly research-intensive. MUG is one of the best medical institutes in Poland.

  • Poznan University of Medical Sciences, Poznan

If you want to do well in the field of Pharmacy, then Poznan University of Medical Sciences is the choice. The Institute started as a Pharmaceutical school, which was the first department that was created in 1919. Over years other medical departments were introduced.

The school offers a wide range of medical programs. The institute is among the intensive research institute. The school has contributed immensely in the field of Immunology, Endocrinology, Oncology, Nuclear Medicine, Surgery and many others.

The institutes collaborate =s with a wide range of schools. Poznan University of Medical Sciences is located in Poznan. The school has been internationally recognised. It is ranked as the 3rd best medical school in Poznan, 22nd in Poland and 538th in Europe and among the first 1000 best medical schools in the world.

The institute enrols over 7,000 students every year. It has a number of five faculties which include the Faculty of Medicine I, Medicine II, Pharmacy and Health Sciences. The institute is affiliated with the European University Association, Association for Dental Education in Europe, Association for Medical Education in Europe and others.

Poznan University of Medical Sciences is a great school for medical studies.

Medical schools in Poland are highly equipped and advanced to provide students with the best training. Many public Polish Universities are equally affordable. They cost around $6,250 to $16,250 per annum for both graduates and undergraduates.

We have been able to make a list of the best medical school in Poland and explained a few. However, if you want more details about the rest you can click on this link


Medical Schools are institutions that provide medical training to students who desire to go into the medical profession. There are several medical schools worldwide. Medical profession is one of the most sorted professions in the world. If you are looking for a place to get the best training, Poland is a great place to study medicine, no wonder there are several medical Institutes in Poland.

In this article, we have been able to make a list of the best medical schools in Poland. We hope you find this article informative and the right source for picking your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is medicine?

Medicine is the science and practice of establishing the diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, and prevention of disease.

What is the difference between modern medicine and medicine?

medicine, the science and art of treating and preventing disease, while modern medicine


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