Medical Student Started Her Thrift Business With Just 2k , Makes Over 4.84M Since Then

A medical student at Rochester, a Michigan-based Oakland University who found her self struggling so badly with finances for her tuition fee as well all the debt and loans she was owning started her very own small business during the covid 19 pandemic.

During this time, she found that a lot people were selling fairly used clothes (thrifted clothes) online and we’re making a whole load of cash from it.

She decided to try it.

At first, she didn’t realize that these people selling these clothes were actually sourcing it from a thrift store and reselling it on the reselling app popularly known as poshmark.

She thought they were from their closets. Until she realized that these vendors on poshmark were buying from other thrift wholesale vendors.

She decided to start being motivated by her current financial state at that time. The cost of her Mediacal School tuition Was $220,000.

She purchased her first thrift wear for just $5 which is of course [2,000NGN ]. Suprisingly she sold this same fairly used t-shirt for 8,000 NGN.

She Started to study other vendors on the resale app to see what they were doing and how she could do hers even more better to grow her little side hustle.

She later found that these successful vendors weren’t just selling any type of thrift clothes but we’re opt-in for very trending pieces.

She decided to opt for trending vintage pieces and at that point she found a winning product for herself.

From then on, Hillier has gone on to rake in N48.5 million in total revenue, including N35,2 million last year alone.

Her side business currently makes N2.5 to N2.9 million in profit every month.

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