Meet the Brilliant Akwa Ibomite Valour Inyang With 9 A’s in WAEC, 343 Jamb Score

Akwa Ibomite With 9 A's in WAEC

The honourable commissioner for Information and strategy of Akwa Ibom state, comrade in ememobong has taken to his Facebook profile to celebrate the brilliant young boy from Akwa ibom state identified as Valour Inyang who made 9 A’s in the 2022 WAEC results, alongside 343 Jamb Score.

Celebrating the young boy on Facebook, he said

“I celebrate this young Akwa Ibomite, Valour Inyang, who has confirmed to the world that excellence is our definition.

I pray that our generation will build and bequeath to his generation a state that will support their dreams and aspirations.

Also celebrating the boys win, a sensational gospel singer named David Pat Davasol said;

If outstanding was a person Then Valour Inyang is that person If Excellent had a literal definition. Then Valour Inyang is the real definition.This is what we should be dragging. This is what we should be celebrating.

This is not just a win for the boy and his parents but a big win for the state. This is also to let people know that Akwa Ibom People are not known for being house helps or gatemen as said by ignorant fellows but Proof to them that we are known for EXCELLENCE.I wish my people who trend and drags others on social media can drag this excellent result and performance in Valour Inyang.Thank you bro for being good Thank you for not disappointing your parent Thank you for changing the stereotype about our dear state and most making us proud.God bless you ! – He wrote



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