Meet The Father Who Supports His Daughter's Business By Modelling Her Tops [VIDEO]

Meet The Father Who Supports His Daughter’s Business By Modelling Her Tops [VIDEO]


An Arkansas-based father has been winning over the hearts of many by joyfully Modelling his daughter, Emily Beaver’s stylish crochet designs.

Across several social media platforms, including InstagramTikTok and more, the dedicated dad can be seen dancing, twirling, laughing and posing in looks from the LoveBeav product line.


Emily has been crocheting since 2015 but started noticing her business really take off during the summer of 2021, thanks to social media.

When she began scouting her parents to model her designs, the business saw an immediate upswing in attention.

Meet The Father Who Supports His Daughter's Business By Modelling Her Tops
Credit: Beaver’s Family

“My dad has never been afraid to look silly, especially if he’s having fun doing it, so there was never any hesitation on his part,” Emily told “Good Morning America.”

“The most important thing for me and my parents is that we are spending quality time laughing and enjoying what we are doing.”


“We could care less what other people think about how silly it might look,” she added.

After noticing how well a video performed that featured her mother, Amy Beaver, wearing one of her crochet designs, Emily thought,

“Why not try including Dad, as well?”
“The internet totally ate it up and every time I included my parents, I knew that there was something special about the concept of a family wearing crochet tops together,” Emily said.

Meet The Father Who Supports His Daughter's Business By Modelling Her Tops
Credit: Beaver family

Since making the decision to include her parents in content creation, Emily’s business has continued to grow at a rapid rate and she has seen a large increase in followers.

The 28-year-old crochet artist and content creator was able to quit her previous day job to solely focus on art and content creation full-time because of the increase in engagement and sales.

“I went from barely any sales at all, to usually selling out my entire restock each month,” Emily said.

“The biggest win for me, however, has been the opportunities I’ve had to partner with some of my favorite brands, like Michael’s Craft Store. I’ve been shopping at Michael’s since I started crocheting, so to be able to partner with them and create videos for them has been an absolute dream.”

Emily also said she and her parents have always been content creators in a way. Growing up, many of her school projects were funny videos that her parents have always been really supportive of.

“They have always been very easy to bounce ideas off, and all three of us are very creative, so it makes sense that we would go in this direction together,” she said.

When it comes to the Beaver family’s newfound internet fame, Emily said they are all “loving it,” adding, “I’m still not sure we have even processed it completely.”

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