Meet The Lady Who Was Rejected By Two Universities, And Now A Successful Baker And Pharmacist

A beautiful lady identified as Nancy Afotey Tawiah, got rejected by Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) and University Of Ghana Medical School has now become a very successful Baker and a doctor of pharmacy.

According to an interview with Yen, she narrates how she unexpectedly got rejected by these two Universities that she completely aced the entrance exams and Interviews.

According to her;

“After applying and being called by both schools at different time of course, I took entrance exams and passed. The next step was the interview. I went through the process in both schools and I must say they were not difficult.
I was very hopeful I’d at least get into one of the universities but that was not the case. The results were released and I didn’t make it to either school. I must say, it was very hard for me”
“I taught in a private school for a while and also volunteered in a hospital. At one point, a friend of mine, Mr Alex Tabil suggested I apply for the Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm D) program at KNUST.
That was my first time hearing about it. I did a little research and suddenly that was all I wanted.
I realised then that I really had no interest in medicine and it was only because I thought that was the right path for me”
Getting her parents to support her decision to ditch the prestigious medical doctor route for pharmacy took a lot of convincing but fortunately, they came on board. She applied for the program and thankfully got in.
After six packed years of Pharmacy and a licensing exams, the driven young lady officially became Dr Nancy Afotey Tawiah (Pharm D) at the age of 24.
“My experience with Pharm D was actually a love-hate relationship.
My love for the program actually increased everyday considering how diverse it was and the many opportunities I could explore but I hated the stress, the lab reports, daily lab quizzes and all the things they came with, and no, nobody told me it was going to be this tough.
Imagine me calling my mum and crying that this program wasn’t meant for me but what kept me going were God, my study group and the determination to succeed.”

Kick-starting Her Cake Business

According to Nancy, her love for baking was ignited by that of her mother. Her mother was such a good Baker and she would bake different type of delicious pastries for the family as well as Nancy’s friends.

” I really loved to help out and being super nosy about everything she did. She’d sometimes sack me from the kitchen for asking ‘too many questions’. I also loved how the end products always made everyone happy”, she told
“My friends were always waiting for pastries at the beginning of every semester and I was not about to disappoint them.
So, whenever my mum was unable to make it for me, I would go ahead and buy the ingredients and ask her to guide me bake them.
This helped me learn the craft quickly.” Having acquired the baking skills, the next thing was to learn how to decorate cakes and as serious and committed as Nancy is, she enrolled in a number of classes and did just that.
“The first thing I did was to create a budget and try to source the income I’d need. I later realized that my budget was too low but thanks to my mother who had about 70% of the things I needed, I was able to proceed.
The next thing was building a solid brand. I asked a couple of friends to suggest names and it took us two whole weeks to finally settle on the name of the brand. A friend of mine called Caleb also helped design my logo and tag for me and all that was left was praying into the business”
“I usually do my baking in the evenings after work or early morning before I go to work depending on when the cake is needed. Sometimes it’s a real struggle to stay awake but we do it anyway because we love it.”

Her major challenge, however, is funding and her location of residence. Cake tools and equipment, ingredients and accessories are not cheap because they are scarce where she stays.

Sometimes one can barely see the hard work paying off because of the need to keep re-investing and there are moments that can be discouraging.

“My current location, Prestea makes accessibility difficult because of the state of our roads hence I’m usually left with no choice than to order from online shops which makes the cost of production a bit high because delivery cost also comes in.”

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