MEXT Japanese Government Scholarship In Japan 2023

International Students from any where in the world have been granted a huge opportunity for a fully funded scholarships hosted by the Japanese Government themselves.

It doesn’t matter your nationality, your locality or your language proficiency, the MEXT Japanese Government Scholarship For 2023 is now in session.

MEXT Scholarships are offered by the Japanese Government every year and are accessible this scholarship for multidisciplinary courses to all students from any where in the world

Basically Students from Asia, Pacific, North America, Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe, Middle East, Africa can apply for this scholarship.

MEXT Japanese Government Scholarship is Organized by the Japanese Government.

Read to find out details on what this all entails, the requirements or what makes you eligible as well as steps you can take to apply to these Scholarship.

The Scholarship Grant gives international students the privilege to study in prestigious institutions in the country, Japan.

Students also have the opportunity to undertake Undergraduate Degree, Master Degree, Training, Ph.D. Degree Programs.

The scholarship is really open for numerous number of programs for you.


All the major fields and specialization are offered by MEXT Government Scholarships 2023.

So this means that if you are eligible to study in higher education right now, you are very much welcome to apply to this scholarship.

One of the best part of this scholarship is that you to need to know how to speak the Japanese language at all.
You also don’t need IELTS/TOEFL as well to apply to this scholarship.

Currently you only need a English proficiency for application.

The Lecturing and educating process is usually in English Linguistic But some times it could be in the country’s local Japanese language.

Nevertheless, all of this will depend solely on your performance and progress in the school.

The time duration for a the available programs includes the following:

• Bachelor’s degree: 4-5 years.
• Master’s Degree Program: 2-3 years.
• PhD Degree Program:3-4 years.
Let’s dive into out
Below is a list of fully funded Canada scholarships without IELTS.

About The Host Country

[Source: Wikipedia]

Schooling in Japan is overseen by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) of Japan. Instruction is obligatory at the rudimentary and lower auxiliary levels.

Most students go to state funded schools through the lower optional level, however private schooling is well known at the upper auxiliary and university levels. Instruction preceding primary school is given at kindergartens and day-care focuses.

The projects for those youngsters matured 3-5 look like those at kindergartens. The instructive methodology at kindergartens fluctuates extraordinarily from unstructured conditions that underscore play to exceptionally organized conditions that are centered around having the youngster breeze through the selection test at a confidential primary school.

The scholastic year begins from April and finishes in March, having summer excursion in August and winter get-away toward the finish of December to the start of January.

Japanese students reliably rank exceptionally among OECD students with regards to quality and execution in understanding proficiency, arithmetic, and sciences.

Japan is one of the top-performing OECD nations in understanding proficiency, math and sciences on Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) tests with the typical student scoring 528.7, contrasted and the OECD normal of 493, setting it third on the planet in the 2015 ranking.

Japan’s general population is knowledgeable and its general public exceptionally esteems schooling as a stage for financial versatility and for acquiring work in the country’s cutting edge economy.

The nation’s enormous pool of exceptionally instructed and talented people is to a great extent liable for guiding Japan’s post-war financial development.

Tertiary-taught grown-ups in Japan, especially graduates in sciences and designing, benefit financially and socially from their schooling and abilities in the country’s super advanced economy.

Spending on schooling as an extent of GDP is 4.1 percent, which is underneath the OECD normal of 5 percent. Although consumption for every student is similarly high in Japan, complete use comparative with GDP remains small.

In 2017, the nation positioned third for the level of 25-to-64-year-olds that have accomplished tertiary training with 51 percent.

what’s more, 60.4 percent of Japanese matured 25 to 34 have accomplished a few structure tertiary instruction and four year college educations are held by 30.2 percent of Japanese matured 25 to 64, the second most in the OECD after South Korea.

As the Japanese economy is generally experimentally and mechanically based, the work market requests individuals who have accomplished some type of advanced education, especially connected with science and designing to acquire an upper hand while looking for business potential open doors.

As per the MEXT, the level of Japanese happening to any advanced education establishment in the eighteen-year-old companion was 80.6 percent, with 52.6 percent of students happening to a university, 4.7 percent to a lesser school, 0.9 percent to a school of innovation and the leftover 22.4 percent going to a correspondence school, the University of the Air or a specific preparation college.

Japan’s schooling system had a focal impact in Japan’s recuperation and quick financial development soon after the finish of World War II.

Starting around 2016, Japan has 30 to 40 worldwide schools.There are numerous Kindergarten type schools that utilization “global” in their names however this isn’t a pointer that they are Japanese schools in the conventional sense. Joined Nations University is situated in Japan and Temple University has a branch grounds in Japan.

Worldwide University of Japan is a universally highest level, completely English-showed University in Japan. Akita International University is additionally an English-instructed University.

Sophia University’s Faculty of Liberal Arts and the Sophia Program for Sustainable Futures are completely shown in English. Tokyo University of Foreign Studies is an exceptionally particular, expert establishment for International Studies and offers a few dialects that are seldom shown somewhere else on the planet.

Nature Of The Scholarship

Course Level: Bachelor, Masters and PhD

Scholarship Value: Fully Funded

Gender: Male and Female

School: Japanese Universities

Country: Japan

Deadline: Depend On Your preferred country

Benefits Of The Scholarship.

Students can get many benefits from this by Scholarship which are given as follows:
Successful candidates and students will be granted the below listed financial benefits:

• Tuition Fee.

• Comprehensive Medical Insurance

• Accommodation Fee

• Stipend for living

Programs Offered By The MEXT Japanese Scholarship.

MEXT Scholarships offered multiple programs for Bachelor’s, Master’s as well as for PhD Programs.

For those applying for a bachelor’s degree, you’ll be spending around 4-5 years in the universities, those applying for a Master’s program will be staying for 3 years at the maximum and lastly those applying for PhD scholarship will spend at least 3 years in the university.

Some of the courses offered in this Scholarship includes but not limited to:

• Social Science

• Engineering

• Medical to Health

• Arts

• Humanities

• IT

• Computer

Requirements And Eligibility

Before you can be chosen for this scholarship grant, all interested candidates should endeavor to meet the following criteria.

These criteria include:

• All Nationals of the Countries having

• :Diplomatic Relations with Japan.

• Good Academic Record required.

• Experience in Research for the Master’s &Ph.D. programs is required.

• English courses must be required.

• No criminal record will be there.

Documents To Be Submitted

Some Important Documents that needs to be submitted when applying to this scholarship

• A 12th year Education is required for Bachelor program & it must be in attested form.

• Research Proposal for both degrees (Master’s & PhD program).

• Passport Size Photo

• Two Recommendation Letters from two Professors.

• English language course.

• Acceptance Letter.

• Foreigner Physical Examination Form

• A valid passport is required.

• Transcript of Bachelor’s for Master’s Degree & Transcript of MS for PhD program is required (attested form).

• Short Resume or CV

• Application Form

• Statement of purpose

Final Notes:.

If you are applying for MEXT Japanese Government Scholarship in Japan 2023, Students have to visit Japan Embassy website for Your Country. You will find MEXT Scholarship in “Education or Culture” tab in Menu. So, hurry up students & never lose the chance.

To Apply First Check the Embassy site and Select your country then Apply to the Scholarship.

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