10 Best Military Colleges in California

Best Military Colleges in California- Why should you attend military colleges in California?

The United States is known for offering a lot of quality in general, but there are states and cities that have a lot of quality schools, hospitals and almost everything even beaches. California and New York are some of the popular places in America that have the best military colleges and schools.

Military colleges in the United States go back a long way, with the oldest one being the United States Military Academy located in New York. It was established in the very early years of the 19th century and has maintained its quality since then.

California has a couple of excellent military schools too, with some of them considered the best military schools in the region.

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The military colleges in California are designed to help students develop the habit of hard work, patience, resilience and consistency. Military schools in California are also designed so that you can take academic lessons alongside your military training. This article will talk about the best military colleges in California and why you should consider them. The FAQ section of this article will also answer a lot of your questions and give information about other important things you should know about attending a military college in California.

Best Military Colleges in California

The list below contains the ten best military colleges in California. The colleges are arranged in no particular order. The rankings may change but these military colleges remain the best in California and some of the best military colleges in the United States.

  • Army Navy Academy
  • St. Catherine’s Academy
  • Discovery Challenge Academy
  • North Valley Military Institute
  • South Western Academy
  • Oakland Military Institute
  • La Sierra Military Academy
  • Summit Leadership Academy High Desert
  • California Maritime Academy
  • California Military Institute

Army Navy Academy

The Army Navy Academy is a boys’ only military boarding school in California. It could pass for a normal college but is in fact a military academy. The school is located outside San Diego in California, Australia.

The college is known to be a college of high quality and also offers military style training. There are so many activities including sports, shooting practice in ranges and other courses that help students develop a mentality of hard work and military style.

They become physically trained and also gain leadership skills while studying at the school. Apart from the military education, the school is one of the best colleges in California. Every week, students are required to carry out extracurricular activities of a minimum of six hours.

Graduates of this military academy sometimes go on to join the United States Military Academy (West Point) or attend other top colleges and universities in the United States.

The students are taken through marching drills and become familiar with military practices. This is why the Army Navy Academy is one of the best military colleges in California.

 California Military Institute

The California Military Institute is located on a large piece of land (more than 570 acres and overlooks San Francisco Bay.

This military institute was founded not so long ago, when compared to other universities and colleges in America. It was established to help American citizens prepare themselves for college and get some military training.

Since its establishment, the California Military Institute has been fulfilling its purpose, training students and helping them become mature. The school has received a lot of awards, indicating that it is a respected military college in California.

Students of the California Military Institute are taught to see the world themselves and think things through, helping them to make wise decisions and growing into full maturity.

St. Catherine’s Academy

The St. Catherine’s Academy is a popular boys’ only military college in California that offers military training alongside academics. The school trains students to have good social manners and morals and develop healthy mature relationships with others.

This mindset is very helpful in preparing them for university or college life, and this is why St. Catherine’s Academy is considered one of the best military colleges in California.

The students develop a mentality of hard work, resilience and compassion at the same time. St. Catherine’s Academy is also strict on discipline and religion, making it a college with a lot of advantages. Students can be disciplined, intelligent, hard working and religious at the same time.

These are requirements to make students patriotic citizens of California and the United States.

Oakland Military Institute

The Oakland Military Institute is located in Oakland, California and is a boys’ only private school for students of between grade six and twelve. This military style school helps boys become men who are mature, strong and morally upright.

The school gives the students the required mentality to enter the West Point or serve in the military of the United States. There are retired military officers at Oakland Military Institute, teaching the students basic military ethics.

The school focuses on academics and military training at the same time, and is a very good choice if you wish to enter the United States Military later.

North Valley Military Institute

The North Valley Military institute is a military boarding school in California. This school is one of the best military colleges in California because of the way it trains its students to be versatile.

The educational curriculum and system is impressive, and there are so many extracurricular activities and facilities for students to use. The school offers quality education and basic military training, and these are required for students to either get into the military or study in a university.

Students have a lot of choices when they attend this school. You can choose to go to a university and study any course due to the quality of education you got. You can attend a sports college and also go into a notable military academy later, like the West Point.

Southwestern Academy

The Southwestern academy in California is a co-ed military boarding school that offers quality education alongside military education.

Students are trained in different programs that help develop and mature into men. Some of these activities are horse riding, hiking, camping and other military related training.

The fact that the academy manages to do this while providing quality education makes it one of the best military colleges in California. If you are looking for a school that gives you or your ward a choice of either entering the military or pursuing another career, Southwestern is a good school to consider.

La Sierra Military Academy

The La Sierra Military Academy is known for being focused on military training. In terms of military education, it is arguably the best college in California.

Students of La Sierra graduate as tough boys ready to face life with discipline, resilience, hard work and consistency.

The military discipline is very rigorous and students can easily pass the fitness test of West Point after going through La Sierra. The school also helps its students develop good social relationships with others, influencing them academically.

If you are really determined to attend a military school, La Sierra is a quality choice without a doubt.

Summit Leadership Academy, High Desert

The Summit Leadership Academy, High Desert is known for giving students the experience of quality education mixed with some military training. Their educational curriculum in this school is very impressive, creating students who are very intelligent and strong at the same time.

The students are encouraged to inculcate good morals and uphold the principle of uprightness.

The Summit Leadership Academy, High Desert also helps its students to develop strong moral characters and possess military discipline.

Compared to some other colleges in the United States, Summit Leadership Academy is quite young having been founded in 2005. However, its achievements and quality are not in doubt since its establishment.

The school is also close to Los Angeles and focuses on academics, leadership training, moral uprightness, military skills and fitness.

The Summit Leadership Academy is no doubt one of the best military colleges in California.

Discovery Challenge Academy

The Discovery Challenge Academy in California specializes in preparing students for college or university life and beyond. The best colleges are the ones that give lessons of a lifetime. Lessons that help you in college are great but you need life skills and knowledge to face challenges.

When you attend the Discovery Challenge Academy, you can develop leadership skills and also gain military skills. The school helps with discipline and morals. It is no doubt one of the best military colleges in California.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are frequently asked questions and answers about the best military colleges in California:

How many military colleges are in California?

There are four military standard colleges in California. However, there are a lot of college level military colleges in California, many of which are listed in this article.

What is the name of the military school in California?

The California Military Academy was established in 1950, with its famous motto being “train soldiers to lead soldiers”.

Can I be in college and the military academy at the same time in the US?

Yes. If you want to pursue a college degree while also receiving military training, there are three colleges/academies you can attend. You can attend senior military colleges, junior military colleges or service academies.


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