Top 8 Best Military Colleges in Georgia (Free + Paid)

best military colleges in georgia

If you are considering going to a military college, then it makes sense to find the best option in Georgia.

Georgia has some of the best military colleges that have been recognized nationally and internationally, offering solid academics and dedicated staff who are familiar with the needs of service members and their families while still preparing students to succeed in civilian life.

Here are the best military colleges in Georgia, where you can get a college degree and get an adequate amount of military training.

Is military college free?

In most cases, no. Most people are under a misconception that military schools offer free schooling because of their connection to a branch of service.

However, some schools do offer housing, meals, and even books for free, but these schools are rare. The majority require some type of monetary contribution from parents.

But for those on active duty looking to further their education at colleges or universities, financial aid may still be available in certain situations depending on the service members’ current duty status and rank level within each branch of service.

What’s the cost of military college?

The cost of a military college is going to depend on the school you choose and some other factors.

Fortunately, military colleges are quite affordable for qualified students who are willing to work hard during their studies. Scholarships may be available for students who demonstrate financial need or for those students with a high academic record.

The average cost of a military school in Georgia ranges from $25,000 to $50,000 yearly tuition.

8 Best Military Colleges in Georgia

1. Georgia Military College

Georgia Military College or GMC is located in Milledgeville, Georgia, United States, and was established in 1879. It’s a public military junior college that helps military kids prepare for college or enlistment by learning discipline, respect, and citizenship. 

GMC was formerly known as Middle Georgia Military and Agricultural College but got a name change to its current name in 1900. This school is among the four junior military colleges that are actively participating in the US Army’s Early Commissioning Program.

A few of GMC’s notable alumni are:

  • Trent Brown
  • Georgia governor between 1975 to 1983, George Busbee
  • Bobby Christine
  • Keith Stokes
  • Lorenzo Bromell
  • The former commander of Third Air Force and GMC 19th president, William P. Acker

2. Strayer University – Georgia

Strayer University is a private for-profit university based in Washington, DC. The school was founded as Strayer’s Business College in 1892 and adopted its current name in 1998 after being granted full university status.

SU currently enrolls around 52,000 students and has graduated over 150,000 students of different ethnicity, backgrounds, and race.

Strayer’s online programs are available to military personnel, which makes it an attractive option for service members or veterans looking to continue their education without putting their careers on hold.

Some of Strayer University alumni are:

  • Former NFL player, Charles Mann
  • Don Watkins
  • American newspaper editor, M. Virginia Rosenbaum
  • The retired assistant commandant of the Marine Corps, Gen. Robert Magnus

3. Kennesaw State University

Ranked #299-#391 by US News among the Best National Universities, Kennesaw State University is a public research university and a leading institution for military and law enforcement.

Founded on October 9, 1963,  as Kennesaw Junior College but went through a series of name changes before permanently adopting its current one. It’s home to over 41.000 students, 37,390 undergraduates, and 3,791 postgraduates from various US states and backgrounds.

KSU is also a multi-campus institution with one campus located in Marietta and the second one in Kennesaw, both covering a combined landmass of 581 acres.

Some KSU alumni are:

  • Michael Caldwell
  • Charles Lollar
  • Mase McLain
  • Nels S.D Peterson
  • Lauren Simmons
  • President of the United States Chief of Staff, Nick Ayers
  • Doug Stoner
  • Richard Woods
  • James Wade
  • Max Pentecost

4. Augusta University

Augusta University is an accredited institution recognized by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools that offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees. It’s a public research school and academic medical center established on December 20, 1828.

AU is also a multi-campus tertiary institution with its main campus in Agusta and other four local campuses spread across Georgia. It is currently home to 9,274 students, 5,604 undergraduates, 1,749 postgraduates, 3,500 administrative staff, and 1,643 academic staff.

A few of Augusta University’s prominent alumni are:

  • Doug Barnard, Jr
  • Paul Broun
  • Edward J. Cashin
  • Hervey M. Cleckley
  • Phil Gingrey
  • Georgia Institute of Technology’s first president, Isaac S. Hopkins
  • Michael Patrick Mulroy
  • Ed Tarver

5. University of Georgia

The University of Georgia or UGA is a public institution located in Athens, Georgia. UGA was established on January 27, 1785, making it one of the oldest universities in Georgia.

The tuition fee for state residents is $27,658 per year. The student population consists of 30,166 undergraduate, 9,952 postgraduate, and 40,118 enrolled students.

UGA has multiple campuses spread across the North, South, Central, West, and East of Georgia.

Some of the University of Georgia’s notable alumni are:

  • Joe Frank Harris
  • Zell Miller
  • Randy Evans
  • The former prime minister of Yemen, Abdul Karmi al-Iryani
  • 28th Infantry Division Army major general, Lloyd D. Brown
  • Eugen E. Habiger
  • Phil Gramm
  • World Bank president from 1949 to 1963, Eugene R. Black Sr
  • Founder of Gold Kist, D.W Brooks
  • Pro Football Hall of Famer, Terell Davis

6. University of North Georgia

The University of North Georgia is a highly rated public senior military college that focuses on providing quality education for both traditional and adult students. UNG offers master’s degrees and bachelor’s degrees, including undergraduate programs in cyber security, nursing, business administration, communication, and more.

UNG was established on January 8, 2013, when two tertiary institutions (North Georgia College & Gainesville State College) formed a merger.

There are currently 18,722 students enrolled in UNG, 19,041 undergraduates, and 681 postgraduates on 5 campuses namely Dahlonega, Blue Ridge, Cumming, Oakwood, and Watkinsville.

The school’s ROTC (Reserve Officers Training Corps) program is getting over 600 students each year and is also the 6th largest public military institution in Georgia state.

7. Georgia State University

Georgia State University was established in 1913 and is located in Atlanta, GA. It’s ranked in the top 10 higher institution with the highest number of diverse student populations.

The school was initially named Georgia Tech Evening School of Commerce but went through a series of name changes before finally adopting its current name.

GSU offers 250 undergraduate and graduate degree programs in over 100 academic courses. It has a student body of 52,000, 44,735 undergraduates, 6,789 postgraduates, an acceptance rate of 82%, and a 52% graduation rate.

GSU notable alumni:

Georgia State University has educated and graduated over 227,000 alumni that are contributing positively to society in their various career fields.

  • Mayor of Atlanta, Keisha Lance Bottoms
  • Grammy-nominated pianist, John Burke
  • Grammy winner, Dru Castro
  • Daffney
  • Amy Dumas
  • First America network news anchor, Douglas Edwards
  • Yolo Akili
  • Former US Representative, Jerry Huckaby
  • The current president of the University of Georgia, Jere Morehead

8. Georgia Southern University

Located in Statesboro, Georgia Southern University (GSU) offers plenty of incentives for those considering a military career. They offer an Army ROTC scholarship program as well as financial aid for qualifying military students.

GSU has received numerous awards including recognition by USNEWS after ranking the school #299-#391 among the Best National College 2022 edition.

It was established on December 1st, 1906 as a land grant college, but has now risen to be the 5th largest military institution in Georgia.

GSU has a total enrollment of 26,949 students, 23,469 undergraduates, and 3,480 postgraduates, and offers 140 different academic courses in baccalaureate, master’s, and doctoral programs.

Some of GSU’s notable alumni are:

  • James Kicklighter
  • Walto Goggins
  • Jon Cox
  • Joey Hamilton
  • Tracy Ham
  • Todd Greene
  • Jerick McKinnon
  • Jodie Mudd
  • Aron Price
  • Jeff Sanders
  • Jayson Foster
  • Chick-Fil-A presiding president, Daniel Cathy


The United States military is a fast-growing career field with many options for those willing to serve. The education and experience you receive while working as a soldier will undoubtedly help your resume and give you skills that go beyond even basic military training. 

Whether you enlist or get commissioned as an officer, knowing which colleges offer programs dedicated to training soldiers is key to your long-term success. 

Hope this list of best military colleges in Georgia will aid in finding your prospective military college to attend.

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