Top 6 Best Military Colleges in New York

Best Military Colleges in New York-New York State is one of the prestigious American states with a lot of quality schools, hospitals, buildings, views and many other things. Apart from having some of the best colleges for medicine, nursing and other medical courses, New York also has some of the best military colleges.

If you are interested in getting into a military college in New York and would like to know the requirement as well as the best military colleges, you are reading the right article.

Fortunately New York has the best military college in the United States, and we will be using that college as the basis of this article. West Point is America’s greatest and oldest military academy, and it is located in New York. This list contains the best military colleges in New York as well as military academies on college level.

Best Military Colleges in New York

  • The United States Merchant Marine Academy
  • New York Military Academy
  • The United States Military Academy (West Point)
  • SUNY Maritime Academy
  • Christian Brothers Academy
  • La Salle Institute

The United States Merchant Marine Academy

Located in Kings Point, the United States Merchant Marine Academy is a military service academy in New York. Students here are trained to work as officers in the US Merchant Marine and other branches of the United States armed forces.

The acceptance rate of this academy is really high at 25%, when you consider the fact that other military colleges in the US have very low acceptance rates. The students are tutored well so that they later fall in love with the rigorous activities.

The graduation rate of this college is about 85%. The students can do different courses ranging from Marine science to Systems engineering and Naval architecture.

This college has more than one thousand undergraduate students and is known for its commitment to the United State’s national security. The college is ranked number three among best value colleges and was ranked among the top twenty military colleges. The US Merchant Marine Academy is one of the top most popular marine engineering schools in the US.

New York Military Academy

The New York Military Academy is a military boarding school located in Cornwall, New York. This college offers high school level military education and just like other American military boarding schools, the quality of education is impressive.

Apart from discipline, the students have access to great leadership programs and physical activities that help them build character.

This is a high school level military school that offers young students what they need to serve in the military. This college was a boys only military school at first until it became a mixed college in 1975. The New York Military Academy was founded in 1889 and is one of the oldest, best military colleges in New York.

The United States Military Academy (West Point)

The United States Military Academy, also known as USMA or West Point is considered the best military college in New York and the United States.

This school has a lot of history and has been producing several hundreds of brilliant soldiers for the American army for more than a century.
Here are things to note about USMA admission:

  • Interested applicants must be at least seventeen years old. Anyone below cannot get into military school unless they will be 17 by the first of July of the year they enter the West Point.
  • Applicants must be American citizens to get into the United States Military Academy. There are exceptions for foreigners.
  • Candidates must not be older than 23 years old when they enter the West Point
  • Candidates must not be married
  • Applicants must not be pregnant
  • Applicants must not be responsible for any child support

SUNY Maritime College

SUNY Maritime College is a public maritime academy in the Bronx, New York. The college is a part of the state university of NY.

This college was named part of the ten best colleges in New York by Money Magazine and passes as one of the top military colleges in the state too.

SUNY offers a wide range of courses like Industrial Engineering, Mechanical engineering, Marine science, Marine engineering and many others.

The school has more than 1500 undergraduate students who are trained to become men of valor who are loyal the America.

The school was founded in 1874 and has made a lot of progress and changes since then, becoming one of the best military colleges in New York.

Types Of Military Colleges in New York/United States 

There are different types of military schools in the US, and the qualifications of the graduates differ.

Some military colleges are secondary school or college level schools, while some others are college level military colleges.

The training students receive at different military colleges vary a lot, and so is the system of admission and education. A majority of the military colleges employ the services of retired military personnel to put the students through military basics.

Here are the types of military colleges in the United States:

1. Federal Military Academies

Federal military academies in the US offer post high school education in leadership. The students go on to complete their education in a few years and then proceed to military service.

The four-year course taken by students is covered by the government, after which students attend any of the different military academies like West Point and the Air Force academy.

Especially for West Point, admission into these colleges is really tough and competitive.

2. Senior Military Colleges

Senior military colleges offer like a part military education for students in college who are interested in the military.

If you want to do other courses but are really interested in getting military training, these are the right colleges to attend. While pursuing a college degree, you can get leadership and military training in the college.

The students are not required to enter the military upon graduation, but they can proceed if they wish to.

Since you may join the military if you pass through these schools, the competition is really high and you need excellent grades to gain admission.

3. Junior Military Colleges

Junior military colleges are institutions where students can take on associate degrees while getting leadership and military lessons.

The students can attend the college for two years and are not obligated to enter the military upon completion.

It is quite easy to join the military after completing courses at a junior military college and the admission for most of the colleges is not a difficult thing.

You may need your ACT or SAT scores for admission in some of the colleges.

4. College-Prep Military Schools

College prep military schools are colleges that prepare young students for college life, using discipline similar to the military’s.

These schools are usually very high in standard in academics and discipline. After graduating from these schools, students can proceed to take college-level military training and enter the military.
College prep military schools usually help students build their character and intellect that is needed to get them into the best military colleges in New York and the US like West Point.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are frequently asked questions and answers about the best military colleges in New York:

Is West Point as good as Harvard?

Yes. The West Point is considered as good as Harvard. An assistant professor of National Security in the University of Kentucky, Robert Farley also affirmed the fact, saying a West Point degree is as good as a Harvard degree. This is obvious in the competition for admission into West Point.

What is the famous military school in New York?

The United States Military Academy (West Point) and the New York Military Academy are the famous military colleges in New York, with the former being more prestigious.

Can I be in college and the military academy at the same time in the US?

Yes. If you want to pursue a college degree while also receiving military training, there are three colleges/academies you can attend. You can attend senior military colleges, junior military colleges or service acad

How many military schools are in New York?

There are six military schools in New York.

Who owns New York Military Academy?

The New York Military Academy was closed in 2015 and filed for bankruptcy protection, and was bought by Vincent Mo, a Chinese investor who bought it at an auction and paid off the school’s debt.


New York State has some of the best things in the United States, and that includes the best military colleges.

If you are interested in schooling in West Point or NYMA, this article will be of great help as it lists the best military colleges in New York.

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