Best Military Colleges In Vermont

Best Military Colleges in Vermont

Best Military Colleges In Vermont-When you think of military, I know what comes to mind is combat, peace-keeping mission, etc. But the military career is far beyond that. One of the very first steps to take when getting into the military career is to get some education. This is because military requires a lot of intellectual architecture which can majorly be gotten in the four walls of a classroom.

In this article, you will be getting to know about the best military colleges in Vermont. Vermont is one of the states in the New England region of U.S. If you want to have a great career in the U.S Armed forces, you should study in one of the military colleges in Vermont.

What Is A Military College?

A military college is an educational institution that provides higher education in a military environment. It prepares students for service in the officer corps while they study. As a student in military college, you get world-class education and a firm grasp on the military culture.

Best Military Colleges In Vermont

  1. Norwich University Military College
  2. University of Vermont

Norwich University Military College

This is the oldest private military college in the United States. It was established in 1819 as the American Literary, Scientific and Military Academy.  It is one of the best military colleges in Vermont and United States at large. It offers Bachelor and Master’s degree both on-campus and online.

For the past 100 years, the university has been graduating ROTC (Reserve Officers Training Corps) cadets. These ROTC belong to the four branches of the armed forces which includes; the United States Navy, the United States Army, the United States Air Force, and the United States Marine Corp.

Requirements For Admission Into Norwich University

  • High school transcripts
  • Minimum GPA of 2.5
  • Proof of Proficiency in English Language (for international students)

Norwich university military college is also one of the most affordable and private colleges in the nation. The college has a number of scholarship and grant programs to support its students.

There are 6 academic divisions with 29 majors. The online program (bachelor’s degree and graduate programs) is being administered by the college of graduate and continuing studies.

Students have the opportunity to participate in different sport activities. Some of which include basketball, ice hockey, rugby, diving, tennis, wrestling, volleyball, etc.

University of Vermont

University of Vermont is a public research university established in 1971. It is one of the oldest universities in the United States. There are seven undergraduate schools, an honors college, graduate college and a college of medicine in the university.

The university supports veterans and military students while studying in college. Students are assisted in making a smooth transition to higher education after years of service in the armed forces.

The university is a part of the Yellow Ribbon Program. Undergraduate students get financial support every year. Graduate students are being given between $5,000 to $10,000 each year.

Military-Friendly Colleges In Vermont

Military-friendly colleges are colleges that help military service members earn a degree. These colleges accept education benefits like the GI bill and Yellow Ribbon Program. Also they grant credit for military experience and training. Students are being provided with resources that will aid them in their career pursuit. And lastly, military-friendly colleges operate offices that help students to be able to connect to a wider community and access resources.

Below are the military friendly colleges in Vermont:

  1. Champlain College
  2. Vermont Technical College
  3. Northern Vermont University
  4. Community College of Vermont
  5. Bennington College
  6. Sterling College

Champlain College

Champlain college was established in 1878 as a private college. If offers undergraduate and graduate programs both on-campus and online. The college is open to international students from all over the globe.

The online campus offers about 60 online degree programs in these four major areas: Business, Cybersecurity, Healthcare and Information Technology. These online programs and degree have the same curriculum and are accredited like the on-campus programs.

Champlain is actively involved in the yellow ribbon program and through this program, both undergraduate and graduate students are given some financial support every year.

Vermont Technical College

It is a public technical college established in 1866. The college offers bachelor, master’s and associate degrees. There are five schools in the college and they include Agricultural, Plant and Animal Sciences; Engineering and Computing; General Education; Nursing and Health Profession; and Professional Studies and Management.

The college strongly supports both current and former military personnel and their families in achieving their education goals. The college is actively involved in the Yellow Ribbon Program. Through this program, a large number students receive financial support every year.

Northern Vermont University(NVU)

It is a public university founded in 2018. The college offers more than 50 bachelor’s degree program and master’s degree programs. Bachelor degree program is for 4 years. Students are prepared for fulfilling and rewarding careers in NVU.

The school is highly supportive of military veterans and their families in so many ways. Firstly, there is a waiver of application and deposit for veterans who are enrolled in the school. Also, scholarships are given yearly to eligible veterans. Counselling services in the areas of academics and personal affairs are also available for the veterans.

Community College of Vermont (CCV)

The college is the second largest college in Vermont established in 1970. It offers its programs both online and on-campus. It is one of the most prestigious and most expensive college in the United States. At the college, the classes are small in sizes making it easier for the students to have easy access to their professors.

CCV is very open to military learners and takes part in the Yellow Ribbon Program.  There is a staff in the university that is devoted to handling the affairs of veterans. For example, the Veterans Services Coordinator, Veteran and Military Resource Advisor. There are other support services in the school to help handles issues relating to students.

Bennington College

The college started out as a women’s college in 1932 and became co-educational in 1969. It is a liberal arts college located in Bennington, Vermont.The college has a student to faculty ratio of 8:1, implying that the classes are small-sized.

The college operates in a unique way in that there are no conventional majors for students.  They operate an open curriculum whereby students are allowed to choose their courses based on their interests. Students are also involved in field work term, during which they gain professional experience outside of the classroom.  Field term work aids their decision making about career and also prepare them for life after college.

The college is actively involved in the Yellow Ribbon Program. Students receive unlimited financial contribution every year.

Sterling College

It is a private college located in Craftsbry, Vermont. It was established in 1958. Some of the majors in this college include Environmental Humanities, Ecology, Outdoor Education, Sustainable Agriculture and food systems.

The college is open to students from different cultural and ethnic background.  The college actively participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program where about 10 undergraduates get up

to $7,500 yearly.


Apart from the fact that military college prepares you for a career in the military world, there are other benefits you get when you attend a military college. One of those benefits is that you learn discipline, organization skills and planning skills, this is because Military personnel are well-organized and highly disciplined people.

Hope you got some value from this article on the best military colleges in Vermont?

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I stand to benefit when I join a military college?

When you enroll in military service after earning a degree in college, you will get a higher rank. Also as a military personnel, you will enjoy grants, loans and other funding programs.

Do military colleges offer free education?

A number of the military colleges are free while others subsidize their tuition. The U.S Military Academy at West Point, Air Force Academy, Coast Guard Academy, Naval Academy and Merchant Marine Academy all offer tuition-free education. However, admission into these colleges is very fierce and highly competitive.

Why is military so important?

Military in the U.S offer protection to the citizens of the United States from threats. In addition, they are involved in peace-keeping mission, maintaining stability in areas that are of interest to the United States.

Is there any implication if decide to leave the military?

Trying to leave the military is known as attempted desertion. Consequence of desertion include dishonorable discharge, forfeiting your pay packs and confinement of 5 years.

What is a Yellow Ribbon Program?

Yellow Ribbon Program is a program that gives support to military personnel and their families. This is done to ease the stress and challenges that may come up as a result of their deployment.


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