Top 20 Best Military Schools In Michigan

Best military schools in Michigan

Top 20 Best Military Schools In Michigan- Michigan is one of the unique states in the US. It is also known as the great lakes states. There are lot of beautiful scenes ranging from mountains, lakes , beaches and landscapes. The education sector at Michigan is managed by the Michigan department of Education.

Michigan is a good place to live because of the low cost of living. Infact, the state has witnessed the influx of international students in the recent years because of the low cost of living.

Military schools in Michigan prepare students for service in the military. The schools provide conventional education in a regimented military environment. So students get normal education while also being prepared for service in the officer corps.


In this article, you will discover the best military schools in Michigan.

Best Military Schools In Michigan

  • Great Lakes Maritime Academy
  • Michigan Youth Challenge Academy
  • Benton Harbor High School JROTC
  • Central Michigan University AROTC
  • Valor Military Academy

1. Great Lakes Maritime Academy

Great lakes academy is the 1st on the list of best military schools in Michigan. The academy was founded in 1969 in Traverse city, Michigan. In this academy, male and female undergo trainings and on graduation become licensed mariners. They can work on different kinds of ships.

The academy is government funded. It is the only maritime academy that gives graduates the opportunity to attain a first class Great lakes pilotage. Cadets are awarded Bachelor of Science and also given license by the federal government to sail on great lakes and oceans.


To learn more about the academy, visit https: //www.

2. Michigan Youth Challenge Academy

It is also among the best military schools in Michigan. It was set up in 1999 by the US department of military and veteran affairs. The academy was established with a vision of providing educating and training at-risk youths , getting them back on track so they can achieve their dreams.

The school is open to girls and boys age 16-18.  The school is entirely FREE. Every supplies needed by the student is provided for including stationeries, meals, etc.


So many activities takes place that build the students and equip them to succeed in any vocation of their choice.Students aside from academics are developed in the following areas:

  • Leadership & followership
  • Physical fitness
  • Community service
  • Life skills
  • Job skills

All these takes place in a regimented military environment.

To learn more, visit https: // www.


3. Bentor Harbor High School JROTC

Bentor Harbor High School hosts one of the military schools in Michigan. The Bentor Harbor High School JROTC (Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps) is a co-educational military program and is open to students between grades 9-12.

The students are equipped with skills like leadership and self-discipline. To be enrolled for this program, you must be physically fit. Students at the school are mandated to work hard and maintain a good grade point average even in the course of JROTC events

To learn more about Bentor Harbor High School JROTC, visit https: // www.


4. Central Michigan University AROTC

Central Michigan University, CMU was established in 1892 as a public research university. The school hosts one of the military schools in Michigan, AROTC

AROTC (Army Reserve Officer Training Corps) has a sole mission of developing and equipping the future leaders of America. Students under AROTC program have access to scholarships and stipends. With financial aid, students are focused on making good grades at college and not worried about tuition or other expenses.

As a students aspiring to be a US training officer, you will get between 2-4 year full-tuition scholarships plus book allowances and monthly stipends. The program is highly competitive and admits only outstanding and exceptional students (only the best ).


Aside CMU, which is the headquarters of the AROTC, there are also other centres for the program. Ferris State University, Alma college, Saginaw Valley state university  & northwood university are some of those satellite centres.

For more details, visit https: // www.

5. Valor Military Academy

Valor military academy is also among the military schools in Michigan. The school was established with a mission to prepare future leaders who would be sound in mind, body and character and would be a success in college and even out of college.


The military school which is located in Detroit , Michigan is open to boys and girls . School, curriculum entails:

  • Mentoring program
  • Etiquette and self esteem
  • English, maths, science and social studies
  • Foreign language
  • Skilled trades program
  • Health and wellness

To learn more about the school, visit https: // www. valormilitaryacademy

Requirements For Admission Into Military Schools In Michigan

  • Applicant must be a citizen of United States and a resident of Michigan
  • Clean criminal record
  • Be physically and mentally fit
  • Must not involved in Illegal drugs
  • Fill an application form and back them up with the necessary documents
  • School is open to students from grades k-12 unless otherwise specified by the school

What Next After Graduation From Military Schools In Michigan?

A number of people think that once you attend a military school, you must join the military service. That is not true. On graduation from any of the military schools in Michigan, you can:

  • You can proceed to college to acquire a degree in any course of your choice
  • Go to learn some vocational courses that can make you become an entrepreneur
  • You can go get a job
  • You can join the military service and start serving your nation


So here is the list of the best military schools in Michigan. Attending a military school does not translate to joining a military service. However, the trainings and skills you will acquire will make you stand out in life and career.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most military schools are public funded and come with scholarships and stipends for students. This makes it highly competitive in terms of admission.

Military schools are mainly set up to prepare its students for military service while also acquiring formal education in a military setting. However, it is not compulsory too go into military service  after graduation from military school.


But a graduate of military school apparently will be different from a graduate of a conventional school . This is because military school puts a lot of training and development into its students that will make them relevant in any setting /career. Aside military training, students acquire leadership , discipline, hardworking, team work and other great skills.

So military school is really worth it if you have the opportunity.


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