Mirian Azubuike Delayed Her Master’s Application Because Her Mum Needed Her Attention, Get Blessings, Starts PHD In The US

Mirian Azubuike Delayed Her Master’s Application

A brilliant Nigerian lady identified as Chibuzor Mirian Azubuike finally landed herself a PHD scholarship after listening to the voice of reasoning.

Mirian has overtime won several scholarships offer and this one is not shocking to us at all. As of Aug 2022 that this life story was curated, she was still undergoing her PHD study in the US.

Sharing her academic life experience through LinkedIn, Mirian shared with the platform users how she delayed her master’s application because she needed to be there for her mum until she passed on to glory. Chibuzor’s mum tremendously blessed her later.

After her mum incident, she later apply for, study, and successfully bagged a masters degree.

Furthermore mirian advice the masses out there by saying “Understand your stage in life so you will not be frustrated by others who are doing better”

Mirian Wrote on her LinkedIn Profile

Remember that our processes are different and so is our destination. I recall someone telling me after my Bachelor’s degree. “Chibuzor you made a 2:1, and with your community service from your NYSC story, you can apply for scholarships abroad for your masters.”

It was a good advice, but I knew it was not yet time for me to leave just like that. I am the first child and my family needed me. I am glad I was not in a hurry, because I took care of my mother before she went to be with the lord. And she blessed me, oh in her final moments she spoke to me alone. She kept praying for me!
If I had left earlier, I may not have the privilege of receiving her final blessing.

So when I started my masters in Nigeria, I gave it my all. In the words of my supervisor, “You have to be so good that you can compete with your colleagues in the best universities in the world. “

I clung to those words and applied for competitive fellowships and I won several that I travelled on fully funded trips. In 2021, I started my PhD in the US on scholarship. At the right time!

The point here, is understand your stage in life so you will not be frustrated by others who are doing better.
There is time for everything.”

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