Mom and Two Daughters Hold a Garage Sale to Send Their Brother to an HBCU

Mom and Two Daughters Send Their Brother to an HBCU

Here is a story of the woman who plans with her two daughters to sell their personal items at a garage sale in order to raise funds for their older son/brother’s studies at an HBCU  in New Orleans, Xavier University.

The family members are identified as Stephanie Lewis (Mother), Stefani, and Dasia (Daughters) who are from Robbinsdale, Minnesota. Their older brother’s name is Tyi Lewis.

HBCU is an abbreviation for “Historically black colleges and universities” which are universities in the United States that were established before the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and whose official mission is to ensure that students in the African American community receive a quality education.

Speaking with CBS News, one of the sisters said Our brother has to go to college in Louisiana and it’s really expensive,”. She sums up by saying “It’s more expensive than you think.”

However, with the help of their mother and grandmother, the sisters set up a garage sale and a lemonade stand to raise extra funds as a support system for their brother’s dream college education. Additionally, they also set up a GoFundMe page.

Meanwhile, their brother who recently graduated from Robbinsdale Cooper High School has been offered admission to study computer science at Xavier University.

Appreciating his kid sisters for their effortless sacrifices to make sure that he attain this academic feat, Tyi said “It’s a good feeling to know that they care.”

From all of us at, we wish the Lewis family Goodluck in all their endeavors toward their son/sibling’s success.


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