Moment Suspected Yahoo Boys Made Money Rain On a Busy Road In Benin (Video)

A shocking video has emerged showing the moment some yahoo boys threw money in the air for poor residents.




Yahoo boys make money rain

Yahoo boys make money rain


Many people rushed towards some cars in Benin as some suspected internet fraudsters threw money in the air for residents.

The video of the incident is currently making rounds on the internet.

The incident happened on a busy road in Benin. The naira notes descended on the floor and passers by could be seen flocking around the area to pick the money.

The video has generated mixed reactions from social media users. Some Netizens have opined that the money was gotten through fetish means, because an hard-working individual would not indulge in such act.

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Some others argued that the actions of the guys was probably an instruction from their herbalists and it is a means to renew their wealth.

“Bruh yahoo boys don’t lavish money like this publicly, all these ones na ritualist🥲”

ca_t_h_e_r_i_n_e wrote,

“Hmm maybe him own juju na to dey waste money.. unless he go die”

paschalpepper wrote:

“Na Baba tell am. If you make money with your sweat you no go try am trowey money like this lie lie”


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