Mother Sends Crayfish, Garri, Palm Oil To Daughter Who Schools Abroad [Video]

The video of a lady with mixed nationality has gone viral on TikTok.

The lady whose Father is Nigerian and mother, Japanese shared a Video of what her Japanese mother sent to her in South Korea from Nigeria.

From the video, her mother sent her local Nigerian food like groundnuts, garri, crayfish, palm oil, Suya pepper,  kilishi.

Aside for items, her mother also sent her loads of Ankara fabrics, Toothpastes, soaps and other essential supplies.

According to the lady, she loves everything that was sent to her, she said it will give a taste of what her home feels like.

The best part of all these was that her mother made sure everything she sent fitted into one suitcase and nothing spilled, not even the palm oil.

Watch Video Here

The video has sparked a lot reactions from social media users.

EttyF said:

“This made me shed a tiny tear. My mum is the same. #sweetmother.”

asmauhajjah_ said:

“That is lovely of her, I am missing this type of delicacy.”

akinyelee said:

“mom understood the assignment in correct detail and proportion.”

Queen_Olawa said:

“Your mum is caring.”

“The suya pepper will be good for indomie.”




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