Top 20 Best Motorcycle Schools In Canada For Riders

Best Motorcycle Schools In Canada For Riders – Canada is one of those highly developed countries with advanced technologies and vehicles. If you are considering getting driving lessons on motorcycles in Canada, you are on the right page.

The motorcycle is quite interesting to have. To ride a motorcycle, also known as a bike in Canada, you would have a certificate called an M license.

Canadian authorities value citizens’ safety and allow people to ride any motorcycle in a safe environment.

We will be making a list of some schools where you can learn and be certified to ride a bike or scooter in any city in Canada. 

Riding In Canada

Canada is a beautiful country with a stable economy. It is a stable and safe place to live. The number of immigrants every year is proportionally high. Canada represents one of the most highly advanced countries in the world.

Motorcycles or any form of vehicle can be practically enjoyable due to their strategic road systems. However, the country frown on careless driving or riding attitudes. That is why if you decide to carry out your vehicle on Canadian roads you must be certified.

Getting certified can be that easy. All you need is a driving or riding school. There are several schools out there that you enrol with to get certified.  Many people enjoy the cool feel of riding a motorcycle. However, you would need to meet the demands.

It is important to understand a car license is different from a motorcycle license. In many provinces in Canada, motorcycle licensing varies. In Ontario, it is called an M-Class license and it is in stages. With each stage, a condition is lifted.

The first stage is called M1; M1 allows riders to have a riding permit for 90 days with four conditions: zero alcohol, no highway travel over 80n kilometres, riders may only ride in daylight hours and not allowed to carry any passenger.

M2 license requires riders to take a riding test either at an upgrading licensing facility or at a government-approved motorcycle safety school. Also, zero alcohol. The M2 license course must have been for at least 22 months.

Once this is completed, you proceed to M License. Here you are involved in testing safely on highways and busy city business areas. This can be done at any approved riding school. Once this is completed, then you are on your way to having a great motorcycle adventure.

Some of the basic things you might need to make sure in covered include safety gear. Riders must at least have a DOT helmet. However, with complete safety gear, you are good to go. For a good motorcycle, you make sure you have the bike that is most comfortable for you.

Also, it is advisable to get insurance and look at the insurance policy on the bike that most suits you. Remember, you can plan your ride or just ride with the wind. It is more fun to ride in the wind. After all, it is an adventure for you. 

Always learn something new and keep your bike maintained. It is best for your safety and others. To have a motorcycle feels like a great adventure. 

Best Motorcycle Schools In Canada For Riders

There are many government-approved motorcycle schools in Canada. These schools are not too hard to locate. As it is essential to get certified because this is the only way you can have access to the adventure of a motorcycle. 

Unless you want to be having issues with the government. In this article, we will make a list of the best motorcycle schools you can get trained and certified in.

Here is a list of the best motorcycle schools in Canada.

  • Too Cool Motorcycle School.
  • Wheels Training Centre.
  • 1st Gear Motorcycle Training and School.
  • OAA Off-Road Academy.
  • Pacific Riding School.
  • Shifting Motorcycle School.
  • V-Twin Motorcycle School.
  • TNT Motorcycling.
  • LJMA – Lil’Johnny’s Motorcycle Academy.
  • The Edge Motorcycle Training Incorporation.

  • Too Cool Motorcycle School

Too Cool Motorcycle School is one of the pronounced riding institutes where riders get to learn driving and riding skills. It has received 98% excellence from students. The institute trainers are highly certified.

The school is located in the beautiful city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It has been running since 2003. Too Cool Motorcycle School provides Basic training for individuals with no experience, Refresher classes, Off-road classes, and others. Individuals can also get kits and bikes from the institute.

Too Cool is one of the best institutes in Canada for individuals who wish to learn how to ride and get certified.

  • Wheels Training Centre

Wheels Training Centre is another well-known driving school in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It is a government-approved and fully licensed training school in Alberta. The institute covers both driving and riding courses. Their programs are available for both novice and experienced riders or drivers.

Wheels Training Centre provides a wide range of motorcycles to fit all students. Students also enjoy other facilities at a cheaper rate. Wheel Training Centre is a great school for learners.

Learners can get basic motorcycle courses, refresher courses, private motorcycle lessons and other lessons and courses. Students could get Om-road training, online basic driver training and online non-gdl insurance reduction certificate courses.

  • 1st Gear Motorcycle Training And School

1st Gear Motorcycle Training and School have been training students since 2014. The rider training institute has several lessons such as group classes, private lessons, refresher and advanced training, MST Prep Course, ICBC Road Test Private Lesson, Motorcycle Rentals, Motorcycle Skills Assessment and others.

The institute has qualified instructors who are ready to take you all the way. The institute is located in various cities in Canada. Richmond, Langley, and Coquitlam. The institute is a great school for rider training.

  • OAA Off-Road Academy

OAA Off Academy provides riders with intensive motorcycling training skills. The academy is located in the city of Montreal. The institute targets people who wish to build their confidence. This is available for both experienced and novice riders. They are available in Alberta, British Columbia and Quebec.

Riders have various options to go with their preferred training, such as Continental Divide, Adventure 1 Training, Freedom 2 training, IDBDR, BAJA Mexico, BC Discovery Week and others.

OAA Off-Road Academy is an adventurous training academy.

  • Pacific Riding School

Pacific Riding School is one of the best professional riding schools in Canada. The institute is equipped with professional instructors. The instructor provides students with the best riding skills. 

The institute provides students with courses like ICBC Street Course, Street Course Level 2, Adventure Level 1, Advanced and Maintenance courses, Mobile courses and others. Pacific Riding School is located in Surrey, Canada.

Pacific Riding is also a great place to get certified.

Motorcycle schools are a great place to get the best training. It is often necessary for individuals to take motorcycle training before hitting the road with their bikes. Individuals who are residents of Canada can take training in any of the above-mentioned if they are interested in biking.


Motorcycling can be great fun. Motorcycle adventure is a great experience. Many Canadian citizens really enjoy the exercise. Canada has so many riding schools where individuals can take training. 

To enjoy riding your bike around the beautiful country, you have to be certified. In this article, we have listed some schools you can get training. We hope you find it informative.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I learn to ride a motorcycle in Canada?

To be able to ride a motorcycle in Canada, you would be certified. Get trained and certified by receiving an M License. You can visit this link for more.

How many lessons does it take to learn to drive a motorcycle?

This actually depends on the raining school. You might be asked to enrol for two to three programs.

How much does a motorcycle usually cost?

A well-equipped motorcycle could cost around $4000 to $12,000.


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