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Top 20 Best Mp3 Player Software – We all love to have a great time with our favourite music(s). Whether we are on the move or mobile, we love to have our songs as our company. Thanks to technology, we can access different kinds of musical genres at any time or anywhere. However, to enjoy it to the fullest; you would need the best Mp3 player to enjoy it to the fullest.

Mp3 players are more of our everyday tool. In this article, we will make a list of the best Mp3 player you can have on any device, whether it is on your mobile phone, Laptop, iPad or any other device.

Best Mp3 Player Software 

Technology has made it easier to access any information at any time and anywhere. there are several programs designed for different functionality. One of them is the Mp3 player software, designed to provide users with electronic music functionalities like regular updates, online streaming and many others.

Mp3 or Music Player is a software or program that plays an audio file or a compressed audio file. There are hard music players and soft music players. Software music players or Mp3 software are programs that are designed to play audio files from a device. 

MP3 Player software come in different formats and functionality. One of the well-known media players is the VLC or VideoLan Client which not only provides audio functionality but also visual functionality and is one of the most widely used and well-received multimedia platforms.

If you are looking for an MP3 player you can have on your device or your want something new and well-equipped then you are on the right page. We will make a list of the best Mp3 players.

Here is a list of the best MP3 player software you can have. Though they might be free. However, some come with an additional plan to access other functionality like downloading and others.

  • Boom Play.
  • VLC.
  • AudioMack.
  • Spotify.
  • iTunes.
  • Media Monkey.
  • MusicBee.
  • Groove Music.
  • Media Portal.
  • Bbox Player.
  • Winamp.
  • AIMP.
  • Plex.
  • KMPlayer.
  • SPlayer.
  • Amarok.
  • RealPlayer.
  • GOM Audio.
  • UMPlayer.
  • JetAudio.

  • Boomplay

Boomplay is one of the fast-growing Mp3 players. The Mp3 player allows you to play music from your local files like Mp3s, AAC, WAV, and M4A and also you can access music from the SD card and phone. The interesting part of this software is that you can listen to music online, download and even have them stored on a cloud base.

The software is compatible with Android, iPhone, Windows and other platforms. Users can get a monthly discount on subscriptions of up to 50%. Also, the platform allows you to support artists by downloading and streaming their music. 

Boomplay also has a chat community where music enthusiasts meet to discuss and chat on a different topics. Boomplay is an interesting software that covers both African and international music.

  • VideoLAN Client

VideoLAN Client or simply VLC is another widely received multimedia platform with different functionality. It supports both Video and Audio files, bringing the best audio and video quality.

VLC is a multimedia platform that is free and trusted by users. It is available for all devices; Windows, Android, iOS and others. VLC plays all files, Webcams, Discs, Streams, and Devices. It also plays all file formats such as Mp3, DVD, ACC, FLAC, ALAC, Speed, Real Audio, DVB and many others.

VLC is the perfect Mp3 player to fill your audio needs.

  • AudioMack

Audiomack is an MP3 player that is highly sorted for. Users can play an audio file from their local file and also stream music online. The software also allows users to discover new music worldwide and also enable artists and music creator to upload their audio files online for discovery.

The Mp3 player software is available on all platforms, Android, Windows, iOS and others. Users have options for getting the software and app. The Software was created in 2012.

Audiomack plays a wide range of audio files and has a wide range of features such as offline playback, users pay cheaper to stream audio online and do not charge to upload artiste files. Audiomack is software for all.

  • Spotify

Spotify is an online streaming platform that comes with a paid subscription. However, users can stream local files on Spotify. The mp3 player is available for all devices, iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and others. The audio player was created in 2006.

Spotify is a paid software, although users can enjoy the basic features. If users wish to gain access to other features. They would have to pay. Users have to pay the sum of $9.99 per month. Spotify is an interesting platform to discover new music and get interesting podcasts.

  • iTunes

iTunes is another software that is available for iOS and Windows users only. It is an interesting software that makes offline and online audio streaming. iTunes is an MP3 player that allows users to download and stream audio. It was created in 2001 by Steve Jobs.

The mp3 player software allows you to listen to Apple Podcasts, listen to music, watch movies and tv shows, and listen to audiobooks. Itunes is a great platform to enjoy music and others. Users can enjoy more on iTunes by subscribing at the cost of $4.99 per month.

  • Media Monkey

MediaMonkey is an easy-to-use mp3 player software available for users on Windows and Android. If you are looking for simplicity, MediaMonkey is the best choice. It provides customers with an easy interface.

The Media player is free software with great features like Audio CDs, a Music library, Device Sync and Addons. MediaMonkey can be synced with most portable devices like Apple iPod, iPhone, Android-Based devices, Palm Pre and others.

Files like MP3, AAC, WMA, FLAC, MPC, APE and WAV can be accessed on the player. MediaMonkey is a software that is easy to use.

  • MusicBee

Just like MediaMonkey, MusicBee is a free media player. It is also an easy-to-use software to organise and access audio files. The software is available for windows users only.

MusicBee features include device synchronization, file conversion, replay gain, scrobbling, Minilyrics, library management, plug-in, sleep and shutdown, gapless playback, and others.  Users can access files like Mp3, M4A, MPC, OGG, FLAC, ALAC, Opus, MOD, UMX, AAC and many others.

MusicBee is free software to use.

  • Groove Music

Groove Music is also an interesting mp3 player software. Groove music is free software available for iOS, Android and Windows devices. The software is available in over 113 languages. Groove music supports files like Mp3, Flac, AAC, M4a, Wav, WMA, 3gp, MKA and others.

With Groove Music, you can organise your playlist, allow users to make music collections over the cloud and listen to radio on the web. Groove Music provides all mp3 basic features and stores audio files over the cloud.

  • Media Portal

Media Portal is a digital software with multiple multiple functionalities. The Software allows users to access videos and audio files. In other words, it is a media player and a digital video recorder.

The music player feature allows users to access files from local storage and has the basic features of an MP3 player that plays a wide range of audio files like MP3, ACC, and many others.

Media Portal is easy to use and available for windows users. 

  • Bbox Player

Bbox is a professional mp3 player. It has diverse features. It is one of the best MP3 players one can have. Bbox is a free media tool. The MP3 player is a highly advanced music tool available for Windows users.

It is considered a professional tool because of its various utilities. The software allows you to play, edit, manage and covert audio files, CDs, rip and audio files. Bbox also allows users to free music.

In other words, a Bbox M3 player is software that provides users with all the basic features of an Mp3 player. Also, it plays all kinds of audio files. Bbox also allows users to enjoy online Radio. It is the perfect software for your PC.

MP3 players are software you will need on your device if you enjoy listening to songs. There are so many MP3 players that are designed to provide you with loads of basic MP3 tools.


MP3 Player Software is a media program or tool that plates compressed audio files. They are designed to play any form of an audio file. These tools come with different features. Some may come with video features, Online streaming features, converting features, and some even play audio files that cannot be played by some media players.

MP3- player software are tools you will need on your device. If you enjoy listening to music, then you will probably need the strongest MP3 Player software. In this article, we have mentioned several Player software you can install. We hope you find them useful.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are so many Music player with great sound quality. However, these five media players have the best sound qualitiy.

  • Spotify
  • iTunes
  • VLC
  • Bbox
  • Tidal

Music apps are everywhere and well-accepted. There are several of them out there. The most sorted is Spotify. This is because of its utilities and great sound quality.

The are a number of them that are free, while some comes with a paid plan to enjoy more features like Spotify, Tidal, Boomplay, VLC, and Audiomack.


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