MTN Data Subscription | Their Codes and Plans

MTN Data Subscription | Their Codes and Plans

In case you have issues choosing the right Data plan for you or are you an MTN user and you’re not apprehensive of MTN data plans, when choosing a data plan for browsing on the MTN network, it’s a good idea to make sure you choose a browsing pack that meets your requirements. And this post will guide you through MTN data codes and plans.

The MTN Nigeria has several intriguing data plans offered for all (mobile bias, modems, and routers). So read through this piece of information and you’ll find the rearmost Mtn browsing data plans and their codes.

Then About MTN Data Plans You should know

The MTN has multitudinous data plans which its guests can buy at affordable prices. And however, also read this composition and use it as a companion, If you’re interested in getting value for your money and cutting down on the quantum of money used for subscribing for data.

This MTN, like other networks, offers weekly data plans and daily data plans in addition to the standard yearly or monthly subscription.

The cheapest yearly plans still remain at 1000 Naira for 1.5 GB and Naira for 2 GB which used to offer 1 GB for Naira, but now offers 1.5 GB at the same price.

Then, the MTN has streamlined its internet browsing data plans adding further data allowance and introducing a couple of new data plans that offer further value for your money. And you can now have several MTN Data plans to choose from. And  again, there are cheap browsing plans for entry position users and mobile phone browsing as well as browsing packets for medium data and high data users.

Then what’s this MTN Data Plan?

The MTN data plan is the list of internet data packages available for MTN subscribers. And the internet data plan varies based on size and prices, so is the Activation code different.

As said earlier, MTN Nigeria has several intriguing data plan offers for all (mobile bias, modems, and routers). Therefore, you can fluently find an MTN data plan that meets your specific requirements, since there are daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and 60 days/ daily data packets available to all new and being MTN Nigeria guests.

The MTN N100 Daily Data Plan

This data plan is the cheapest in the MTN tariff plan. And this plan is also the smallest that allows you to enjoy 50 MB for just a day. But for you to subscribe to this plan, you must have up to 100 naira recharge on your phone.

It’s cool to use this plan and check out the MTN network in your area, how fast or decelerate it is. And this plan isn’t suitable for heavy data users. Again, to subscribe to this plan, just send 104 to 131, data validity is for 24 hours that’s a day.

The MTN Weekly Data Plan Code

Price| Data Allowance| Validity| USSD Code

For N300| 350 MB| 7 days| *131 *102#

For N500| 1 GB| 7 days| *131*142#

For N1,000 |6 GB| 7 days| *131*143#

For N500| 750 MB| 14 days| *131*103#

These plans are for 7 days subscription only and each of them  is valid for 7 days after the date of subscription. And the mtn daily data plan is available in different sizes to fit your requirements and budget.

The Monthly MTN Data Plans and Pricing

We’ve seen the MTN daily tariff plan, now let’s see the most prominent data plan which is the yearly plan. And these sets of MTN internet plan canons are a little more precious than the daily data plan.

This data plan is safe, dependable and serves as long as 30 days of internet experience. And there’s no limit to the task you can perform with this data plan.

For the 1.5GB Costs N1000 Text 106 to 131 to Subscribe Validity 30 days.

For the 2GB MTN data plan Costs N1,200 Text 130 to 131 to Subscribe Validity 30 days.

For the 3GB Costs N1500 Text 131 to 131 to Subscribe Validity 30 days.

For the 4.5GB Costs N2000 Text 110 to 131 to Subscribe Validity 30 days.

For the 6GB Costs N2,500 Text 147 to 131 to Subscribe Validity 30days MTN data plan.

For the 10GB Costs N3500 Text 107 to 131 to Subscribe Validity 30 days.

The 15GB Costs N5000 Text 116 to 131 to Subscribe Validity 30 days.

For the 40GB Costs N10,000 Text 117 to 131 to Subscribe Validity 30 days.

For the 75GB Costs N15,000 Text 150 to 131 to Subscribe Validity 30 days.

For the 110GB Costs N20,000 Text 149 to 131 to Subscribe Validity 30 days.

Then, For the Yearly Monthly Data Plan

For 400 GB Costs N120,000 Text 156 to 131 to Subscribe, Validity is one year

For 1000GB Costs N150,000 Text 136 to 131 to Subscribe, Validity is one year

Then, The MTN Data Plan Code for 500 Naira

The MTN data plan code for 500 naira allows MTN users to spark 500 MB internet data valid for one week. And this data plan is the medium available daily, also an internet plan available for Mtn users.

Then If you want to subscribe to this data plan or tariff plan follow the way below to get started.

Just go to your textbook communication app on your phone.

Then open the textbook messaging app

And textbook 103 to 131 to select the plan you want

Then, the Mtn 2GB for N500 Naira

The Mtn 2 lGB for N500 data is a tri-weekly data tariff plan, it’s only valid for 2 days. And this data subscription is good for critical medium purposes like downloading of pictures or watching only.

The data plan is available under the diurnal data plan data order and it costs only N500. And this tariff plan is available for rollover, which means you can actually roll over your unused data to a daily standard. And then the hack to get information concerning MTN tariff plan details *131*1#.

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