“My dad chose this course for me” – Lady Complains After Getting 3rd Class

"My dad chose this course for me" - Lady Complains After Getting 3rd Class

A Nigerian Lady identified as Laura Emi-Suku had always dreamt of becoming a journalist and would have studied it at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, but rather her dad had persuaded her to chose international relations instead.

Laura who is now a married lady with three kids, has still not yet given up on her journalism dreams.

In an exclusive interview, she tells YEN.com.gh about her dreams, regrets and burning desire to still be an On-Air Personality (OAP).

In a LinkedIn post she made to tell her story, Laura said she had to go into the teaching profession – an occupation her mum did but she hates. She said the salary is even poor.

She has however not recorded success in the labour market as she has been unable to do anything financially rewarding with her degree or get a job as most companies or organisations don’t take a lot of 3rd class graduates as serious as other graduates.

The 32-year-old stated that her dad had only the best of intentions in making her read international relations instead of mass communication she wanted.

According to Laura, her dad dissuaded her by saying journalists die early owing to the dangers that come with the job.

“My Dad choose this course for me because he felt he was making the best decision for me but I wanted to study (Mass Communication )it has always been my dream to be a journalist.
“My father claimed that journalists die early because they are exposed to a lot danger while working so I gave up and choose his own direction.”

Speaking with YEN.com.gh, the OAP enthusiast said that some of her sad ordeals with some lecturers back in school contributed to her 3rd class finish.

“…Well that (her 3rd class finish) was because my lecturers were on my case.
“I can’t forget my History 110.
“A lecturer who practically told me that I will keep coming back until I slept with him.
“Then my supervisor was another bigger problem.
“My mum had to come to school to beg him to let me graduate.
“Also my psychology lecturer is included too.
“So many (issues with lecturers) but God took control eventually, unfortunately I graduated with a 3rd class.
“I am not proud of it, I was a bright student in secondary school I never had to seat for wasce twice…..with that spirit I felt university was going to be a done deal but I was wrong.”

Drawing lessons from her own experience which she still regrets, Laura said that if she was opportuned to give a speech before parents she would tell them not to force career choices on their kids.

“My advice to parents is allow your children choose their own career paths. You as the parent is only there to direct them with their decisions.
“Kids who tend to choose their career paths in life succeeds more because they have passion for what they are doing. Please, parents just pray for them and watch them become great achievers,” she said.



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