‘my teacher told me I wasn’t good enough for Oxford’ Graduates Tells Her Story

A lady identified as Vee k has shared on her LinkedIn profile a very motivating story of her life.

She recalled that when she was still in secondary school, her teacher told her that she wasn’t any where close to good to be admitted into Oxford university.


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Nevertheless, she rejected the negative decree from the teacher and went Straight for what she wanted and like a dream of the night, she got admission into the Oxford Universities.

Aside getting a degree from a prestigious institution like Oxford, she got another from Harvard University, proving her teacher even wrong.

Sharing her story on LinkedIn, Vee said: I have graduated from Harvard. Five years ago my teacher told me I shouldn’t even bother applying to Oxford for my undergrad because I wasn’t ‘good enough’.

“And fast forward ….. Last year I graduated my undergraduate degree from Oxford University, and as of 4 days ago I’ve graduated my postgraduate degree in International Education Policy (officially) from Harvard University.

“This is just a little friendly reminder to teachers, guardians and people in general who play a role in children’s lives, just because it hasn’t been done, doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Let’s make sure our students know that.

“Let’s stop putting our students in boxes and marking what they can do based on our own fears or the unknown.

“I’m so grateful I believed in myself because I’m seeing my wildest dreams coming true right before my eyes, and I always wonder, what would have happened if I had listen and let the fear win“

This story is clear example that if you can dream it, you can do it.

Here are some reactions from other LinkedIn users on her posts.

Robert McInerney said: “I was told by a former boss that I was too old and should not bother finishing my degree. That I was wasting my time. I went home crushed! After thinking about it for about 2 days and processing that statement I went right back to studying my books. I am one class (capstone) away from graduating. I am also (something I never considered possible) thinking of enrolling in a master’s program. Who knew???!!!”

Diane W wrote: “Great job staying true to your dreams and what you want for yourself. They are doing the same thing to my daughter who wants to go into Aerospace Engineering.

“They keep trying to steer her major in another direction. Truth is they don’t know my daughter. My daughter’s never failed at anything she’s wanted to do. So as you, I expected I’ll be liking her post, when she posts that she held fast like you did. Congratulations and best wishes on your next chapter!

Daryl M wrote: “Congratulations Queen…I too can relate! My High School Guidance Counselor told me that I should not go to college and I should get a factory job and retire in 20 years…SMH.

“I had a 86 overall grade average in high school. Not only did I graduate from the University of Southern California but I received my Master Degree from Iona College, by the tender age of 25. So when they point us in a lower direction, we should continue to reach for the stars.“

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