Nadapewa Embula Got Inspired To Start Making Toothpicks After Reading An Article That Namibia Does Not Produce Its Own Toothpicks

Nadapewa Embula Got Inspired To Start Making Toothpicks

Meet the 26-year-old Namibian lady named Nadapewa Embula, who got inspired to start making toothpicks after reading an article that Namibia does not produce it own toothpicks.

She ventured into business after struggling to find employment as a graduate, yet to no avail. However, the business idea Nadapewa Embula had in mind was to turn camel thorn trees into toothpicks.

Nadapewa thereafter acted on the idea after giving much thought, especially to help her pay off her outstanding student loan, to an extent creating employment for herself.

She started her business operations in February 2019, and her initial clients were some individuals, and even a few tuck and home shops.

Embula business goal is to have her toothpick on all restaurants and hotels’ dining tables, most importantly restaurants and hotels serving African cuisine.

Read what she said during an interview session below;

“That’s when I thought of doing something about it. After I completed my studies at the Namibia University of Science and Technology in 2018, I couldn’t get a job. One of the main reasons is because of the outstanding amount that I owed the school, I couldn’t get my printed degree,” – SHE SAID

“There are too many delayed orders, because I have to polish the thorns and make sure that hygiene is applied. The lack of finance to buy proper equipment to make the toothpicks is a problem,”  – Embula says

“The cost that goes into producing toothpicks is in excess of N$10 000, which includes transportation, packaging, labels, hygiene products and marketing, just to mention a few,” 

She cncluded by saying

“I am yet to start supplying to the retailers and wholesalers because that will require me to be supplying in bulk,”

Credit: Charles Ayitey|LinkedIn,

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