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Niagara Application 2022

As Canada’s leading college, NC provides experts’ trainings to International Institutes, corporations and governments in fields including program development, leadership, gender equity, technical vocational education, applied research and capacity building. There are sought-after programs for International students as they get access to employment and entertainment opportunities in Niagara. Partnering with academic institutes like China, Saudi Arabia and Toronto to offer delivery of some of the programs.

Founded in 1967 at Welland, providing career-oriented courses to students, the college has three active campuses;

 The Welland Campus ; located at 100 Niagara, College Boulevard with a campus store, an activity center, a sports center, computer labs, cafeteria and a library, this campus offers programs in acting for television and film, early childhood education and community safety studies.

 The Taif Campus located in Saudi Arabia and established for its excellence in student Entrepreneurship, English Communications and computer Studies, the Campus offer course that encourages the male citizens to access its culinary studies, hospitality and business management studies as well as Tourism.

The Niagaraonthelake Campus, situated at 135 Taylor Road. With facilities like Niagara Waters Spa, dining room, winery teaching section and the Niagara Culinary Institutes, the labs, field nursery and other educative onsite equipments to aid the learning process of the students. The Campus allows the students to experiment and cultivate plants to beautify the environment.

At the College, almost 10,000 full time students study in apprenticeship, graduate certificate, diploma, and bachelors Degree programs, welcoming part time student registrations each year to partake in more than 600 credit programs. NC also have a long history of athletic programs that have won seven national championships and about thirty-two provincial and national Championships, recognized for its academic commitments to naturalization.  The college also offers a few Scholarships like that TSoM Alumni Scholarship, The language Gallery pathway, Second Language Excellence scholarship, International students in Canada scholarship.

Eligibility for Scholarship

  • International Students who are in their final year terms of a diploma or advanced diploma.
  • International students who have successfully graduated from the Language Gallery pathway program.
  • Successful applicants must have a minimum IELTS overall score of 7.0 and no individual have less than 6.5



The college also specializes in teaching English as a second language, food and wine sciences, applied health and community safety which is a major aspect of learning at Niagara College.

Programs available;



Short term


  • Bachelor on Sciences in Game Programming – 4 years
  • Advanced Diploma Computer Programming and Analysis – 3 years
  • Bachelor of Arts Games design – 4 years
  • Diploma in Computer Programming – 2 years
  • Diploma Computer Systems technician – network and Cloud technologies – 2 years
  • Advanced Diploma Electrical Engineering technology – 3 years
  • Advanced Diploma Game Development – 3 years
  • Graduate certificate Gerontology – 1 year
  • Advanced Diploma graphic Design – 3 years
  • Diploma Computer engineering technician – 2 years
  • Advanced Diploma Construction Engineering Technology – 3 years
  • Diploma Civil Engineering Technician – 2 years
  • Advanced Diploma Photonics Engineering technology – 3 years
  • Advanced Diploma Mechanical Engineering Technology – 3 years
  • Graduate Certificate Industrial Automation -1 year
  • Graduate Certificate Healthcare Leadership and Management – 1 year
  • Certificate Community Pharmacy Assistant – 1 year
  • Graduate Certificate Public Relations – 1 year
  • Diploma Electrical engineering technician – 2 years
  • Diploma Fitness and health Promotion – 2 years
  • Diploma Mechanical Engineering technician – 2 years
  • Diploma Motive Power technician – Automotive – 2 years
  • Diploma Pharmacy technician -2 years
  • Diploma Phonetics Engineering Technician – 2 years
  • Advanced Diploma Broadcasting ( radio, television and TV presentation) – 2 years
  • Graduate Certificate Exercise science For Health and Performance – 1 year
  • Graduate Certificate Community Mental Health – Multidiscipline – 1 year
  • Certificate Mechanical techniques – General Machinist – 1 year
  • Graduate Certificate Palliative Care – Multidiscipline – 1 year
  • Diploma Police Foundations – 2 years
  • Diploma Protection, security and Investigation (Customs Border services) – 2 years
  • Diploma Renewable Energies Technician – 2 years
  • Certificate Art and Design Foundation – 1 year
  • Diploma Recreation Therapy – 2 years
  • Certificate carpentry and Renovation techniques- 1 year
  • Certificate General Arts and Science (College exploration) – 1 year
  • Certificate Personal Support Worker – 1 year
  • Diploma early Childhood Education – 2 years
  • Graduate Certificate Teaching English as a Second language – 1 year
  • Diploma Acting for Film and Television – 2 years
  • Certificate Pre Community services – 1 year
  • Certificate Pre Technology – 1 year
  • Certificate Wielding techniques – 1 year
  • Diploma carpentry and Renovation Technician – 2 years
  • Diploma Educational Assistant (special Needs support) – 2 years
  • Diploma photography – 2 years
  • Diploma Hairstyling – 1 year

Part time programs are also offered for flexibility and personal growth of students involved, helping them learn without messing withier schedule. These courses are open throughout the year and offered online. It’s a five year course program which requires students to apply for a Statement of Completion. Some of these courses are;

Accounting for Managerial Decisions

Book keeping

Criminal Psychology and behavior

Dietary Food Service Worker


General Arts and Science – College Exploration

Home Inspection

Language Interpreter

Leadership development series

Legal Office Assistant

Management of Human Resources

Manufacturing Leadership

Medical Front Office Assistant

Medical Transcriptionist

Nursing Unit Clerk

Occupational Health and safety

Supply Chain and Logistics management

Teaching Adults

Web design

Admission Requirements

Requirements are based on the choice of study, having a compilation of the entry score and total course fee but here are a few things to consider;

  • An essay
  • Passport ID
  • Personal statement
  • Transcripts in English of previously attended course
  • A completed admission application
  • Proof of payment of application fees
  • Letters of Recommendations
  • Scores of Undergraduates
  • Financial Statement of sponsorship documents to prove financial ability

For Undergraduate Diploma Programs

For students who want to apply for an undergraduate program, applicants should have a Secondary education transcripts and a graduation diploma {High School}.

A good score band of 5.5 and above in IELTS or its equivalent.

For Graduate Certificate Programs

Students who wish to apply for this program must possess a Post-secondary transcript or transcripts with a graduation diploma (a minimum of two years of post-secondary studies)

A good score band of 5.5 and above in IELTS or its equivalent.


  • High quality of education
  • Study at the heart of the town.
  • Access to Toronto’s School of Management’s Industry partners for part-time employment
  • Great networking opportunities
  • Meet students all over the World
  • Career opportunities
  • Housing support
  • Student service support

How to apply

To apply for any of the programs, whether short programs, part time or full time programs, candidates must have the following;

  • School transcripts
  • Proof of English Proficiency

Then apply, having the following information;

Your name, address, postal code, personal phone number, email, an application fee of $100 payable though an International Student Accounts Office with a credit or credit card or even cash, Registrars office on Campus, Local bank, Online banking and bank transfers

Once admitted into a program, an acceptance letter will be sent to your mail within two weeks of application.  Students are expected to begin the processing of their student Visa via the Canadian Embassy or Consulate in your country and begin travel plans.

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