Nigeria Police Academy Opens Data Correction Portal For 2020 Applicants – See How To Correct Mistakes Made During Registration

Nigeria Police Academy Opens Data Correction Portal For 2020 Applicants As Application Ends On July 6 – See How To Corrects Mistakes Made During Registration

As the registration for the 2020/2021 Nigeria Police Academy 8 Regular Course Application almost comes to an end and the examination draws closer, the management of the Nigeria Police Academy (POLAC) has enabled data correction for those who made mistakes during their registration process.

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For instance, some applicants did not upload their passport or made mistakes while selecting centres or while imputing their UTME or Name. These mistakes can now be corrected.

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How To Make Data Correction In Nigeria Police Academy (POLAC) Admission Form

To correct or change anything in your application form, you have two methods or processes you can choose from;

(A) You can either send an email to POLAC admin directly to help you through the process.

To do that, you have to follow the process below;

1 Send an email to ADMIN@POLAC.EDU.NG with your RR Code, Full name and phone number

2  Use the email you used during your registration process for them to attend to you.

3 State in clear terms your reason for sending the email.

4 Wait for a response from the admin.

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This process usually takes 2-5 days. Once they respond, you will get an email that your issue has been resolved.

(B) You can either do the correction yourself by;

1 Visiting

2 Enter your RR Code and password you used during registration

3 Go to your dashboard and click on ‘Edit Application Form’

4 Make the necessary Changes

5 You an change UTME number, name, Examination centre, WAEC details, etc.

6 When you are satisfied with your changes, click on ‘Save Details’

7 Reprint your application form, acknowledgement card and exam card.


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