Nigerian Lady Narrates How She Became A Canadian Citizen After Her Studies In The Country

A Nigerian lady and an undergraduate nurse in Canada has shared the story of how she came to Canada as an international student and is now a Canadian citizen.

According to this lady, who is identified as Dominique Anekwe, she traveled to Canada 7 years ago, to study and she was done, she decided to move back to Nigeria.

She stated that her cousin had advised her and opened her eyes to a lot of opportunities she was open to while in the country.

This made her rethink and decided to fight for Canadian citizenship.

Her post read;

I came into Canada young and alone in 2015 on a student visa, uncertain of what the future held for me but hopeful. I never really paid much attention to the immigration opportunities my Canadian education would afford me. Towards the end of my master’s degree, I was going to go back home to Nigeria but my cousin talked me out of what would have been a poor decision on my part.

He sat me down and gave me a serious pep talk which opened my eyes to the endless possibilities that Canada offers and eventually made me discard the plan to move back to Nigeria after my degree. I got my work permit in 2017, then went on to become a permanent resident in 2018. Getting that PR was the golden key I needed to change my career and start from the scratch.

This has been one of the best decisions I have made till date. I applied to become a Canadian citizen having met and satisfied all the necessary requirements in January 2021. I wrote and passed the citizenship test in January, 2022. Then came the long wait to take the oath of Canadian citizenship. Finally in June 2022, seven years after I first got into Canada as an international student, I was approved by the IRCC and officially sworn in as a Canadian Citizen!

That day was the happiest day of my life in the last 7 years!! The best part about being a citizen is that I can finally vote for the first time ever since I was born. Also, I can now travel to 185 countries visa-free. Traveling the world is a hobby I have always dreamed of and now I can finally do that with ease. My 7 year journey from international student status to Canadian citizen has taught me patience and tenacity. I trusted the entire process and kept my faith up no matter how long it took. I am immensely grateful to God for this opportunity and I’m more than proud to finally call #Canada my HOME!!




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