Nigerian Lady Rejected US Admission To Grow Her Business, 8 Years Later Gets Admission Because Of The Business

According to her LinkedIn post, Temitope Olatimehin took one of the greatest decisions and biggest risks of her life, when she rejected her Master’s degree admission to one of the prestigious institutions in the US, just at the last minute.

Just as you know with, her decision was not taken very well by her family, friends and everyone who got to hear the story. Including herself, she was uncertain about this business as she had no experience or expertise to grow the business.

Against all the odds, The business thrived and thrived to the point, where it was recognized by the US government and she was given another opportunity to study in another prestigious institution in the US, of which she did not reject again.

Here’s her story:

“In 2014, I got admitted for my Masters in a prestigious US university which I declined last minute after getting the visa to start my own business.
“My decision to decline my masters didn’t go well with my family, friends and everyone around me. Expectedly so. Everyone thought I was crazy leaving a “Japa” opportunity for some unknown uncertainty business.
“To be honest, I had my fears too and I felt all the overwhelming feeling of fear, uncertainty and doubt but I faced them anyway. I left everything to face a business I had no prior experience nor expertise. Probably the biggest risk of my entire life yet. I was totally driven and passionate to win against all odds.
“Well, 8 years after, I am glad to be selected for the prestigious because my business , same business I started afraid and uncertain has brought me the recognition of the US government.
“Now I am in the US because the company I started afraid is thriving and has the potential to even become a globally recognized company in no time.
“I am glad to be studying at one of the “Big 10” American Universities @Purdue University at the School of Agriculture which is the number 4 best school of Agriculture in the US and number 10 in the world.
“I look forward to taking advantage of every knowledge and privilege available for me during my fellowship so as to go back to make my company and business bigger and better.
“This is me just trying to encourage you not to give up on yourself and keep pushing for that you want and believe in.
“It only gets better if you don’t give up.“

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