Nigerian Man who hawked at 5 years old to pay school fees, becomes successful and graduates with 96% grades from Nexford university, US

hawked at 5 years old to pay school fees

Ifeanyi Akaleme the 5 years old hawker is now a successful man, graduating with 96% grades from a US university!!! This feat is huge!

No wonder people do say that something good can come out of Nazareth. Who would have believe that a boy who was hawking in the street for his mother to settle his school needs will now turn to a successful graduate with such grades? Ofcourse few people would believe. gets to know about this story following a viral post made by Ifeanyi on his LinkedIn profile.

Ifeanyi Akaleme post on LinkedIn was to celebrate his success with his mother, acknowledging the key role his mother played in his success today. He said that she worked very hard in the family to ensure her children are successful.

Below is what he wrote;

“Things were so hard in the family. My mother worked so hard in the family and I had to support her,”

Mr. Ifeanyi now holds an excellent masters degree in Business Administration from the renowned Nexford University, Washington, United States where he graduate with distinctively high grades. He have 3.85 grades points out of the maximum 4.00 grade points.

While interviewing him, Mr. ifeanyi Akaleme recount that during his schooling in Nigeria, he do return home to pick up his tray to sell whatever goods his mother had at the moment to help her fund her school billings. The early introduction of the boy turn man to trading has a availed him the opportunity to become conversant with how trading works.

He narrated thus;

“From my early years of my selling, I learned that building good relationships is one of man‘s biggest chances of survival. I was so good to people that a lot of big men who I met in the market wanted me to serve them,”

On his LinkedIn profile post, he share picture of himself and his mother in the United States, noting that he is proud of his mother’s doggedness in every part of his young age.

He said;

“Yesterday, I realized I wasn’t the only one who sold at an early age. The investment juggernaut, WARREN BUFFET started selling at 7. I could still count the advantages of having this top-notch early experience,”

The 5 years old hawker boy is now a grown up and established man. He founded a company called Project Nations with the prospect of connect businesses around the globe together.


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