Nigerian Mum Writes JAMB with Son; See What Happened!

On Wednesday 11th of May a Nigerian mother took to her Facebook account to disclose that she’ll we starting a challenge with her son.

This challenge was regarding the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board Examination popularly known as JAMB.

From what she had said on her page, we guess she was always begging her son to read his book, explaining to him why he has to read and work hard.

She disclosed that she was honestly tired to talking, so she had to figure out what to do differently in order to get her son to study and prepare for the examination.

Michelle Buchi, as she was identified on Facebook, decided that she was going to take the examination with her son.

It was then a challenge between mother and son.

She knew that her son wouldn’t stand it if his own mother won the challenge or even worse if he is forced to tell his children one day that their grandmother beat him once in the JAMB exams.

The Nigerian mum knew she also had to do her best in order to win the competition and also motivate her son to work hard.

She narrated how she hard to sacrifice her time in order to  learn about the literature novels of 2022 to 2025 as an art student she was over a decade ago.

She had to juggle all of these with her business and hustles too.

She mentioned that it wasn’t easy at all but she pulled through anyways.

She also shared that all these reading, studying and researching pushed her son into action and she saw a change in his reading and studying habits.

She actually became happy when she saw that her had sat up when it came to studying and honestly she didn’t just want to write the exam to pass and beat the young man in the competition but to motivate him to do better than her.

So both mother and son were at home striving to win the competition.

This was what she disclosed on her Facebook page on the 11th of May after she wrote the exam.

   ” I wrote JAMB yesterday!
Oh yes! After many years of graduation.
My JAMB examination challenge ended yesterday. I didn’t want to discuss it until I accomplish it😂😂
It was a challenge with a son of mine. I was tired of teaching, instructing and advising on the need for study time creation.
Boom! I decided to register for JAMB in order to compete with his score line😂😂 Funnily, it made the young man to sit up when he saw me reading, browsing for points and sharing ideas with him😍😍
As an art student, I had to make efforts to study the latest recommended African/non African literary – novels, plays, poems etc from 2022 – 2025. I must confess, it  it wasn’t easy. But it was worth it 🍉🍉
Right now, everyone is waiting for JAMB results to be released so that the challenge will be completed. I pray we both cross the margin line successfully because there is a reward attached to the highest JAMB score💃💃💃🎉
I pray he scores higher than me💖💖🙏🙏🌟
Subsequently, I will be updating you with stories of my JAMB examination experience. From my fellow JAMB students 🤣🤣 to my personal experience.
To be continued !!
All we do God knows!”

After four (4) days of writing the exam, the JAMB exam results were out and both mother and son had aced the exam impressively.

Her Son who was identified as Okoye Precious Chinaecherem passed the JAMB exam and also won the challenge between him and his mother.

In all his individual subjects he had over average:

• English: 69
• Government: 56
• Literature: 69
• CRS: 49

Everything with an aggregrate of 243 points. The mother had done a great job. See screenshots below:

On the other hand the Nigerian mother did exceptionally well despite the fact that she left school almost a decade ago and she didn’t even attend the JAMB lessons like her son did because of her business.

Funnily enough, she scored higher in most of her individual subjects but the son took over the competition with just few points in the literature and English subjects.

• English: 53
• Government: 63
• Literature: 60
• CRS: 54

Everything with an aggregrate of 230. See screenshots below:

Just like promised she gave the update of what happened on Facebook page:

JAMB result is out ooo💃💃🔥🔥
And the winner of the JAMB examination challenge isssssssssss…
Son of man💃💃💃💯💯💯🎉🎉🎉
I am very happy that he won the challenge joor. He scored 243! How could he have explained to his children that their grandma scored higher than him in JAMB! At least the challenge pushed him into studying harder.
Congratulations dear💖💖🎂🎂
But me self try. 230 aggregate after leaving school for more than a decade. I did not also go for JAMB lesson. I was hustling up and down the country. I was just informed of the exam date and boom, U show for exam hall🤣🤣🤣🤣
Congratulations to me too🎂💃💖💖
Make una show me live too. E no easy!
For those of you that predicted his higher score than me, DM me for meeting because na una be the real village people 😜😜🤣🤣
In all, I appreciate everyone who supported and commended my efforts. There is really no fixed pattern to training children ✨✨💐💐”

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