“People Said Our Dad Was Wasting Money on Girls” – Nigerian Twins Who Bagged First Class Abroad

Nigerian Twins Who Bagged First Class Abroad [Watch Video]
Nigerian Twins Who Bagged First Class Abroad [Watch Video]

Two Intelligent Nigerian twin sisters recently shared the heart-touching story of their academic journey on social media.

A Tik Tok user, @miraclegosioha took to her page recently to share an emotional video when she was narrating the story of her and her twin sister’s academic journey from Nigeria to Cyprus.

In her video, she made mentioned how their father got into a very fatal accident just when they were about to travel out of the country to study.

She mentioned that they were lucky enough that they didn’t lose their father to a motor accident at that time rather he was hospitalized for some time and then started using crutches.

Nevertheless, as caring as their father could be, he managed to send them abroad to study.
In the video, she also mentioned how so many people kept discouraging their father to withdraw them from school saying that he was wasting money on girls.

Fast forward to today, they’ve completely proven those people wrong and made their father a happy and proud parent as they both bagged a first-class degree in Law and Journalism from the Near East University, Cyprus.

Social Media Users’ Reaction.

@abdulpeters62: “Thank God but most especially thanks to you and your twins determination and effort. And to cap it all, thanks to your dad resolute support 😇”

@queen_melanin_b: “Congratulations beautiful ladies…Daddy must be super proud. I pray God preserve him to enjoy the fruit of his labour to the fullest…Amen”

@mowene19: “Wow…this is amazing. I see how you never doubted your dream would come through. This is inspiring, there is absolutely nothing God can’t do”


@miraclegosioha, Yen

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