Nigerian Young Boys Generate Electricity From Sound And Vibration (VIDEO)

The young boys from St Paul’s Senior High and Minor Seminary in the Volta Region explained in a YouTube video that their invention works on Faraday’s Law of Electromagnetic Induction.


In the Youtube video, one of the students is seen hitting a drum and shortly after that, a bulb lights up.

Their invention uses a drum, speakers, a transformer, and a load, among others.

In the video, the two talented students explain that the drum contains two speakers with the same poles facing each other. The similar poles of the speakers cause repulsion.


When the drum enclosing the speakers is struck, the sound and vibration produced intensify the repulsion between the magnets of the speakers.

This then produces EMF. The EMF force created by the vibration is then moved through the wires to the transformer.

The transformer then steps up the Voltage to 3 or 4. It is then transferred to the bulb holder and lights the bulb


Watch the youtube video below.



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