Top 20 Best Non Physical Jobs That Pay Well

Non Physical Jobs That Pay Well

Non physical jobs that pay well – There have been more lucrative non-physical jobs available in recent years. These tasks may usually be completed from the convenience of your home and frequently involve little to no physical exertion. 

In spite of the fact that many of these professions might not be as glamorous as those in the traditional sector, they can nonetheless be just as fulfilling on a personal and financial level.

Top 20 Best Non Physical Jobs That Pay Well

1. Business Analyst

You can earn a nice living as a business analyst from the convenience of your own home. Business analysts are among the top non-physical careers that pay well for a variety of reasons. Plus they are in high demand, for starters. 

People who work as Business analysts are in a unique position to assist companies in increasing their bottom line since they are constantly seeking for methods to accomplish so.

2. Consultant

These days, there is a significant need for consultants as more companies look to outside expertise to assist them to solve challenges and accomplish their objectives. A wonderful alternative for people who prefer to work from home or have a flexible schedule is consulting because it is a non-physical profession.

You might predict making a respectable income as a consultant. In actuality, a lot of consultants make six figures. Additionally, you frequently have the freedom to set your own hours and take breaks whenever you want because your business is in your hands.

3. Communications Specialist

Do you enjoy writing and have a flair for coming up with interesting content? If so, working as a communications specialist might be the perfect choice for you!

It is the responsibility of communications specialists to produce and distribute information to target audiences using a variety of channels, such as social media, website content, press releases, and more. They frequently collaborate closely with other members of the marketing and PR team and play a crucial role in assisting firms in achieving their communication goals.

In spite of the fact that a bachelor’s degree is normally necessary for this position, many communications specialists have postgraduate degrees in disciplines like journalism, marketing, or public relations. Communications experts often make a good living, though salaries can vary depending on experience and the organization.

4. Recruiter

As a recruiter, you get to make a wonderful living while assisting others in landing the employment of their dreams. The more effective you are, the more money you can make as a recruiter because they often earn a base pay plus commission. People who appreciate helping others and are people-oriented will really enjoy this career.

5. Social Media Manager

Are you seeking a well-paying position that doesn’t require you to be present physically? If so, working as a social media manager might be the ideal choice for you!

You would be in charge of developing and overseeing a company’s or organization’s social media presence in your capacity as a social media manager. This would entail producing and publishing material, communicating with followers, and keeping track of how well the accounts are doing overall.

Being a social media manager can lead to a very lucrative and successful career. A career in social media can be the ideal fit for you if you’re imaginative, extroverted, and passionate about marketing and communication.

6. Fundraiser

One of the many excellent and well-paying non-physical careers is working as a fundraiser. A career in fundraising can be the ideal fit for you if you are passionate about helping people and want to change the world.

You will be in charge of generating funds as a fundraiser for a range of causes, such as political campaigns, non-profits, and charities. Together with a group of other experts, you will organize and carry out fundraising activities. You will also be in charge of cultivating and maintaining contacts with potential donors.

You must possess good interpersonal and communication skills if you are interested in a career in fundraising. 

7. Marketing Manager

Planning, carrying out, and assessing marketing initiatives are under the purview of marketing managers. In order to make sure that campaigns are on track and producing the desired outcomes, they collaborate closely with other members of the marketing team.

The position of marketing manager might be difficult, but it can also be incredibly fulfilling. Marketing managers frequently make a fair living wage, plus they frequently get bonuses and other benefits. Consider working as a marketing manager if you want a well-paying position that is not physically demanding.

8. Public Relations Specialist

A career in public relations can be a wonderful fit for you if you enjoy working with people and have a talent for marketing and promotion. Public relations professionals are in charge of developing and upholding a positive image for their clients, who might be people, companies, or organizations. They achieve this by establishing and managing media relations, planning marketing campaigns, and setting up promotional events.

9. Sales Manager

Leading and organizing a group of salespeople is under the purview of sales managers. They are in charge of creating a sales strategy, achieving sales goals, and managing customer relationships. Most sales managers hold a bachelor’s degree in business or a closely related profession. Many sales managers begin their professional lives as salesmen or customer service agents.

10. Website Designer

A career as a web designer can be ideal for you if you’re seeking for something that lets you use your creativity and design abilities. Websites’ appearance, feel, and layout is created by web designers. They collaborate with clients to fully grasp their requirements for a website before producing designs that are both aesthetically beautiful and useful.

Being able to work from any location is the nicest aspect of being a web designer. A computer and an internet connection are all you require. Additionally, you can frequently choose your own schedule and hours of work.

11. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are undoubtedly one of the greatest non-physical professions with respect to salary. They are paid highly for their skills and get to use their creativity in the creation of stunning visuals that convey ideas and tell tales.

A career in graphic design is undoubtedly worthwhile to take into consideration if you’re seeking for a well-paying position that allows you to be imaginative and creative. There is a surplus of work accessible due to a large number of companies and organizations that require creative designers. And as your knowledge and expertise increase, so will your income.

12. Event Coordinator

Being an event coordinator may be a very emotionally and financially fulfilling vocation. Event planners are in charge of organizing every aspect of events, from little get-togethers to massive conventions. To make sure their needs are addressed and all the details are taken care of, they work closely with clients.

Exceptional organization and attention to detail, as well as problem-solving skills, are required of event coordinators. The work can be rigorous and difficult, but it can also be fun and rewarding. The best part is that event planners can earn a very nice livelihood without putting in a lot of physical labor-intensive hours.

13. Event Promoter

Are you seeking for a well-paying position that doesn’t require you to spend all day in an office? If so, event promotion can be the ideal profession for you! It is the duty of event promoters to raise awareness and interest in impending events. Giving out fliers to potential guests or contacting the media to secure coverage for the event are also examples of how to do this.

As the public face of the event, event promoters must be gregarious and passionate. As they will need to keep track of all the specifics pertaining to the event, they should also be organized and detail-oriented. Promoters should be skilled at multitasking as they frequently work on several events at once.

14. Event Marketing Manager

Do you enjoy organizing and carrying out events? Do you appreciate working with a team to create exceptional experiences in a fast-paced environment? If so, an event marketing manager career might be the ideal fit for you!

You would be in charge of managing all facets of event planning and execution from beginning to end as an event marketing manager. This would entail planning the logistics, managing the budget and vendor agreements, and publicizing the event to attract the largest possible audience.

15. Publicity Manager

Consider working as a publicity manager if you want a well-paying position that doesn’t require you to be present physically. A PR manager is in charge of cultivating and preserving a favorable public perception of their employer. This may entail planning and carrying out marketing and advertising campaigns, managing media relations, and planning public relations activities.

Although a publicity manager often works in an office environment, this position has a lot of freedom. Since many publicity managers are freelancers, you can frequently choose your own hours and location.

16. Advertising Manager

Planning, carrying out, and assessing advertising and marketing campaigns are within the purview of advertising managers. They collaborate with customers to determine their target market and create ways to connect with them.

Managers in the advertising industry need to be effective communicators. To produce successful campaigns, they must be able to think creatively, and they must be able to persuade clients to buy into their ideas. Additionally, they must be able to fulfill deadlines and operate well under pressure.

17. Social Media Specialist

A position as a social media professional can be ideal for you if you enjoy using social media and are good at interacting with people online. Managing a company’s or organization’s social media accounts and producing material that is intended to engage and expand their online audience would be your responsibility as a social media specialist.

A social media expert can find employment across a range of sectors, but the best possibilities tend to be with marketing and advertising firms as well as with big businesses that have a dedicated social media staff. Depending on the organization, the pay for a social media specialist can vary, but it is often extremely good, especially when compared to other non-physical vocations.

18. SEO Specialist

Are you passionate about SEO and assisting companies with enhancing their online presence? If yes, you might want to think about working as an SEO specialist. You would be in charge of doing keyword research, monitoring website traffic statistics, and optimizing websites for search engines as an SEO specialist. Additionally, you would need to stay current with algorithm updates and emerging SEO practices.

Although most SEO experts are employed full-time, there are several chances for contract and freelance employment. Additionally, it’s one of the greatest non-physical occupations that pay well because you can usually work from home.

19. Content Marketing Manager

A career in content marketing can be a good fit for you if you’re seeking for a well-paying position that doesn’t require physical work. Managers of content marketing are in charge of producing and maintaining content that is intended to advertise a company’s goods or services. Creating and editing content, managing a group of writers and designers, and developing marketing strategies are all examples of this.

20. Learning and Development Specialist

A career as a learning and development professional can be a suitable choice for you if you’re seeking a well-paying position that doesn’t require physical work. As a learning and development specialist, you will assist firms in creating and implementing training initiatives that enhance worker competence and productivity. You must possess excellent communication and planning abilities in addition to a background in teaching or a similar subject.


The highest-paying non-physical jobs are ones that demand a high level of expertise and experience. Jobs that are in high demand, like those in medicine and law, typically pay handsomely. Teaching and research are two other professions with high educational and training requirements that have good salaries. Customer service and sales positions, for example, tend to pay higher and require little expertise or training.

Whichever you choose, make sure it is something you have passion for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Jobs in the legal, commercial, and medical fields are some of the greatest non-physical ones that pay well.

Networking with people you know who are already employed in one of these industries is the greatest approach to finding a job in one of these fields. Additionally, you can look for jobs online or get in touch with employers directly.

The role and the firm have an impact on how much these jobs pay. Nevertheless, earnings in these sectors are frequently above average.


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