Best Nursing Schools In Nigeria

Best Nursing School In Nigeria – Seeking schools that offer a Nursing Program in Nigeria can be quite easy but which school is best for this program is what the issue is, that is why we look at what school is great to take the Nursing program.

Health care is a prominent aspect of man’s existence, for one to keep going, our health is key. They have been several occurrences in the past few years and it has come to man’s notice that the power of health care is lingering in many aspects. Even at the expense of increasing health care personnel. 

The more reason as an aspiring young Nurse, you would want to put in for the best college that provides quality and worldwide standard nursing study, so you can fit anywhere around the world.


Around the world today, the requirement for a Nurse is equally on the high side, even in the recent event of the COVID-19 outbreak, many countries were unable to get hold of health care practitioners. This could have been a matter of serious disaster if there weren’t enough hands to bring the outbreak to control. Many countries offer immigration opportunities to qualified nurses or health care workers. This is to boost their capacity. 

Who is a Nurse?

In every medical field, there are those who are specialists, people who are qualified for that field. 

A Nurse means a person who cares for the sick as defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a Nurse is a licensed health care professional who practices independently or is supervised by a physician, surgeon, or dentist and who is skilled in promoting and maintaining health.

These individuals are trained and qualified to maintain the health of a patient. 

Meanwhile, Nursing is a profession under the profession of Medical Science. It specifically concentrates on the provision of care to its patients. They are an important aspect of the health care service because after diagnosis and treatment have been carried out, the Nurse is in charge of making the patient adhere to the process until a stable health condition is attained.

As stated earlier Nurses work under supervision, meaning they work as a team, with Doctors, Physicians and probably the family of the patient to get an optimal level of great health. As a result of the risk in the profession, students are meant to attain a satisfactory level to become a Nurse.

It is one of the most sort professions in the Medical line.

Origin of Nursing

Before the inception of modern nursing, they have been records of monks and nuns individual giving care to sick people, this could be said to be a form of Nursing as it is part of medicine. 

Hippocrate, who is known to be the father of Modern Medicine, in his book, recorded a step by step process of caregiving and observations on patients by men. This could have been seen as a form of Nursing.

However, in the 19th century, a young lady, Florence Nightingale is known to have made nursing more of a profession. A group of ladies were invited to provide care for wounded soldiers who fought in the Crimean War, Florence who were also employed made a step by step,  necessary to get patients back to great health. 

She mentioned that to attain great health, individual needs 

  • Fresh air
  • Freshwater
  • A working drainage system
  • Cleanliness and 
  • Good Sunlight or light.

With this, one is bound to attain great health, this further went to be the basic principles of Nursing, after the war, which laid a foundation for the development of Nursing into a profession. As a result, other professions developed.

Nursing In Nigeria

the nature of nursing in Nigeria can be very competitive as the number of Nurses available is lesser than average. Based on a record, for every 10,000 patients, 20 Nurses are available, this has been stated that it is lesser than the World Health Organization standard. 

With the increasing population, this record is equally poor. Nursing as a profession in Nigeria can be traced back to the arrival of the colonial master. however, in 1930 a council was created to regulate the profession.

In the Field of Nursing, one could specialize as Registered Nurse, Cardiac Nurse, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Family Nurse and others. Nigeria has one of the lowest numbers of Nurses, as in a record the country has around 800,000 nurses and the number of nurses who migrate every year go about 7000.

The profession is a very competitive one, to be a nurse and a registered one, complete a years course in a Nigeria Universities that offer the course and then pass a stipulated 6 months course called Preliminary Training Section, Spend 3 years in an intensive study then you acquire your RN or Rm Licence to be called a registered Nurse.

Best Universities that offer Nursing Study

Nigeria has over 130 universities, both private and public. Meanwhile, selecting a school that is great on the school can be competitive, here is a comprehensive listing of universities that does well in the field.

  • University of Ibadan

The University of Ibadan provides one of the best nursing studies in Nigeria and has also been rated among African Schools. its University College Hospital UCH has the School of Nursing. it is a five-year program and provides a great and conducive environment for study.

The University of Ibadan is the first and oldest School in Nigeria, established in 1948. The University of Ibadan has 17 faculties and is a great choice to take any available courses’

  • University of Abuja

The Univerisity of  Abuja lies in the north part of Nigeria also the Nation’s Capital, Abuja. Established in 1988, more of a modern University with fast-growing recognition in Nigeria and around Africa. it has 13 faculties and several departments.

The University of Abuja Nursing School has a record of providing high-quality nursing studies it is stated to be one of the best nursing schools in Nigeria. Nursing takes 4 years to complete in the School. you can never go wrong with the school.

  • University of Nigeria

It takes five years to complete this course at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka School of Nursing, also it is very affordable, as it cost you less. The University of Nigeria is located in the eastern part of Nigeria in the state of Enugu.

It is one of the oldest Universities in Nigeria and has a record of academic progress, established in 1955. it is great a school for studying.

  • University of Benin

The University of Benin has an intensive record of research, one of the oldest schools in Nigeria as well which provides Nursing course study at the school’s Teaching Hospital (UBTH). Uniben provides an affordable fee and also great quality in the course study.

The school is located in the city of Benin, Edo State, Ugbowoh. it is a public university established in the year 1970. To Take Nursing study in the school takes 5 years. Benin is a lovely place with many beautiful side attractions.

  • Ahmadu Bello School of Nursing

Ahmadu Bello University is located in Zaria, Kaduna. Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital provides Nursing courses. it also has a large medical programme. Ahmadu Bello University is one of the oldest and pioneer universities in Nigeria.

Ahmadu Bello School of Nursing is a great school for Nursing as it has intensive research work and notable graduates. Ahmadu Bello University was established in the year 1962.

  • Lagos State University

Lagos State University several courses and has around 11 faculties. it was established in the year 1983. the university is a notable institution that provides quality education.

it is situated at Ojo, along the Badagry expressway, in Lagos. The Institute Teaching hospital provides the Nursing course which is a department in the faculty of Clinical Sciences. it is quite affordable and takes five years to complete.

  • University of Lagos

The Department of Nursing is a recently established department, introduced in 2010, the university through its College of Medicine provides five years of study and four years to get registered as a Nurse.

The University of Lagos is a notable school in Nigeria and around the world, with intensive research work. it is situated in the Urban city of Lagos. Established int he 1962 as one of the pioneer universities in Nigeria, also known as the pride of the country.

There are also other notable schools that offer great in the field of Nursing, which include: Obafemi Awolowo University, Ife, Ecwa School of Nursing, Basic School of Nursing Federal Teaching Hospital, Abakaliki, Imos State School of Nursing, School of Nursing Akure, Sokoto College of Nursing and many more.


Nursing is a very competitive program around the world, to get the best in Nigeria so one can meet up to the standard provided around the world, one has to be selective and consider which schools provide the best. 

So with this list, students can select which is more convenient and provide quality study so they have a great time studying and come out with great 

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