How To Apply For The Obama Foundation Scholars Program At University Of Columbia

There is a scholarship going on in the Obama Foundation at the University Of Columbia, USA and the program is to aid collaboration, dynamic and co-creation, rising leaders from around the world.

It is a full-time, fully-funded leadership development program that helps bring together rising leaders from the United States and around the world that have shown that they are committed to finding solutions to challenges in their communities, countries and regions.

After completing the program, the scholars are empowered by their experience and return to their regions where they have been working and become useful.


The scholarship is available for all countries across the world and it is taken University of Columbia, USA.

In this write-up, we will be showing you the eligibility criteria and requirements for the scholarship.

What You Stand To Gain From The Scholarship

The Obama Foundation offers monthly stipends to assist with living expenses.

  • Fees and tuition for your four years course at the University of Columbia
  • A decent studio apartment that is well furnished that is close to the university.
  • Free basic medical, dental and life insurance for the duration of the program-related activities.
  • Air travel to and from your home country and any program-related activities.

The Obama Foundation helps to enrich individuals and skills oriented to be able to learn and pass out knowledge.

It helps to enhance your ability to read, learn and then implement what you have learnt.

Requirements To Be Eligible For The Obama Foundation Scholarship

To be eligible for the foundation program, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must have proven that you are committed to service and leadership within a community, region or country and also shown commitment to return to your region or country after completing the program and apply your enhanced training, and skills for the benefits of these communities.
  • You must be fluent in English whether in reading, writing or speaking
  • You must have the ability and enthusiasm to positively shape the future of your community.
  • You must have shown commitment to community-orientation, hope, accountability, resilience and integrity.

Components Of The Program

Here, we will be highlighting some of the major components of the program.

The program includes a weekly seminar that runs throughout the length of the academic year, exploring questions in tandem with key global trends including inequality, technological developments, climatic change and population movements.

An experiential learning component that engages scholars in the work of Columbia World Projects.

A Thought Leadership Speaker Series that introduces Scholars to seasoned practitioners from the NGO community, philanthropy, international organizations and government to expand scholars’ network and perspectives to help advance their work.

Partnership with a Columbia faculty adviser selected for their subject matter expertise to provide scholars with new insights and perspectives to inform scholars’ work.

Personal and professional development workshops designed to help strengthen practical skills to enhance scholars’ ability to lead. Previous workshop topics include conflict management and resolution, data analysis and interpretation and public speaking.

An audited coursework that provides scholars with the flexibility of selecting and enrolling in up to two graduate level courses each semester at Columbia.

A foundation like the leadership foundation by Obama will help you enhance student abilities in reading, and learning then implementing it.

The application for the Obama foundation scholars program at university of Columbia is open and you can visit the official website of the Obama foundation scholars program for more information.


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