‘one piece costs N220k’ Graduate Tells His Story About His Furniture Business

A man identified as Odunowo Babatunde, became a center of attraction after his Twitter post went viral.

He posted photos of his furnished and beautiful two-bedroom apartment. What was on fascinating to people was the neon lights that was used to decorate the furnitures which made be house look so exclusive and luxurious.

Odunowo Babatunde, in an interview with Legit narrated how he go into the business of furniture Making.

He mentioned that the whole idea was birthed just after he finished his one year service (NYSC).


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He said: “During my Nysc service year I worked for a real estate firm, most times I supervised building constructions and I payed more attention to the guys that worked on the furnitures in the buildings that’s the wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, doors and all.”

When efforts to get good jobs were abortive, Babatunde said he employed the service of furniture makers. He makes the designs for them to work on.

“I make the designs and they get it done. Then I make my first sale, second sale. Then I decided to take it seriously. I set up my own furniture workshop employed more staffs and here I am,” Babatunde said.

Babatunde is a computer science Graduate but destiny had something else installed for him and he’s been doing great in the business.

He mentioned that a piece of his furniture is usually N220k ish and it usually took a maximum of 10 days for his clients to get they piece they ordered.

Babatunde has mentioned that he loves his job so much but notwithstanding he still has a challenge, which is the cost of materials in Nigeria, he mentioned that the cost of these materials have also affected the his selling prices too.

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