Top 15 Best Online Businesses in Nigeria

Best Online Businesses in Nigeria

Best Online Businesses in Nigeria-The internet is where 85% of the world’s money is, and only individuals who learn to be useful and important in the situation would get a huge share.

The important thing you must understand is that it does not all start at once. There is no business you can start today and ear a lot today. This is the same with online businesses. In Nigeria, many young people have ventured into tech, web design, cryptocurrency trading, foreign exchange, technical writing, graphic designing and a whole lot of other skill careers online.

It is only natural that you take an interest in online business to do in Nigeria. Another advantage of working online is that where you are from does not matter very much. If you are skilled, no one will care about where you are from.

You may be wondering whether it is not going to take a lot of time to learn a skill and start working and earning from it. It is true that learning a skill takes a lot of time before you can start earning from it, but there are online businesses in Nigeria that bring money fast.

Within few months of starting some online businesses, you can start earning quite a lot. Despite that there are many problems you will have to face by working online in Nigeria, if you are persistent; you will establish a successful profile.

If you are looking for the best online businesses in Nigeria, this article will help you by providing a list of the best online businesses for Nigerians and the online business that bring quick money in Nigeria.

By working only about five hours a day, you can earn more than N80,000 for a start. Gradually, you can start earning as much as $50 in a day depending on the services you offer.

Best Online Businesses in Nigeria

  • Blogging
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Dropshipping
  • Whatsapp TV
  • Content Writing
  • Graphic Design
  • UI/UX Design
  • Youtubing
  • Facebook Ads
  • Website Designing
  • Online Store

  • Blogging

Blogging can be regarded the most profitable online business you can start easily. Blogging is simply a way of providing quality information for people on the internet through websites. If you are entirely clueless about how that would bring you money, it is normal.

Blogging is not a get-rich-quick business but at some point, you can start earning more than $1,000 monthly without even doing anything.

Depending on the money and time you invest into blogging, it is a really rewarding business. You can monetize your website using advert agencies like Google AdSense, Adsterra, PopAds, MunchAds and affiliate stores like Amazon and Jumia.

Whenever you write about products and people read, there will be ads that are related to the products and when they click or buy through your links, you earn from ad views and the affiliate store.

For example, someone buys a product of $50 through your website, you can earn as much as $10. If a hundred people buy the product, it means you earned about $1000. If you grow your website to more than one million visits in a month, your earnings will be unimaginable.

How do you open a blog?

It costs very little to start a blog site. That is because the most important thing is not your site but the content. To start a website, you just need to purchase a domain name and host it. Your domain name is the name of your site, like For the best experience and opportunities, purchase a .com domain.

Host your domain on some of the best hosting companies and install wordpress. After this, you are ready to start writing and publishing content. Remember to choose a niche and be consistent. Blogging is one of the best online businesses in Nigeria, and more than 50,000 people are into it.

  • Affiliate Marketing

The best affiliate marketing system in Nigeria is Expertnaire, and that is not disputed. Although this program has been taken over by certain people who simply refer people to keep registering, this affiliate market is quite great.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is simply a system of selling. You are selling products without having any of them. How is this possible?

People who own the products registered them on affiliate platforms so that you can sell and get commissions. In order to sell products, you need traffic (Traffic means visitors or viewers). Affiliate marketing is also a great way to monetize a website.

If you intend to sell health products, you need an audience that wants health products. In order to easily get them, starting a health blog would be really helpful. This is because everyone visiting your blog was looking for that product in the first place.

When you do this, you can get as much as 25% of your audience purchasing the product through your affiliate link. You can also start a Whatsapp affiliate channel. If you have a lot of females on your Whatsapp, try to post entertaining content and once in a while, drop beautiful quality female products with your affiliate link.

The interesting thing about affiliate marketing is that it is applicable to all of social media. If you have an email list full of young ladies, you can start including affiliate links in your weekly emails and still make sales. It is a very efficient way to make money online in Nigeria.

With affiliate marketing, you can start making six figures every month within a few months of registration. This is because you only need the right audience and great copy for your sales.

  • YouTubing

YouTubing is quite difficult and is a business you have to invest a lot of time into, for many months. If you choose the right niche and publish lots of videos over a long period of time, you will build a successful channel soon enough.

In a short time, you will be accepted into the monetization program and start earning money. If you cannot invest as much as seven hours daily into a Youtube channel, be ready for slow growth. If you wish to grow very fast, post at least one video everyday for ten months. By then you would have gathered a very reasonable amount of subscribers.

If you need your videos to rank better on YouTube, you may have to learn some YouTube SEO to increase your views. The YouTube algorithm understands consistency, so you will grow either way. You can also drive traffic to your YouTube channel through external sources.

With consistency and quality, you would have built a successful business before realizing it.

  • Content Writing

Content writing is the business of writing for websites and helping them increase visitors through content optimization. If you do not enjoy writing, it may be a really bad idea to venture into this.

However, if you enjoy writing or have been writing articles for fun, this will suit you. You cannot start fast, because writing articles for fun is very different from writing optimized articles.

You can start by taking lessons on YouTube and Google about how you can write quality articles that will rank on search engines.

This skill takes a lot of time, and unless you are really good at writing, it will take you at least six months of consistency before you start writing good content.

You will have to learn Search engine optimization and a whole lot of other blogging terms. You will be working hand in hand with bloggers, as a content writer. Through content writing, you will gain a generous amount of knowledge about blogging.

That way, you can go on to create your own website after working for blogs for long. Because you will have to work with content management systems like wordpress and blogger, you will have an easier route in blogging.

  • Graphic Design

The advantage of this skill is that you can do it with your phone. You can earn so much money by working as a graphic designer and entering competitions.

Using design apps like Canva and Pixellab, many Nigerians have entered the graphic designing industry. Within three months, you can start creating great designs and earning between NGN2,000 and NGN10,000 per project.

As you advance in your career, you will earn a lot by doing just a few projects. If you have a laptop, Corel Draw and Photoshop are great software applications you can use to learn graphic designing.

YouTube is a great place to get tutorials, but you can register for free and paid classes to build yourself a great foundation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are frequently asked questions and answers about best online businesses in Nigeria:

Here is a list of online businesses that pay daily depending on your efforts:

  • Content Writing
  • Blogging
  • YouTubing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Crytocurrency Trading
  • Foreign Exchange Trading

If you want to make 2k a day in Nigeria without doing physical work, here are some online jobs you can do to earn money:

  • Content Writing
  • Graphic Designing
  • WhatsApp TV (Social Media Marketing)
  • Sell products
  • Affiliate Marketing

If you want to make money daily offline in Nigeria, here are some jobs you may like:

  • Car Wash attendant
  • Barbing
  • Driver
  • Saw Mill worker
  • Viewing center manager/founder
  • Charging center


Nigeria is a country with so much economic loopholes, with so many of the youth unemployed. This has forced people to take humiliating jobs or do incredible things to earn money.

If you are looking for the best online business in Nigeria, this article lists them for you.

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