Top 13 Best Online Sources To Study JavaScript

Top 13 Best Online Sources To Study JavaScript – JavaScript is an essential programming language. It is used for building web applications, game development, web development, and more. Even though not quite easy to learn, Learning JavaScript is pivotal for anyone interested in becoming a web developer or setting up web applications. 

But, where can one learn Javascript? Thankfully, due to technological advancement, you can learn JavaScript completely online and some resources are free. Numerous websites offer JavaScript courses, below we have chosen the top 13 best online sources for anyone who wants to study JavaScript. 

Top 13 Best Online Sources To Study JavaScript

  • The Complete Guide to modern JavaScript 
  • JavaScript Tutorials @ Udemy
  • JavaScript – The Complete Guide 2022.
  • JavaScript: Getting Started (Plural sight)
  • JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts (UDEMY)
  • Javascript30 — Free
  • Learn JavaScript  (Codecademy)
  • Learn JavaScript online — Codementor
  • JavaScript tutorials @ Mozilla Developer Network 
  • Learn-JS
  • JavaScript @
  • Fullstack Academy’s Intro To Coding
  • Programming Foundations With JavaScript, HTML, and CSS on Coursera

1. The Complete Guide to modern JavaScript 

The Complete Guide to modern JavaScript is a comprehensive and interactive course. It is educative, text-based, and covers everything you need to know about JavaScript. 

In this course, you will gain hands-on experience. The course is simplified allowing learners to easily execute Java code from their browser without having to do any setup. This makes it easier for them to learn and become proficient in JavaScript. 

The Complete Guide to modern JavaScript is a well-detailed JavaScript course suitable for both beginners and those who have considerable knowledge of JavaScript. The course is taught by Alberto Montalesi. It covers the fundamentals of Java and all the last features of the language added up in the last five years.

2. JavaScript Tutorials @ Udemy

Udemy is one of the top sources to learn JavaScript. The platform offers a vast number of popular courses, resources, and tutorials in different fields. On Udemy, you can learn different programming languages including Spring, Rest, Java, Data structure and Algorithms, etc. Below are some top-notch JavaScript tutorials and useful resources on Udemy;

  • JavaScript Essentials 
  • The web Developer Bootcamp
  • JavaScript Bootcamp

The platform offers both free and paid JavaScript resources. And the paid resources are quite affordable. 

3. JavaScript – The Complete Guide 2022.

JavaScript – The Complete Guide 2022 is a top JavaScript course available on Udemy. This is one of the most updated JavaScript resources available online. It is also one of the most high-rated courses on Udemy this year. 

The JavaScript – The Complete Guide 2022 was created by a great teacher, Maximilian Schwarzmuller. Maximilian Schwarzmuller is the author of two top-notch web developers books.

4. JavaScript: Getting Started (Plural sight)

if you are a complete beginner and looking for a well-detailed JavaScript course, then you should check out JavaScript: Getting Started (Plural sight). It is an awesome JavaScript course on Pluralsight and the course was compiled by Mark Zamoyta.

The course is simplified and thus makes it easy to learn. After completing the JavaScript: Getting Started (Plural sight) course, you can already begin to execute Java code, set up simple programs, customized web pages, and design web applications. So, below is a summary of what you will learn extensively in this course.

  • Applications that can be set up JavaScript, and the sites they will work on.
  • You will explore different JavaScript examples to have a better understanding of the basics of JavaScript. 
  • Then, you will design a simple, web page to test out your JavaScript knowledge and skills.

5. JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts (UDEMY)

Another excellent JavaScript online learning resource from Udemy is JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts. The course was compiled by Anthony Ali and is designed for people who already have a grasp of what JavaScript entails. The course is aimed at teaching learners the Weird and complex parts of JavaScript. These include prototypes, scope, closures, etc. You will also discover how to set up a personalized framework and learn exactly how JavaScript functions. 

Aside from that, you will learn the basic concepts of how JavaScript works, how to setup good Java code, etc. As stated earlier, you will learn extensively all the advanced concepts of Java such as IIFEs, closures, etc. 

6. Javascript30 — Free

Javascript30 is a free JavaScript learning resource that was designed by Wes Bos. The course is a free, thirty days coding challenge for Vanilla js. In this course, you will how to setup JavaScript-related products/things with the complete 30 tutorial videos. However, you will be given absolutely no prior resources. 

If you prefer learning at your own pace, Javascript 30 might be the ideal course for you. Your learning will be time-based. This course allows you to learn JavaScript in a simplified structure and at your own pace.

7. Learn JavaScript  (Codecademy)

One of the best online sources to learn JavaScript is Codecademy. The website allows you to learn JavaScript for free. You will learn JavaScript by coding directly from a browser following a simple outline in an interactive manner. On Codecademy, you can learn Java, Command line, Git, UNIX, and several others.

The website offers an interactive JavaScript course that allows you to learn at your speed.  The course has successfully trained over 5m+ students, which is quite huge for an online course. So, Codecademy is the best and highly recommended website to learn JavaScript online.

8. Learn JavaScript online — Codementor

Codementor is an excellent website to learn JavaScript. The site offers a comprehensive and interactive four-week course for learning JavaScript. In this course,  You will not only learn about the basics of JavaScript, but also gain access to other top-notch JavaScript libraries and resources like jQuery, Jason, angular js, and much more.

9. JavaScript tutorials on the Mozilla Developer Network 

Mozilla Developer Network is an online learning website for web developers. The website provides users with the information and resources necessary for the easy setup of projects and web apps. This is an excellent platform to learn about JavaScript and get any information about JavaScript. So, if you would love to learn about JavaScript at your pace, you should check out the JavaScript tutorials on the Mozilla Developer Network.

10. Learn-JS

Learn-JS is perfect for beginners and even people with prior knowledge of JavaScript. The website has several tutorials, courses, and resources that cover JavaScript extensively. The JavaScript Course is interactive and allows learners to easily set up a Java code directly from their browser. On Learn-JS, you can learn the fundamentals of JavaScript and advanced JavaScript tutorials. You also share your knowledge of JavaScript with others on the website. 

11. JavaScript @ is among the best websites to learn JavaScript. was established by Quincy Larson. It is an excellent website that has a Facebook group for the sharing of knowledge and asking questions. And, also a Medium publication for the publication of programming-related articles. 

On this site, you can learn coding and how to setup actual projects. The site will also guide you on how to land a job as a developer. has a vast collection of several resources, videos, and exercises to learn different courses. These courses include JavaScript, Frontend development, Data structure, Algorithms, etc. 

You can also visit the YouTube channel for more insights on JavaScript and other relevant topics. You have access to several courses on topics like Git, SQL, Python, Database Scheme design, and much more. These videos are perfect for starting your journey in tech. 

12. Fullstack Academy’s Intro To Coding

This is an excellent website to learn extensively about CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. This is an ideal and beginners-friendly course suitable for anyone looking to get started in web development. The course has well-detailed tutorials and learning resources to make it easier for learners to understand JavaScript. 

13. Programming Foundations With JavaScript, HTML, and CSS on Coursera

Another excellent website with numerous resources for learning JavaScript and other aspects of programming is Coursera. Founded by Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng, Coursera is designed with numerous free and paid courses. If you do not need the certification, you can take several courses on Coursera for free. However, you need to pay to get a certificate of completion. 

You can take several specializations, courses, and even online degrees on Coursera. Some of the online degrees offered on the website are affiliated with top universities in Colorado, Stanford, Imperial College of London, University of Michigan, University of London, and much more.

Coursera offers several comprehensive JavaScript courses. Below are some of the top resources on Coursera to learn JavaScript; 

  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for web Developers
  • Programming Foundations With JavaScript 
  • Interactivity with JavaScript. 

Importance of JavaScript 

Here are the importance of learning JavaScript;

  1. JavaScript is one of the top languages on the web
  2. JavaScript is an important part of a website’s structure 
  3. JavaScript helps in the variation of websites
  4. JavaScript is important for responsive design
  5. In backend and server-side programming, JavaScript is one of the pivotal languages.


Learning JavaScript is important for anyone interested in building web apps, web development, game development, and many more. Above are the top best online sources to study JavaScript and some of them are free!

Frequently Asked Questions 

How many hours a day should I study JavaScript?

You can dedicate 2-5 hours daily to learning JavaScript 

What is the best way to learn JavaScript?

The best way to learn JavaScript is through tutorials and courses. You can find several resources on the internet 

What are the best sites to learn JavaScript?

The best sites for learning JavaScript are;






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