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Best Optometry Schools In Canada – Optometry is a great programme to take in any highly advanced society. There are a lot of visually impaired people on the rise. The number of vision problems has increased. The need for more optometrists is on the rise. Medical students in the field of optometry are considered essential in the field of medicine.

If you are considering taking Optometry in any school in Canada, then you are on the right path. Canada is one of the best countries for education, as its education system is highly recognised worldwide. There are several schools you can study optometry in Canada.

We would look at the ten best optometry schools in Canada. These schools are considered the best and highly equipped to prepare students for a bigger world.


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The state of vision matters a lot as we depend on our sight every day our lives. That is why we need the attention of an optometrist. There are over 200,000 optometrists worldwide. 

Optometry is a specialised area of the medical practice which involves the care of the eyes and examination for eye abnormalities. In other words, optometry is the process of caring for and handling any case of eye issues.

Professionals in this field are called Optometrists or Opticians. This programme in any country takes around four years to become a professional. Usually, students go through intense practice with a lot of practical work.

Optometry In Canada

Canada has one of the best education systems in the world. The country’s education system is similar to other countries. Several Canadian schools have been ranked the top best, both national and global.

As an international student who wishes to study optometry in Canada, you will get the best the country can offer. To be a professional in Optometry would last you for four years. Two significant schools are ranked as the best in Optometry, the University of Waterloo and the University of Montreal.

So, to become a certified optometrist in Canada, you must first have a Bachelor’s degree in any science major. Once you have a Bachelor’s degree, you can apply for optometry study in any of the schools.

Students must take the admission exam for optometry which is called the Optometry Admission Test, administered by the Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry. This test includes quantitative, Physics, Survey of Natural Sciences and Reading Comprehension.

Once the student passes this test and others, your programme begins for around four to five years, depending on the school.

After graduation, the student must also take a test to become a professional. This test is called the NEBO. Students can then take a one-year residency. Once completed, you are now certified to be a professional in Optometry.

Optometry is no easy programme as it can take approximately 8 to 9 years to become a professional in the field. It is worth going through as the return is rewarding. It is one of the most lucrative professions in Canada.

Why Study In Canada

The Canadian Education System is similar to other countries.  Education begins at the age of 4. The kid (s) is enrolled in Kindergarten at 4 or 5 and proceeds to grade 1 at 6. Depending on the province, education lasts till grade 12, while in some provinces, it ends at 11. At this level, education is compulsory and free until high school graduation.

The Structure of education includes Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary and post-secondary. Schools in Canada include private, public, religious, independent schools and others. There are several reasons you would want to study. They include;

It is a great deal to study at a University that is widely known and recognised worldwide. One of the benefits of studying in Canada is that you get to enjoy world-class recognition. Many of the country’s institutes are ranked top 100 globally. Education is equipped to prepare students to be creative individuals.

Students enjoy the advanced technologies, highly digitalised learning environment and well-scheduled learning time. Many internationals have the time to do other things to support themselves.

Another benefit is that students are exposed to opportunities after graduation in Canada and abroad. Students are seen as highly equipped. It is a result of the standard of education in Canada.

Canada is a beautiful country with amazing places to visit, parks, recreation centres, museums and many others. Notre-Dame Basilica, Montreal, Mount Thor, Nunavut, Long Beach, and Vancouver Island are great places you can visit in Canada.

10 Best Optometry Schools In Canada

As an International student considering studying optometry in Canada, here is a list of the ten best optometry schools in Canada.

  • University of Montreal, Montreal
  • University of Waterloo, Waterloo
  • The University of Regina, Saskatchewan
  • The University of Alberta, Edmonton
  • Stenberg College, Surrey
  • Red Deer College, Red Deer
  • Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia
  • Douglas College, New Westminster
  • Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops
  • The University of Winnipeg, Winnipeg

These schools are considered the best in Canada that offers Optometry. 

  • University Of Montreal 

The University of Montreal is a public research institution located in  Montreal, Quebec. It is a french institute founded in 1878. The University of Montreal is one of the best optometry schools in Canada and admits over 67,632 students.

University of Montreal is affiliated with several academic and no academic bodies like The International Forum of public universities, International Association of Universities, Association of Commonwealth Universities and many others.

Based on QS national ranking, the school is ranked  6th best and 116 globally. The School runs around 650 undergraduate programmes and 71 Doctorate programmes. Optometry is one of its undergraduate and doctorate programmes that offer courses like Vision Sciences, Visual Impairment and re-adaptation and Visual Impairment and Intervention.

The School is one of the best in the country with intensive research work.

  • University of Waterloo

University of Waterloo is one of the best and oldest schools in Canada. Its school of optometry and vision sciences are highly recognised in Canada. The school provides students of optometry highly advanced optometry programmes.

The school provides undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in optometry. The courses covered include Pharmacology, General Medicine, Optics, Ocular Disease, Visual Perception, Practice management and many others.

University of Waterloo, established in 1959, has been providing credible programmes. The school has several programmes with 13 schools. University of Waterloo is ranked 7th best at the national level and 154 at the global level.

  • University Of Alberta

University of Alberta run several programmes for Undergraduate and Graduate levels. There are over 388 Undergraduate and 500 graduate programmes. University of Alberta is a school with 18 faculties. 

University of Alberta was founded in 1908. It currently has around 40,000 undergraduate and Graduate students. The School is also one of the best and oldest schools in Canada that is highly recognised. Among its numerous programmes, Optometry is also on the list.

The School offers courses in Optometry, which include Opthalmology and Visual Sciences. Though not overall, the school still provides some good optometry programmes.

  • University of Winnipeg

Established in 1871 in Manitoba, the institute remains one of the oldest. It offers programmes in Art, Sciences, Commerce, and others. The public research institute was known as Manitoba College before the name was changed to University of Winnipeg in 1967.

The University is a member of several bodies, which include the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada, the Association of Commonwealth Universities, U Sports and many others. There are three colleges and seven faculties in the school.

University of Winnipeg offers preparatory programmes in Optometry that last for three years. After graduation, students can proceed to either of the two most recognised schools for optometry studies. This School can serve as a foundation for Students.

  • University Of Regina

Here is another great school for optometry studies. The School provides students with three years of foundation studies in optometry. After this, the student can proceed for a doctorate in Optometry at the University of Waterloo for four years to become a professional.

University of Regina was 1911 as a private school which was later changed to a public school. The school is one of the recognised schools in Canada. It admits over 18,000 undergraduate and graduate students every year.

 The public research school is recognised internationally and nationally, in a recent ranking by Times Higher World Education University ranking. It was placed among the first hundred universities worldwide and the first twenty nationally.

University of Reginal is a school with ten faculties and one school that offers varieties of programs and certified courses. The institution is one of the best optometry schools in Canada.

These five universities are considered the best optometry schools in Canada you can pick before you go to others. There assure you of greater learning in the field.


Education n Canada is at the centre of the Canadian government as it symbolises the growth of the nation. The country invests so much in education. Education from Kindergarten to High School is free and compulsory while optional at a Higher level. Optometry in Canada is desirable among students.

Optometry’s reward is cumbersome. It is a profession that specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of vision. If you are considering a career path in this field, we have put together the ten best optometry schools in Canada that will help you actualise your dream. Some of the best are University of Waterloo, University of Montreal, University of Alberta and many others.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are two major optometry schools in Canada, University of Waterloo and University of Montreal. However, there are other schools you can take foundation studies in optometry, they include, University of Regina, Stenberg College, Dalhousie University and others.

To study Optometry in Canada, you must have completed a bachelor’s degree while you continue for another four years in an Optometry School. Becoming a professional would take you approximately 8 years.

Optometry is a rewarding career. The demand for optometrists has increased, as in the US there were over 41,400 optometry jobs available in 2021. Also, the salary rate is very attractive.


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