Top 10 Best Optometry Schools In The USA

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10 Best Optometry Schools In The USA – One of the best disciplines in universities is Medicine. It attracts a lot of attention from people all over the world. The United States records over 52,777 applicants between the year 2018 to 2019, with an acceptance rate of 21,622.


If you are looking at studying in the United States of America as a Medical student, several schools offer medicine. Harvard Medical School, University of California, Yale University, Stanford University School of Medicine and many others are the best.

 In this article, we will discuss the ten best optometry schools in the USA. Many of these schools are affordable and are rated the best worldwide.

Why School In The United States Of America

Among the world’s best places to study, the United States of America is one of the finest destinations in the world. This is because the United State of America’s education system can be compared to any world’s best education system.


The United state of America is considered the seat of academic excellence. Many of the country’s universities are ranked the best in the world. In a recent ranking by Webometric, 50 United States Universities are listed among the first 100 universities. These schools are highly standardised and can be compared anywhere in the world.

When considering education abroad, we look at the environment and facilities provided. Schools in the United States are fully equipped with advanced technology to prepare students. Libraries, Labs, Lecture Rooms, Practice Halls, Sports Centres and many more. They are equipped with modern facilities.

Another interesting fact is that the United States of America is an accommodating ground for many with different diversity. It is an opportunity to meet people from different cultures. There you get to learn from people with different idealogy and others.


The United States of America is a great place to study. It has almost any programme you can think of, whether you want to major in ocean study, cryptozoology, Lady and the sociology of fame. Don’t be too surprised to find the weirdest of programmes. It is the beauty of advanced America.

And lastly, this is the one I love most. Where ever you present yourself in the world, as long as you are a graduate of any university in the United States, you become competitive. This gives you an edge over other candidates. The funny thing is that employers see you as a gem. Opportunities are endless.

Best Optometry Schools In The USA

Vision issues are a global phenomenon. The world needs an optometrist who can fix vision problems. There is an urgent need for more opticians. In the United States of America, it is recorded that around 12 million people of age 40 and above are vision impaired.

The reason more opticians are needed, attending to this number with fewer hands might be very tasking. There are a lot of schools in the United that are accredited to teach optometry. As an international student considering taking an optometry programme in the United States, here is a list of the ten best optometry Schools in the USA.

  • University of Houston, Texas.
  • University of Alabama, Birmingham.
  • Ferris State University, Michigan.
  • University of California, Berkeley.
  • Indiana University, Bloomington.
  • Pacific University, Forest Grove.
  • Western University of Health Sciences, Pomona.
  • Ohio State University, Columbus.
  • Nova Southeastern University, College of Optometry, Davie.
  • SUNY College of Optometry, New York.

The above are the best optometry schools in the United States. Some of them are colleges of optometry, while some are universities that provide good optometry training foundations.

  • University Of California

The University of California, Berkeley, is one of the best Universities in the world and the United States. The institution was founded in 1868 in Oakland before moving to Berkeley. The institution is one of the best schools with high research work. It has around five medical labs and others.

The University of California is a public school ranked top in the United States and the world. Based on a recent record by Webometric ranking, the University of California has been ranked 5th best university in the world and 27th in excellence.

The school has several programmes such as Aerospace studies, Anthropology, Optometry, International and Information Studies, Ocean Engineering, Range management and many others. The School also has great learning facilities, advanced libraries, lecture rooms and many others. The School costs around $9,594 for Undergraduate resident students and $25,107 for non-residents. 


The University of California is one of the best schools in the United States of America and is a competitive university.

  • University Of Houston

Here is another intense research institute located in the beautiful state of Texas. The Institute is the third largest public research institute in Texas. It is ranked 180 in the world. 105th for its impact worldwide. The University of Houston was founded in 1927.

The school accepts over 47,000 students in 2021. It is affiliated with the Universities Research Association, Oak Ridge Associated Universities, and The Great Cities Universities. The School also enjoys a lot of sporting activities. Students with sports interests can also grow with the school programmes. It is affiliated with the NCAA and The American Athletic Conference.

The school offers over 276 academic programmes with 16 colleges and schools. It is known for its architecture, law, optometry, medicine and pharmacy programs. Facilities in the school include Energy Research Park, Music libraries, Architecture, Design and Art Library and others.

The School is a safe and conducive learning environment.

  • University Of Alabama, Birmingham

The University of Alabama, Birmingham, is the oldest university in Alabama. It is one of the most prestigious medical universities in the United States. The School, formerly known as the College of Medicine, Alabama, was created in 1859. Later, it was changed to the University of Alabama, Birmingham in 1969.

The University has one of the largest health systems in the United States of America. The University of Alabama has around 140 programs. Every year the school enrols approximately 22,000 students, both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The Institute is located in an eye-catching location, coupled with its beautiful environment. The school is a highly intensive research institute sponsoring several research works. The School has one college, nine schools and a graduate school.

In a recent release by US News and World Report, the school was ranked 148 in national and 67 best public schools. The School is ranked number one in Health Care Management in the United States of America.

Students enjoy the campus lifestyle and extra curriculum activities as well. The University of Alabama, Birmingham, is one of the best places to study optometry.

  • Nova Southeastern University, College of Optometry

Nova Southeastern University, College of Optometry is one of the specialised schools in the United States that prepares students to become a professional in the field of Optometry. The four-year health program is a division of Nova Southeastern University. 

The school awards a Doctor of Optometry in Optometry and MS in Clinical Vision. Nova Southeastern University is located in Davie, Florida and was originally established in 1964 as Nova University of Advanced Technology. Later it changed its name. The school is a private research institute.

It has around 150 programs, 18 colleges, and centres. At Nova institute, students can take courses like Nursing, Physical Therapy, Education, Pharmacy, Dentistry and many others. Nova Southeastern University College of Optometry is a good choice for Optometry study.

  • Ohio State University

If you are looking for a school that is highly recognised, then you should put in for Ohio State University, Columbus. The Institute was established in 1872 in Ohio. The School is one of the best institutes in the United States with a wide range of research works. Ohio State University was formerly known as the Ohio Agricultural and Mechanical College.

Ohio State University is ranked the 34th best university in the World and 46th with its excellence worldwide. In a recent release by US News and World Report, The institute was ranked 17th at the national level. Ohio State University is classified as one of the highest research institutes.

Although the public school is one of the best in the United States of America, the tuition is slightly high. Undergraduate programmes could cost around $10,000 to $15,000 for an academic year. Ohio State University is a great and safe place for learning and one of the best optometry schools in the USA.

Admission Requirements For Undergraduate Programme For International Students

Admission requirements for an undergraduate programme may vary for universities. You must visit the school portal for the admission process and requirements as an international student. However, there are some general requirements for undergraduate studies in any university.

Here are some necessary documents to be made available;

  • Education Credentials: High School Diploma or Transcripts.
  • Standard Test Score: This may include your test in English.
  • Recommender Letter: From your high school, this could be from the principal, teacher or counsellor.
  • Essay/Personal Statement. 

Once you have these documents and others requested from the school, you can proceed with the application.


Education in the United States is one of the best, as it has many schools that are ranked top worldwide. The United States of America provides standard universities and programmes. Optometry is one programme that is in demand in the field of medicine. 


If you are considering studying optometry in the United States of America as an international student, we have made a list of great schools you can put in to get the best. Schools like Ohio State University Columbus, University of Alabama, Birmingham, Nova Southeastern University, College of Optometry and others are considered the best for optometry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Being and Optometrist is very reward. There are many fields one can specialize on. The salary of an optometrist in the USA is around $118,050 to $145,720 per annum.

Both are tasking and well respected in the field of medicine. However, many would rather go for optometry because it is much better.


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