40 Part Time Hotel Management Courses In Dubai

best part time hotel management courses in Dubai

Part Time Hotel Management Courses In Dubai- Dubai is one of the world’s leaders in terms of tourism. In fact, the major source of revenue in Dubai is tourism. So if you have intention of taking part time hotel management courses in Dubai, you are very accurate and on point!

In this article, we have put together 36 Part time hotel management courses in Dubai.

Read on to discover those courses and also the institutes that you can get to study those courses.

What Is Hotel Management?

The hospitality industry is great for individuals who love interacting with people and supporting them in every possible way. Hotel management is one of the many career paths in the hospitality industry you can pursue.  

Hotel management is an aspect of the hospitality industry that involves handling the affairs of a hotel. As a hotel manager, you will oversee all the operations of the hotel. There are so many departments in a hotel, some of which include; housekeeping, front desk, sales and marketing, finance, food and beverage, account, security, engineering, human resources and accounts.

Part Time Hotel Management Courses in Dubai

  1. Hotel Management-Maximize and Analyze Profits
  2. Hotel Management Course
  3. Level 2 Certificate in Hospitality Management
  4. Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management
  5. Hotel Receptionist
  6. Hotel Reception and Reservation Diploma
  7. Housekeeping in Hotel Management
  8. Hotel and Restaurant Management.
  9.  Hotel and Hospitality Management   
  10. Food Safety Management –Level 3
  11. Tourism Management
  12. Hotel Management: Budgeting and Forecasting
  1. Hotel Revenue Management for Beginners
  2. Hospitality Management
  3. Hotel and Catering Management CPD Certified
  4. Professional Event Management Skills Diploma
  5. Hospitality Management Diploma
  6. Diploma in Travel and Tourism
  7. Manual Handling and Emergency First Aid
  8. Hotel Management in Labor Cost Management
  9. Hotel Management Revenue and Income-Audit Process
  10. House Keeping
  11. Food Safety Management-Level
  12. Hotel Management: Fundamentals of Revenue Management
  13. Hotel Management Diploma
  14. Hotel Receptionist Diploma
  15. Event Planner
  16. Certified Hotel Reservation Assistant
  17. Manual Handling and Emergency First Aid
  18. Event Management
  19. Certificate in Hotel and Hospitality Management
  20. Hotel Management-Fundamentals of Revenue Management
  21. Catering Manager
  22. Event Hospitality Management
  23. Hotel and Hospitality Management Diploma
  24. Hospitality and Accommodation Management

In the next paragraphs, I will be discussing 13 of these part time hotel management courses.

#1   Hotel Management- Maximize and Analyze Profits

This course is for hotel manager, housekeeping manager, hotel operation manager, finance manager.

Some of the things you will learn on this course:

  • How to analyze restaurant revenue
  • Understanding of key matrices for revenue management
  • Menu engineering report
  • How to analyze restaurant revenue
  • Understanding of cost structure in order to have maximum profits

#2   Hotel Management Course

In this course, you will be acquiring skills and knowledge needed to stand in leadership position in the hospitality industry. Below are some of the knowledge you will be acquiring:

  • How to build and manage an efficient workforce
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the basic and vital operations of a hotel
  • How excellent customer service can contribute to overall success in business
  • Basic marketing and advertising skill
  • Deep understanding of how each department in an hotel works
  • Skillful handling of hotel finances and budget

#3   Level 2 Certificate in Hospitality Management

Some of the things you will be learning on this course include:

  • Meaning of hospitality management
  • Procedures of hospitality management
  • Scopes of hospitality
  • Classification of hospitality organizations
  • Factors influencing the hospitality industry

#4   Diploma In Hospitality And Tourism Management

This course will develop your leadership capacity in the field of hospitality management and also boost your curriculum vitae.

You will learn the efficient and innovative processes of hospitality, front office and back desk operations, quality management, marketing and advertising and other departments in the an hospitality outfit.

#5   Hotel Receptionist

This course will give you a perfect kick-start in the field of hotel reception. It will give you a competitive edge in your career and cause to stand out among your colleagues. Below are some of the benefits of the course:

  • You will become a confident receptionist
  • You will have better and advanced skills to be an effective receptionist
  • You have a competitive advantage over others

#6   Hotel Reception and Reservation Diploma

This course is great for individuals who want to improve their qualifications and step onto higher and more challenging roles in the hospitality industry. In this course, you will:

  • Be equipped with needed skills and knowledge to become a professional hotel receptionist
  • Get other essential skills that will prepare you for senior roles in the hospitality industry

#7   Housekeeping in Hotel Management

This course will equip you with necessary skills that will make you competitive in the hospitality industry. You will learn new and on-demand skills that will increase your performance in your job role.

#8   Hotel and Restaurant Management.

This course entails the necessary knowledge and skills that will help you manage a hotel effectively. Some of the skills you will be learning include quality management, communication skill, marketing, hospital management. The course also covers restaurant management.

At the end of this course, you would have learnt how to effectively manage a restaurant or a hotel.

#9   Hotel and Hospitality Management

There is continuous demand for effective, competitive and responsible professionals in the hospitality industry globally. The hospitality industry is a very progressive industry with increasing and varying job opportunities.

In this course, students are being prepared for employment in management and supervisory roles in the hospitality industry. On completion of this course, you can take up jobs in lodging accommodations, food and beverage services, etc.

#10   Food Safety Management –Level 3

It is an advanced training course for supervisors and managers in food, catering and hospitality industry. This course is for chief chefs, supervisory food handlers, restaurant managers, food safety officers, managers at fast-food outlets, hygiene supervisors, etc.

As a manager or supervisor, you will be provided with all the guidelines and information that they would need to train your staffs on food safety and hygiene fundamentals. Some of the topics covered in this course include:

  • HACCP Management systems
  • Contamination prevention and control
  • Microbiology of food
  • Personal hygiene
  • Keeping the workspace clean

#11   Tourism Management

The rise in tourism and travel rates across some major places in the world like Dubai has led to increase in the higher demand for professionals in the tourism industry. So you can never be wrong taking up a course in tourism management. Some of the knowledge you will acquire on this course include:

  • Recognition of the products and services available in the tourism sector.
  • Exploring different effective techniques used in the management of crisis.
  • Development and management of important relationship with major suppliers.
  • Understanding the duties of a tour operator.

#12   Hotel Management: Budgeting and Forecasting

In this course, you will be learning the concepts of Hotel Management: Budgeting and Forecasting. Entrepreneurs, Non-finance managers, Finance managers and Startups really need this course.

This is what you will be learning on this course:

  • Basics of Budgeting
  • Forecasting of Expenses
  • Principle of Capital Budgeting
  • The Concept of Labor Cost Budget
  • Forecasting of Revenue

#13   Hotel Revenue Management for Beginners

This course is great both for beginners and also professionals in the field. The critical knowledge and skills you will be acquiring on this course would be a good boost to your CV.

Schools Offering Part Time Hotel Management Courses In Dubai

  • The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management
  • COTHM Technical Skills Training
  • Zabeel Institute
  • Brentwood open learning college
  • John Academy
  • Lead Academy
  • Training Express45
  • New Skills Academy
  • Alpha Academy
  • Course central
  • Apex learning
  • Inspire London college
  • Institutum grammatical
  • Queen mary Academy
  • Vskills
  • Institute of Beauty and makeup
  • Course gate
  • Academy for health and fitness
  • Skill U

Where Can I Work After A Part Time Hotel Management Course?

These are some of the places that you can get to work after completing a part time hotel management course in Dubai:

  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Hospital Administration and Catering
  • Club Management
  • Hotel and Catering Institutes
  • Hotel and Tourism Association
  • Airline Catering and Cabin Services


Tourism and travels industry is one of the few industries that will not stop thriving even in the nearest future.  So it is wise to get some certification in that area, as you will never run out of job if you do. The beauty of this part-time hotel management courses in Dubai is that you can take them online. You don’t have to quit your job or take leave to get those certifications.

So start out your career today in the hospitality industry by taking some of the courses listed in this article. I wish you all the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main aim of Hotel Management?

The whole essence of hotel management is to ensure that your hotel facility has continual patronage all through the year.

What skills do you need to manage an hotel?

Excellent communication skills
Ability to delegate
Leadership skills
Organization skills
Interpersonal skills

What jobs can I take up after studying a hotel management course

These are some of the career opportunities in Hotel Management:
Hotel Manager
Front Desk Officer
Maintenance Technician
Cleaning Manager
Spa Manager
Parking Attendant
Room Attendant


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