Top 20 Best Partition Software

Top 20 Best Partition Software — Partition Software enables you to perform basic operations such as the creation and merging of partitions on hard drives or any other storage device. This software allows the expansion, shrinking, and splitting of partitions on different storage devices.

Meanwhile, not until recently, partition software was not readily available. Today, there are several partition software, thus making it tough for people to select the one best suited for their projects. In this article, we have carefully picked the top 20 Best Partition Software from the numerous partition software available.

What Is Partition Software?

Before we proceed to our list of the top 20 best Partition software, let’s quickly look at what partition software is.

 Partition software are tools that help you perform operations such as creating, deleting, and merging partition of HDD or SDD on your PC. They come in handy and are used to swiftly perform several tasks. Moreover, they are used for the optimization of disk space in a computer. Without further ado, let’s proceed to the top 20 best Partition software.

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Top 20 Best Partition Software

Following are the top 20 best Partition software;

  • NIUBI Partition editor
  • AOMEI Partition Assistant SE
  • Free Partition Manager 
  • DiskGenius
  • Active@ Partition Manager
  • Paragon Partition Manager
  • EaseUS Partition Master
  • Acronis Disk Director 
  • Tenorshare Partition Manager
  • Microsoft Disk Management 
  • MiniTool Partition Wizard
  • Resize-C. com
  • GNOME Partition Manager
  • Disk Drill
  • Hetman Partition Recovery
  • Stellar Phoenix Partition Recovery
  • KDE Partition Manager
  • R-Drive Image
  • Macrorit
  • IM-Magic Partition Resizer

1. NIUBI Partition editor

Top 20 BEST Partition software
NIUBI Partition editor

NIUBI Partition editor is an excellent software that is used for hard disk separation into several parts. With the NIUBI Partition editor, users can easily enhance their disk space. The software also supports operating system migration. 

Features Of NIUBI Partition editor

  • Users can change partition labels using this tool
  • Shrinking and merging disk.
  • Disk extension 
  • Includes data security features. 

2. AOMEI Partition Assistant SE

Top 20 BEST Partition software

AOMEI Partition Assistant SE is a free partition software.  This partition tool allows users to transfer their operating system to a different drive without risks of data loss. The software helps you to easily upgrade from an old disk to a new one.


The software offers several features, here are some of them;

  • Partition resizing
  • Allows disk cloning 
  • Split or merge partitions.
  • Creating, managing, and deleting partitions.

3. Free Partition Manager 

Free Partition Manager is one of the most powerful free partition tool. The software allows you to control the hard disk partitions on your laptop or workstation. With the Free Partition Manager, users can easily merge and remove several partitions without any risk of data loss or breach. 

Features Of Free Partition Manager

  • Supports flash drives, hard disks, memory cards, and others.
  • Loss or missing partition recovery 
  • Supports upgrading of hard disk
  • Creation and Deletion of partition.

4. DiskGenius

Top 20 BEST Partition software

DiskGenius is a data recovery software. The software helps to control disk partitions and recover lost files. It also helps users back up and restores their data. DiskGenius enable users to optimize SSD space by allowing them to create, split, format, erase and copy partition. DiskGenius is a comprehensive software and is popular among several users.

Features Of DiskGenius

  • Division of partitions
  • Users can generate a Wi-Fi Bootable disk. 
  • Disk Resizing
  • Splitting and merging of partitions without any data loss.

5. Active@ Partition Manager

Active@ Partition Manager is a cost-free tool that allows you to control storage devices, partitions, and logical drives. The tool enables you to effect changes on the partition without rebooting your computer.

Features Of Active@ Partition Manager

  • Image verification and compression
  • Allows the deletion of partition 
  • Data recovery 
  • Control storage 

6. Paragon Partition Manager

Top 20 BEST Partition software
Paragon Partition

Paragon Partition Manager is an exceptional partition software. The software is popular for enabling users to manage disks effectively. Users can easily optimize their disk space using the software. The software allows you to merge, create, and format partitions. It has a recovery feature for retrieving lost and deleted partitions. 


Paragon Partition Manager offers several features, here are some;

  • Creation and deletion of partitions.
  • Convert partitions
  • Resizing partition 
  • Partitions expansion 
  • Checks errors in partitions. 

7. EaseUS Partition Master

Top 20 BEST Partition software

EaseUS Partition Master is a free partition tool that enables users to optimize performance by allowing them to clone HDD to SSD. The software allows users to perform tasks like merge, create, delete, and resize merge. Also, EaseUS Partition Master can be used to duplicate the contents of a smaller hard disk drive to a larger one. 


Some features of EaseUS Partition Master. 

  • Partition expansion 
  • Create, manage, or delete partition 
  • Allows migration from HDD to SDD
  • Allows partition conversion without any risk of data loss

8. Acronis Disk Director 

Top 20 BEST Partition software
Acronis Disk

Next up on our list of the best partition software is the Acronis Disk Director. This software has an array of powerful tools that can efficiently manage your hard drive. It allows you to protect, manage, and optimize your data. Acronis Disk Director helps you to create and manage disk partitions without any data breach or losing data.

Features Of Acronis Disk Director 

Here are some of the features offered by Acronis Disk Director;

  • Disk duplicating 
  • Modify partitions 
  • Retrieve deleted or lost partitions 
  • Split and merge partitions

9. Tenorshare Partition Manager

Tenorshare is another partition software on our list of best partition software. The software allows you to perform operations like create, split,  resize, merge, and delete partitions. The software enables you to improve the performance of your hard disk. 


  •  Allows the modification of partition properties
  • Conversion of partitions 
  • Create, format, and merge partition 
  • Disk duplicating. 

10. Microsoft Disk Management 

Microsoft Disk Management is a partition software that allows users to perform several operations, most of which are storage related. The software enables you to create and merge partitions. It also allows you to recover lost or missing data. 


  • New drive setting up
  • Optimize hard disk space
  • Shrink or merge partitions
  • Assign a different drive.

11. MiniTool Partition Wizard


MiniTool Partition Wizard is a full-featured partition software that helps improve the performance of hard drives in different storage devices. The software allows you to organize and manage partitions. With MiniTool Partition Wizard, users can perform several operations like create, merge, delete, and resize partitions.


 MiniTool Partition Wizard features include:

  • Disk benchmarking 
  • Enables the conversion of Partitions
  • Allows the merging and splitting of partitions
  • Users can Create, manage, and format partitions.
  • Optimization of disk space.

12. Resize-C. com

Resize-C. com is an excellent partition software that also supports disk space re-distribution. The software also allows you to merge, create, expand, and shrink partitions without any risk of data loss. Resize-C. com is one of the best partition software available. 


Some features of Resize-C. com:

  • Create and merge partitions
  • Protects you from any risk of data loss. 
  • Supports exFAT and NTFS file system 
  • Expand or shrink the partition. 

13. GNOME Partition Manager

GNOME Partition Manager

GNOME Partition Manager is another popular partition software.  It is used for managing, creating, and merging disk partitions. Users can also optimize their drive performance by expanding or shrinking their drive using the GNOME Partition Manager. Moreover, the software helps you check the partitions for errors.


Some features of GNOME Partition Manager; 

  • Data and content loss recovery
  • Expansion or shrinking of partition
  • Error check in the partitions 
  • Create and delete partitions. 

14. Disk Drill

Disk Drill is a partition software that instantly retrieves deleted partitions. The software is efficient and can be used for recovering deleted or missing content, data, or partitions. Disk Drill is an efficient partition data recovery software; however, the software isn’t suitable for partition management. 


Here is Disk Drill features:

  • Enables data backup
  • Can be installed on Mac and Windows devices 
  • Easily recover partitions
  • Supports several file formats.

15. Hetman Partition Recovery

Similar to Disk Drill, Hetman Partition Recovery is an excellent tool that serves as a data recovery tool. The software has a user-friendly interface and is easy to use. Hetman Partition Recovery helps users recover deleted, damaged, or missing data from different storage devices such as SSD, HDD, etc. 


Some of the features offered by Hetman Partition Recovery include;

  • The software supports all major storage devices
  • Lost partition data are also recovered
  • The software has a high recovery success history.

16. Stellar Phoenix Partition Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Partition Recovery is an efficient tool that enables users to retrieve lost, inaccessible, and hidden partition data. With Stellar Phoenix Partition Recovery, you can recover the contents of formatted, corrupt, or even missing partitions. 


Here are some of the features offered by Stellar Phoenix Partition Recovery; 

  • Enables the recovery of lost data that was formatted in FAT26, FAT32, NTFS, and exFAT. 
  • Files can be recovered in all the main formats
  • Data lost in any Windows-based storage device can be recovered. 
  • Inaccessible data can also be discovered.

17. KDE Partition Manager

KDE Partition Manager

KDE Partition Manager is an excellent that enables users to create and manage disk partitions. The software is one of the best partition software that supports the conversion of files without any data breach. Users can also merge and split partitions with KDE Partition Manager. 

Features Of KDE Partition Manager 

  • Supports a wide range of file systems 
  • Allows the moving, copying, and deleting of partitions
  • Allows backup of data
  • Users can easily recover or retrieve lost data.

18. R-Drive Image

 R-Drive Image is a tool that supports the creation of disk image files for the backup process and cloning. The software is among the best partition software. The software is efficient for backups of disks and other individual files.

Features Of R-Drive Image 

  • Image restoration 
  • Supports GPT and MBR.
  • Changes made on the partition are implemented without any need for restarting your PC
  • Image files can be saved in removable media.

19. Macrorit


Macrorit is a free tool that allows users to perform operations like creating and formatting partitions. Users can also resize and manage partitions with Macrorit. Macrorit is easy-to-use and has powerful tools to help users perform tons of operations. 

Features Of Macrorit

  • Files formation 
  • Supports large disks
  • Creation and deletion of partitions 
  • Partition conversion.

20. IM-Magic Partition Resizer

Top 20 BEST Partition software
IM – Magic Partition

IM-Magic Partition Resizer is an efficient software designed to manage disk partitions using trusted technology. With this tool, users can perform operations like the conversion of partitions. It also supports the creation, merging, and resizing of partitions. IM-Magic Partition Resizer is among the partition software that allows users to extend different disk partitions.


  • Allows the creation and merging of partitions 
  • Supports the swift management of hard disk
  • Allow the shrinking or extension of data
  • Can be used on the Windows operating system.

Best Partition Software For Windows 10

This software performs a significant role in your computer. They are aimed at helping you create, expand, merge, and even delete partitions in storage devices. Looking for the partition software for Windows 10? In This section, we bring you a list of the best partition software for Windows 10. Read on. 

  • GParted.
  • Mini Tool Partition Wizard 
  • Cute Partition Manager
  • EaseUS Partition Manager 
  • Paragon Partition Manager 
  • Macrorit Partition Manager 
  • Active@ Partition Manager 
  • Tenorshare partition software 
  • IM Magic Partition Resizer 


Figuring out the best Partition software for your system can seem like a hard task. Thankfully, above are the top 20 best Partition software that can help you merge, create, delete, and shrink partitions on a hard disk or any other storage device. While some of the partition software are free, others have paid versions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is partition software free?

Yes, most partition software is free. But there are paid versions to unlock other exclusive features.

Is Aomei partition free?

Yes, Aomei partition Assistant SE is a free partition software that has excellent features.

How to delete a partition in Windows?

  • Find the partition you want to delete.
  • Right-click the partition 
  • Select the “delete volume option” displayed on the menu.



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