Top 20 Best Photo-Editing Software

Top 20 Best Photo-Editing Software – We all want a photo with great quality. When these photos come out, we want to fluent them around. However, there are some little things we can do to have that great photo we desire. Photo keeps those memories, as they represent something close to our hearts.

If you are looking to have a great photo and preserve that photo then you have nothing to worry about. We would be making a list of the best photo software you can have on your computer. These photo-editing software also comes with great features to give you the best photo.

20 Best Photo-Editing Software

Software is a technological program that is designed to carry out some tasks through pre-designed data. With software, some tasks can be made easy, like editing, designing, filtering and others. 

Photos are either in hard or soft copy. They are copies of an image taken. We take them for various reasons. They may include art, memories preservation, communication and others. They also represent our legacy. It is essential we take the best of the best photos.

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Gone are the days when photos look so poor that we barely can identify ourselves in them. However, with the high resolution and other photo-editing software, we come to get the best quality.

There are several photo software out there that can be used to enhance the quality and beautiful our photos. We will make a list of the best photo software with great features to get you the best results. These software may be compatible with your computer, mobile device and others.

Here is a list of the top photo software; 

  • Snapseed.
  • Adobe Photo Lightroom.
  • Photopea.
  • Luminar.
  • Pixlr.
  • Picsart.
  • Fotor.
  • Apple Photos.
  • Portrait Professional.
  • Paintshop Pro.
  • Affinity Photo.
  • Capture 1.
  • Photoscape.
  • PicMonkey.
  • Darktable.
  • Inkscape.
  • Raw Therapee.
  • Aurora HDR.
  • Snappa.
  • GIMP.

  • Snapseed

Photo software is available over the internet for free and paid versions. Snapseed comes with loads of features and is available for iOS and Android. It was created by NIK Software in 2011. However, the product is owned by Google now.

Snapseed is a photo editing software with several enhancement filters. Users can adjust the appearance of the picture based on colour, brightness, and other interesting filters. Snapseed is an easy-to-use and free software.

  • Adobe Photo Lightroom

If you are looking for a good free photo tool then Adobe Photo Lightroom is the right choice. Compared to other photo tools, Adobe Lightroom provides users with loads of interesting features like collaboration tools, mobile access, image labels, intelligent image search, import/export, focus shifting, custom categorization and others.

Best Photo-editing Software. Snapseed. LR

Adobe Photo Lightroom come in various version that is suitable for your device. The Cloud-based photo tool has a free version for android and iOS. However, you can upgrade to the premium plan for $9.99 per month to enjoy more features. Adobe Photo Lightroom is a great tool for professional photographers.

  • Photopea

Photopea is fast becoming a well-known photo tool among users. The web-based photo and graphic editor tool provide users with various photo features. It was initially released in 2013. Over the years it has grown to gain ground among users. 

The photo tool comprises some great features like a clone stamp healing brush, patch tool and spot healing. It has gained reception from users due to its similarity with Adobe Photoshop. It supports some software features like layer masks, channels, selections, paths, text layers and others.

Photopea is compatible with any web browser, Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Opera and others. The software is completely free for users. 

  • Luminar

Do you want to make your photo looks good? then go for Luminar. Luminar is a photo tool developed by Skylum. It is available for Windows and macOS users. This Photo tool is a professional photo tool that gives users 7-day free trial. However, if users would like to enjoy other features, they would have to subscribe.

Luminar was launched in 2016 and has received a great reception from users. The photo tool has a plugin for Adobe and Apple products for excellent results.

 The photo tool has features like Luminar Looks, Before and After split view, AI Augmented Sky and AI Sky Replacement Tool, More Creative AI Tools, Handy Edit Masks, Professional and Advanced Tools and Adjustment Layers.

Luminar is another perfect photo tool for professionals.

  • Pixlr

Pixlr is one of the best and most easy-to-use software. It is a photo editing tool that gives users the best result. Pixlr is an online flash-based photo tool. It is free for all users and comes with great and simple features to give users the best outcome.

Pixrl can be used on any device like Android, iOS, Web Based, and Desktop. It is a great software for Large and Small Businesses and also private users. Pixlr features include; Layers, Colour Replace, Brushes, Adjustments, Image Retouching, Text and Fonts, Photo College, Filters, Effects, Digital Inking, Magic Wand and others.

Pixlr is more of a simple and easy-to-use software.

  • Picsart

Picsart has gotten great features. The software is a widely recognised photo tool with over 30 languages. The software is free and also on a subscription base. Picsart is one of the easy-to-use and effective apps. It is also available on Android, iOS and Windows devices.

The photo software features include photo collages, filters, adjustment and other interesting features. The software gives users several options when it comes to designing and editing. This software can be used by professionals and for regular usage.

  • Fotor

Fotor is another wonderful photo editing tool that provides users with loads of interesting features. The Software is available on window devices. It has several features, such as photo editing, portrait retouching, photo collage, design, how to and tools.

The Fotor photo tool has a free trial, after which you would need to subscribe to enjoy the software. The subscription plan is around 8.99 dollars per month and 39.9 dollars per annum. Fotor certainly gives users the best service.

  • Apple Photos

Though this software is only available for Apple users, it is still an honourable mention. The photo software provides users with professional features and quality outcomes. It is a digital asset management and photo-editing tool created by Steve Jobs (Apple).

The Software has a couple of interesting features such as memories, iCloud sync, and Video editing. Apple Photos is totally free for users. However, if users need additional space on iCloud, users would need to pay the sum of 0.99 dollars per month for 50GB.

Apple Photo is an excellent photo tool.

  • Portrait Professional.

There are several professional photo tools used by individuals or photographers. Portrait Professional is one of the most used photo tools. The Photo software was introduced in 2006 by Anthropics Technology. The software is available on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. 

The software is an excellent editing tool. Portrait professional is a free-to-use software. However, users are meant to pay a one-time payment of $49.95. Portrait Professional has great features like real-time editing, content import/export and content editing. 

Portrait Professional can also be used as a Professional tool for photo editing.

The above-mentioned photosoftware are tools that are well received by users and have proven to be the best. These tools are equipped with wonderful features to give users the best, whether you are using them on a PC or mobile device.


Thanks to technology, we can now have high-definition and perfect photos. Back in the day, photographs were majorly in a form; black and white. However, with the introduction of advanced technologies and software, photos now appear in various colours or the original picture.

Technology has made it possible to even do it ourselves. Editing pictures we take all by ourselves and immediately. These photo-editing software are developed to provide us with various editing tools. That is why we have chosechosen to make a list of the best photo-editing software. We hope you find this useful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the No 1 photo editing app download?

Many of these photo-editing software are actually great in their various features. However, to pick one, Adobe Photo Lightroom is a great choice.

Is Lightroom better than Photoshop?

Photoshop is a great photo-editing tool. However, Lightroom is the best to handle several tasks, such as handling multiple photos.

Which photo editor is easiest?

As interesting as Adobe Lightroom, it comes with easy-to-use tools. The software can be used easily.


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