Top 5 Best Place To Live In Canada For Nigerian Immigrants

Best Place To Live In Canada For Nigerian Immigrants

Are you looking for the best place to live in Canada for Nigerian immigrants? Do you want to move to Canada? If yes, it is an excellent decision; Canada gives you the chance to live the most satisfying life possible. Choosing the ideal city to reside in Canada as an immigrant with a family might be difficult. Other aspects to consider include employment, education, and, of course, quality of life. The most difficult decision to make when choosing to relocate to Canada is where you should settle and where the ideal spot for you and your family could be. To help you out, we’ve produced a list of the best place to live in Canada for Nigerian immigrants.

Best Place To Live In Canada For Nigerian Immigrants


Ontario is the most popular province for new immigrants to Canada. By 2021, Ontario will have received almost half of all new Canadian permanent residents. The most populous city in Ontario is also the biggest in Canada. Most immigrants who chose Ontario as their province of residence opted to settle in Toronto. 

Toronto is one of the world’s most urban and multicultural cities, with more than half of its people being members of a visible minority group. The city has a strong film and media presence and industrial, financial, and technology companies. Many Canadian tech start-ups are based in the Greater Toronto Area. You can live in Toronto without a car since most people can get by without one. The Toronto Transit Commission’s (TTC) public transportation system is extensive and can take you almost everywhere you need.

Ottawa is the capital of Canada and the second most populous city in Ontario. Ottawa is regarded as one of Canada’s safest cities. The capital city of Canada also has an excellent quality of life and affordable living expenses. There’s no denying that winters in Ontario can be very cold. Temperatures in certain portions of Ontario may fall below -40°C during the winter months. It’s all worth it when summer arrives, with temperatures reaching 30°C or more.

Ontario has a robust economy, accounting for 37% of national GDP, owing to a mix of resources, industrial competence, and exports. In addition, approximately half of all workers in high-tech, financial services, and other knowledge-intensive businesses work in the province.

British Columbia

British Columbia, located on Canada’s west coast, is noted for its stunning natural beauty. In 2021, British Columbia was the second most popular province for incoming immigrants after Ontario. British Columbia is often regarded as the greatest province in Canada for immigrants seeking outdoor activities and cooler weather.

Vancouver is the most populous city in British Columbia. Vancouver is situated in British Columbia’s Lower Mainland and is routinely ranked as one of the world’s most livable cities. The healthcare system in Vancouver is excellent. BC Medical Services Plan (MSP) is a well-managed corporation that provides excellent healthcare services to British Columbia citizens.

Public transit in Vancouver is fantastic, and most people don’t need a vehicle since it gets them where they need to go. TransLink operates the system, which includes buses, rapid transit trains (SkyTrain), urban trains (West Coast Express), and sea ferries (SeaBus).

Vancouver has substantially milder temperatures than the rest of Canada, being less hot in summer (varying from 20 to 30 degrees Celsius) and less frigid in winter (ranging from 0 to 10 degrees). Between November and March, the rainy season is particularly intense. Summers are often hot, and winters seldom snow in the city but frequently in the mountains, allowing you to participate in winter activities.


Quebec is the third most popular destination for immigrants to Canada. Quebec is Canada’s most incredible province for immigrants who like cultural activities and the French language. Quebec, Canada’s biggest province, is famed for its abundance of culture, maple syrup production, and the French language. Even though French is the official language of Quebec, the provincial government offers some rights and services to the English-speaking people. While it is feasible to navigate Quebec without knowing French, it is recommended that you learn the language. Fortunately, Quebec provides free French classes to incoming immigrants.

Montreal is the most populated city in Quebec and the third most popular with new immigrants. Montreal, as North America’s number one host city for international events, is frequently regarded as Canada’s most cultural metropolis; here, you can enjoy a variety of established music, comedy, and film festivals all year.

Quebec City is the province’s second most preferred location for newcomers. The one-of-a-kind French-speaking metropolis maintains a delicate balance between history, modernity, culture, and environment. Quebec City residents do not keep idle during the winter; the city provides a variety of distinctive winter activities and attractions, such as the famous Winter Carnival, tobogganing in the heart of the city, and visiting the Hotel de Glace (Ice Hotel).

The climate of Quebec is notable for its extremes. While temperatures in certain sections of the province might dip as low as -40°C during the cold months, summer temperatures can reach as high as 35°C. Quebec’s economy is varied, with the industrial and service industries dominating. Quebec also makes large investments in research and development.


Finally, Alberta will be the fourth most popular province among immigrants in 2021. Alberta, located in Western Canada, has some of the most popular natural attractions in the nation. Alberta is well-known for its vast oil and natural gas resources, cattle ranching, the Rocky Mountains, and Dinosaur Provincial Park.

Calgary and Edmonton are the fourth and fifth most popular cities for immigrants in Canada, respectively. Calgary is the most populous city in Alberta. Calgary, located in the foothills of the breathtaking Rocky Mountains, is great for outdoor lovers. Calgary is also home to the world-famous Calgary Stampede & Exhibition, one of the world’s biggest outdoor rodeos.

Edmonton is Alberta’s capital and the province’s second most populous city. Edmonton, which holds over 30 events yearly, never runs out of things to do. Edmonton also featured Canada’s biggest planetarium and was formerly home to the world’s largest mall.

Calgary and Edmonton have the most sunlight hours in the nation, with more than any other Canadian city. The ample sunlight helps Albertans get through the winters, which may reach -51 °C in some areas of the province. Temperatures rise dramatically as the summer months go, with portions of the province seeing temperatures as high as 35°C.

The oil and gas business is Alberta’s biggest, followed by agriculture, forestry, education, tourism, finance, and manufacturing. Alberta also has lower taxes than the rest of Canada, making it the greatest province in the country for newcomers trying to save money.


Halifax is Nova Scotia’s provincial capital. It is a significant port city on the Atlantic Ocean with one of the world’s best ports. Art galleries, theaters, museums, and festivals are among the cultural activities available in Halifax. The city is ranked fourth in the world for Destinations on the Rise by TripAdvisor Travelers Choice Award and is Canada’s second hottest city.

Halifax has various immigration possibilities, including the Provincial and Atlantic Immigration Pilot programs. If you dislike major cities, Halifax is worth considering.

The Benefits Of Moving To Canada

  • There is no question that Canada is one of the safest countries in the world; in addition to its gorgeous and picturesque terrain, the nation offers many work prospects and is well-known for its friendliness toward immigrants. Canada’s immigration system is meant to help employees immigrate permanently even if they do not have a job offer.
  • Compared to most other nations, Canada can provide permanent resident status in the least amount of time.
  • The permanent resident status grants you the legal right to live and work anywhere in Canada for as long as you desire, even with your family.
  • The Canadian government intends to admit more than one million permanent residents during the next three years. For many immigrants, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions

For many Nigerians, relocating to Canada opens them a world of options they would not have had in their own country. Political stability, a growing economy, and globally acclaimed schools contribute to Canada’s status as a top destination for Nigerian immigration.

Ottawa also came out on top in an overall survey that included everything from average income to taxes, crime, and weather. The second best city for immigrants is not far away, with the Quebec City of Gatineau, just over the river, taking second place.

Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta all have many work prospects. Some of these provinces have the most outstanding employment rate for immigrants and are attractive owing to low unemployment rates.

Getting work in Canada from Nigeria is feasible since the nation has several skills and labor shortages owing to its aging population. Every fourth Canadian is retiring, creating numerous employment openings that firms can only fill with the aid of foreign employees.

According to a Conference Board of Canada poll, Waterloo, Calgary, and Ottawa are the most appealing areas to live and work in Canada. They are one of six cities that received an overall “A” grade in education, environment, health, housing, innovation, and society.




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