Top 10 Best Poly Dating Apps

Best Poly Dating Apps

The top polyamorous dating services have created a setting where sex-obsessed and open-minded individuals may mingle and have fun: no definitions, no regulations, and no need to tread carefully around conservative sensitivities. Look, monogamy doesn’t satisfy all individuals and couples. They are neither sex junkies nor cheats because of this. They become somewhat more uninhibited in their sexual behavior and interactions. However, it may be difficult to locate poly dating options in the physical world. Thus the majority of non-monogamous couples and individuals have turned to the internet. Below we have selected some of the best poly dating apps for you. 

Best Poly Dating Apps

1. Victoria Milan

Victoria Milan

Victoria Milan is a unique platform with global reach. Thanks to its millions of members and distinctive features, it makes it simple and easy for you to locate the companion you’re seeking. Its sophisticated algorithm finds the best matches and compiles a list of potential companions for you. Victoria Milan’s registration process is quick and easy.

It will prompt you for a few additional pieces of information once you input information like your login. Victoria Milan allows you to begin once you are aware of the kind of companion you are searching for and your sexual preferences. With its user-friendly layout and the option to display online users on the homepage, Victoria Milan delivers a distinctive experience.

You can rapidly locate companions thanks to its sophisticated technology. It’s simple for users of all ages! Additionally, Victoria Milan offers free registration. One of its positive traits is this. Victoria Milan is also entirely secure. As a result, you may begin utilizing Victoria Milan with confidence. Victoria Milan is one of the poly dating apps for you because of these factors.

2. AdultFriendFinder


One of the most polyamorous dating services is AdultFriendFinder, which has been active for more than 20 years. Whatever you’re searching for, whether it’s swingers, orgies, a fuck buddy, or threesomes, you can find it here. There are 80,000,000 members on the site, nudity is permitted, and people of all sexual orientations are welcome.

AFF functions as a live webcam site as well. You can participate in discussions in the adult chat rooms, watch adult movies and live member webcams, and learn more about non-monogamous relationships in the Sex Academy.

3. OkCupid


Another international dating app is OkCupid. You may see OkCupid as a monogamous person’s dating app. However, OkCupid is appropriate for every user. OkCupid requires you to fill out a thorough survey in order to sign up. Your preferences in romantic relationships are one of many questions included in this thorough survey. 

The fact that OkCupid has millions of users is one of its advantages. By signing up, you have a better chance of finding the users you want. The UI of OkCupid has a user-friendly layout. OkCupid’s premium membership has a small selection and comes with continual commercials, which is one of its drawbacks. So, in order to utilize OkCupid, you may need to pay for a Premium membership. However, other than them, OkCupid is one of the best poly dating apps.

4. Tinder


Tinder is often said to be a monogamous dating app. However, given that Tinder has millions of users, not everyone uses it for the same reasons. You can discover the people you’re seeking on Tinder since every user has distinct objectives. Additionally, given that there are millions of these users, this likelihood is rather large.

Mentioning this in your Tinder bio once you join up can help you locate the romantic partners you’re searching for. Tinder registration is cost-free. Yet the free version has restrictions. As a result, you may wish to renew your membership. Tinder is also among the best poly dating apps.

5. BiCupid


A popular poly-dating app that also functions as a bi-dating app is called BiCupid. At the time of writing, there were over 1,800,000 users, most of whom identified as bisexual. Although the site is dominated by bisexuals (at least a million bisexuals use this dating app), you may also find other LGBTQ+ people on this site.

Similar to Taimi, BiCupid has a much higher male-to-female ratio. Most new members claim to be searching for hookups and casual relationships, with many being open to the notion of polyamorous partnerships. You may sign up for the app together and meet folks who are interested in experimenting with new and different kinds of partnerships.

It takes around 3 minutes to register, and you may connect your Facebook account. While you may receive (and respond to) messages as a free member, you can’t send the first message unless you’ve upgraded your account. On BiCupid, you may also find blogs and forums with dating advice.

6. Feeld 


Feeld has grown significantly in recent years and is now among the top places to meet singles and couples. Today, it can claim 200,000 weekly active users and constantly welcomes new people. Both singles and couples are welcome to use it, with couples accounting for more than half of weekly logins. It is thus perfect for people seeking polyamorous relationships.

But it’s Feeld’s gender choices that truly set it apart. Compared to the majority of other polyamorous dating services, Feeld provides more choices for gender identification and sexual orientation. Feeld offers a variety of possibilities if you’re uncomfortable with just identifying as a man or a woman. While straight individuals use Feeld, many of its users openly say they are bi-curious.

7. Poly Finda

Poly Finda

Our list of the best poly dating apps includes Poly Finda. This app allows you to flirt and serves no specific goal. All members of the polyamorous community favor its gender-preferred users. This makes it simple to locate the relationship you want, regardless of your sexual orientation. Poly Finda is an excellent option to find the mate you’re seeking since it has millions of people and special features.

8. FriendFinder-X


The singles and couples that use FriendFinder-X have a desire that never goes away. The casual sex website contains many dating profiles and sensual content, such as nude photos, lewd blog articles, and striptease live streams. Although joining the dating site is free, only Gold Members can access all of the X-rated material.

Due to its emphasis on user privacy and anonymity, FriendFinder-X has developed a reputation as a dating service for cheaters. Beyond their gender and email address, a single individual does not need to give any personal information. Photos are optional and do not necessarily need to show a person’s face.

9. Open 


Open sees itself as a dating service where you may “experiment with morally non-monogamous persons and their partners.” In other words, this is a completely legitimate poly dating app used by those who have consented to be in a polyamorous relationship with their spouse. You may be sure that the folks you meet here are sincere in their objectives.

The app is really open and allows you to meet the creators and ambassadors. Many of them, like you, want dating to be more enjoyable. To that end, you may specify your preferences on the app so that you only meet poly partners who share your interests, and you can quickly ban those who aren’t.

The matches are often of excellent quality, and new people join each month. You may meet individuals via the app, but you can also meet them at #Open community events, and the app is utilized by people from kink to LGBTQ + and beyond.

10. Taimi


Taimi is one of the top LGBTQ+ dating apps available, providing a haven for individuals wishing to welcome new people into their relationships that are open-minded and accepting. While the gender balance is strongly skewed on the male side (the ratio is around 70:30 in favor of males), there are also many lesbian, bisexual, queer, and non-binary users. However, the majority of those who register are under the age of 35.

Registration is simple. However, you cannot sign up on a PC (you need to use the app). You can also connect your Facebook account; sending and receiving messages is free, and various premium features let you get the most out of it. Many people use Taimi for free all the time – it all depends on your requirements and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Openly, Tinder is not a couple-friendly app. However, because of its quick-swiping capabilities, it may make poly dating easier. A polyamorous couple must be concerned about being reported to Tinder and banned from the dating service. That shouldn’t be an issue as long as you’re kind and honest.

The nicest thing about polyamory dating is that you have the choice of dating two, three, or four people. And internet dating operates in the same manner. You may establish many accounts and look for various mates on your terms on any of the dating websites mentioned aboveA since they are all free to join and available to all sorts of daters. Follow your intuition and choose the most well-liked casual dating services that encourage your polyamorous lifestyle, and watch out for your interests.

Finding a polyamorous relationship is possible in several ways. One method is finding polyamorous groups in person—through mutuals or at bars and clubs. If you choose this strategy, it is advised to spread the word about polyamory by telling others that you and your partner are interested in it. The most popular and additional method is to join polyamorous dating apps.

Platforms for polygamous people include poly dating apps. They make it possible for those seeking multiple partners to interact and flirt.




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