How To Prepare and Pass Your Next Jamb [LATEST UPDATE]

How To Prepare and Pass Your Next Jamb


How To Prepare and Pass Your Next Jamb – Just like every other test or everyday life test, preparation is key, as you can just jump into the field and hit the unexpected, this would certainly leave you helpless, you would rather say at least I tried than, for no reason it is better not to come prepared.

Passing that test can therefore be easy if only the steps that would be provided are adhered judiciously, without fail you are bound to smile.


Unlike other Examination, such as WAEC, GCE, NECO, and others, JAMB is one of the largest Examination taken by aspiring college students, who intend to further with their studies, as this could be a life changing experience, so it has to be strategically taken.

It is stated that every year, over five hundred thousands students sit for the examination across the nation, and the numbers of those who passed are drastically few with one or two person making it up to 380 and above the cut off mark, this few would equally be those who prepared strategically or are those who were lucky; but you wouldn’t want to be in that unlucky shoe.


As at 2021 JAMB recorded one of its worst fails as 14 percent passed while 86 percent failed, why this, this could be as a result of the nation’s lingering Education sector or negligence on candidate’s side.

JAMB has strategically selected options to test student on their previous knowledge, which is why you are allowed to select three subjects depending on your course choice and

English compulsory, making it four Subjects to take, so with this, you are at your best in delivery.


JAMB has not only been a nightmare for many, imagine, spending six years in high school hoping the next, after graduation boom you find yourself in college, but this is the reverse, you keep finding yourself taking JAMB countless times to a point you want to say no more and your dreams are shattered but doing it right would save you all these stress, that is why you need to take this simple steps the scoring that 250 and above cut off mark.

Steps To Prepare and Pass Your Next Jamb

Here are steps to take to enable you prepare and pass your next jamb examination;


  • Firstly; Many students failed to do this correctly. Before you even sit for any examination, you have to be ELIGIBLE. Here you must have completed your Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination and come out with the necessary qualified result needed by the school.

    Imagine you taking the JAMB form, with an incomplete SSCE result hoping you would be accepted or getting a space with your result, it is better you have the right result and battle the other, instead of fighting SSCE and trying to make JAMB, that is why SSCE has been made easy to get, before you graduate from high school you could sit for multiple SSCE, here you have NECO and GCE these are all exams you could take just to meet up. Even if you are out of school for a long time, GCE is an option to correct that bad result to qualify you for your next big step.

    So you have to verify that before you proceed, otherwise you probably might be wasting time. You can also check the school SSCE result requirements or visit the JAMB website to get that information. Your SSCE result is a task on its own, however, being in school for six years, learning the necessary is quite an edge.
  • Congratulations, if your SSCE result is complete, be it one sitting or double, remember some schools do not accept combined results such as Unilag and others, this could be based on the course and their requirements. So check what you can combine, however, this gives you an edge to proceed in taking the examination, now you can proceed to purchasing the JAMB form, once it is out, do not hesitate to get it. Once you have it, fill in the necessary information, also this is where you determine how far you can go.
  • Here you are asked to select for possible subjects you would sit for, English inclusive, so I would advise you to go for subjects you are best at, because with this, you can do well and save you time. Many wrongly combine Subjects for their JAMB, which would end up giving them a tough time to meet with pace at the exam hall. You can visit this link to get a glimpse on what subject to combine for your next JAMB examination.
  • After you must have confirmed your registration, then you have to start, reading and studying wide, I would suggest this wide study for those who have left school long enough, you have to refresh the memory, this would assist you so you don’t depend of past knowledge you have to follow what is also new in the syllabus, also remember you are not just getting a syllabus but JAMB recommended syllabus so you won’t have to read too much. If you have the time to go for tutorials, then that would be a better option. There are thousands of Tutorials out there that can help you prepare, but if you can’t then get books and JAMB syllabus to study, this would guide you on what to study.

Studying for Jamb

  • These days there are past questions to try your hands on, so you can get them and try your hands on them with this, you have a taste of what is coming.

Remember never relent from studying and studying, because this is the only way you can overcome that fear of failure.

  • It is important you study consistently, do not forget to check out your examination centre, roaming about on the day of the examination could cause you fatigue.

It could lead to loss of concentration, it is better you know exactly where you are heading to than walking around and asking for directions.

  • And lastly, remember to get acquainted with the Computer Based Test (CBT) process, if you need to learn how it works, please get information, as this exam is a Computer Based Test, you wouldn’t want to be doing it wrong. So learn how to use a system rightly, to avoid the stress or mistakes that might occur.

On Examination Day

You must have fully studied and tried out past questions several times before the day of examination, so a week or days before the examination, you need to relax, and don’t forget to get enough sleep before the day.

  • Make sure you wake up early, get a good meal, energy is what you need to get active and get to the venue early enough, while you wait for the commencement of the examination process, this would allow you complete and not rush to carry out all necessary registering, there are people who would rush in or get there late enough for them to miss the exam, you wouldn’t want to fall into that category, so get there on time.
  • Be seated at your registered sitting position, and prepare your computer as instructed.
  • Once your time starts ticking, flow with the timing, do not rush to the next, you have more than enough time to work, learn to manage your time.
  • Lastly, answer questions you can attempt, and come back to questions you might find difficult. This is not a wrong choice. Sometimes what you don’t know at that moment might come to you while you reflect on it, so attend to others.
  • Remember, you are timed, it is better you submit your answers and log out properly, do not leave any instructions unattended to. It is better to be safe than to be sorry.

NOTE: For every examination you take, there might come that doubt of making it, however, with the right preparation and an optimistic mind, you are on the verge of getting a positive result, as a prepared mind has never failed. That is why you need take the right steps, JAMB is the easier to pass with the right cut off mark and might be tricky for the mind that failed to concentrate and follow the step, that is why a lot tend to go through a wrong route, examination malpractice, this is actually not necessary as it could land you to a bigger mess and lifetime stigma. Avoid all forms of examination malpractice


Because you have done your best and have probably followed the simple steps to preparing for your next JAMB, you can then leave the rest to God, as faith and work makes it better, you can only try but with God, you can be hopeful, so go home, relax and expect something great.

Rome wasn’t built in a day so they say, so remember, if it doesn’t come out well, you did the needful, it wasn’t just your time, so come back the next time well informed, this time, doing it great and better. Good luck on your next JAMB.



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