20 Best Primary Schools In London

20 Best Primary Schools in London

20 Best Primary Schools In London – Every child needs a good and intelligent start to push them further to a more tasking level.

Primary education is one of the principal times of a child’s education. This period roughly lasts for six years, as the child proceeds to a more tasking level, the child is already prepared.

Primary education in countries all over the world is compulsory, as it is an essential part of the child’s development. Most governments of the world heavily sponsor primary education. governments spend billions of dollars to foster primary education.

The United Kingdom have one of the best education systems in the world, which ensure excellence for its pupil. normally education starts from the age of 5, however, once kids complete both primary and secondary education, it is optional for students to further their education.

In this level of education, it is in the target that students must have acquired some fundamental or foundational skills such as reading, writing and Arithmetics. Here we would be looking at the best primary schools in London.

Primary Education in the United Kingdom

Education is believed to provide pupils with enlightenment to help them navigate life. as a child is born into life, as soon as the child is capable of comprehending, the child starts learning something new.

The family is an institution that provides informal education, character, even language learning and many others. However, formal education is provided in an institution where the targeted curriculum must be met.

Education can be traced as far back as the ancient civilization in Egypt, however, the earliest form of education cannot be categorically traced to a certain group. In the Middle East, Mesopotamia had this ideal of training their young boys in the skills of writing.

This involved the skills of logograph, many sons of the royal family, the rich and the professionals were trained to read and write. In India, there was education through n the Vedic. while in China, it was believed that the Xia dynasty established the first education school where pupils were trained in the art of literature, rituals and archery.

In the European world, formal education was formally carried out in the monasteries, where monks were trained in the skills of reading, prayers, alphabets and syllables, all of these were carried out in Latin. this was in the middle ages.

As society began to develop, education began to foster in many countries, however, these were limited to some curricula. Schools, universities that taught medicine and others began to sprout.

These further pushed for the ideal of primary education, the first-ever formal primary education was seen in Massachusetts, America; where in 1690, children were trained to study and read the little bible of New England. 

Meanwhile, Martins Luther had earlier pushed for the notion of educating children on literacy and numeracy.

In England, the idea of child education started when the parliament passed the Elementary Education Act, in 1870, which made it compulsory for all children to be educated.

 This Act ensures to provide children with cheap and standard primary education. This targeted children from 4 years of age to 13, provision of reading, writing and arithmetics, while the school operated the monitorial system, whereby a teacher monitors a large class with assistance from older pupils. Also, was for the working class.

With this Act passed, it saw a boom in primary education and the increase of pupils in schools, and many schools were established.

Levels of Primary Education

In statistics in 2020/21, the United Kingdom government spent around 31 billion British pounds on Pre Primary and Primary education. While Primary Education receives around 27.38  billion British pounds, this shows the enormous funding gotten from the British.

Primary education in the United Kingdom is the first stage of education, however, there is the option of pre-primary education. 

In the United Kingdom, a child is expected to begin primary education by 5 or 7 years which lasts till 11 years. The primary education classes are divided into years.

From age 5 to 6, students are enrolled in year one, from 6 to 7 years in year 2, in year 2 student sits for SAT for stage one in the primary education as it is divided into two stages. while students continue in the following year.

Year three is around 7 to 8 years, Year four, 8 to 9 years, Year five, 9 to 10 years and the final year where students sit for the final SATs test which is the key stage 2, which is around 10 to 11 years.

upon conclusion in Primary education, students transition into secondary education.

How to start Primary School in London

London is the largest city in England, United Kingdom. It is highly advanced with great places to visit. London is the home of the Monarch of the United Kindom. The city’s economy is one of the greatest in Europe and the world.

To enrol on a school in the United Kingdom can be hassle-free, however, it might be a tough time selecting schools in London, United Kingdom, because there are a lot of great primary schools in London.

To begin, you will probably need to attend to school’s open day, to get information. this happens every year. you get to get information about the school from teachers and even students. you know exactly what the school offers and other things that might be favourable to your child.

Once this is done, you have to register online, you visit the Eadmission website to register. which is eadmissions.org.uk. On the form, you have to select your school phase which is primary, and then fill in the necessary information. 

Remember you have to provide the list of schools you wish to enrol with and also make the list by choice of preference. This should be done on or before January 15th, which is the deadline for submission. the schools you are enrolling with might need further documents to back up your application.

Once submitted you have to wait for the National Offer Day, which is April 16th, here is when you get to know whether the status of your application is rejected or accepted, that is which school is accepting your application. so you have 10 working days to respond to the offer. Normally a mail would be sent to you.

From the list of schools offered to your child, you have to select which you have chosen.

20 Best Primary Schools in London

London, United Kingdom has over 2,216 primary schools. These primary schools are great private and public schools that provide students with the best and standard education.

Here is a list of the 20 best primary schools in London;

  • Christ Church Bentick C of E Primary School, London
  • Bigland Green Primary School, London
  • Edith Neville Primary School, London
  • Vauxhall Primary School, London
  • St. Stephen’s Church of England Primary School, London
  • The Orion Primary School, London
  • Winton Primary School, London
  • Lawdale Junior School, London
  • Manorfeild Primary School
  • Argyle Primary School, London
  • Shapla Primary School, London
  • St. Peter’s C of E Primary School, London
  • Avenue Primary School, London
  • Lathom Junior Primary School, London
  • Wilberforce Primary School, London
  • Queen’s Park Primary School, London
  • Marion Richardson Primary School, London
  • Seven Sisters Primary School, London
  • Gatton (VA) Primary School, London
  • Lark Hall Primary School, London

This list is based on Snobe rating, however, there are other notable Private and Public schools in London, this include, Seven Mills Primary School, Langford Primary School, Barnfield Primary School, Fox Primary School, Bousfield Primary School, St, Antony’s Catholic Primary School, Hampden Gurney C of E Primary School, St. Anselm’s Catholic Primary School, Mayflower Primary School, and many others.


The United Kingdom has one of the best education systems in the world. with top-notch schools in the country. London is a major and the largest city in the United Kingdom with over 2,216 primary schools.

Selecting from the best schools in London can be very difficult as many primary schools in the country are top-notch. With our list, you should be able to pick a fitting school for your child.


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