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Top 10 Best Primary Schools in Melbourne – Education is a very crucial part of every individual life. It is important to get a great start in education. So choosing a great start matters, as your future is designed based on the foundation.

There are several primary schools in the country of Australia, and many of these schools are top-ranking in the country. Children are meant to be provided with a great start, so they can continue with the standard provided.

Melbourne is one of the largest and most populated cities in Australia. Highly urbanized, with advanced technologies. The city has one of the highest numbers of primary schools in the country, with over 1338 primary schools, which is approximately 56%.

The Australian primary schools are of different types, the coeducation, boarding, day, private, public, and independent schools, that are run by the state or territories authority.

We would be looking at the best schools in Melbourne, Australia.

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne, Australia is the most populated and largest city in Australia. The highly urbanized city was created in 1835. It is the home to many landmarks in Australia.

The city is the capital of the state of Australia. Melbourne’s economy is so strong that it enjoys one of the world’s best financial statuses. As it was ranked 15th most competitive financial centre in the world.

Melbourne enjoys attractions from visitors or tourists from all over the world. It has been ranked as the second most visited city in Australia. In 2018 12.9 million tourists visited Melbourne.

 This is because of its beautiful landmarks such as Melbourne Zoo, Melbourne Cricket Ground, Crown Casino, Southbank, Melbourne Aquarium, and many others.

Thinking of a safe place in the world, Melbourne, Australia is one of the safest places in the world. As the crime rate is extremely low. As of 2021, it was recorded that the crime rate in the state fell by 13% in three years.

The city is highly digitalized as there are so many technology innovations. Melbourne City had the largest urban tram network in the world, having over 493 trams, 24 routes and 1,763 tramp stops.

There are so many good things accredited to the city of Melbourne, its food which is great, the friendly people, nightlife which is great and full of memories. Melbourne has been rated to be the world’s most livable city.

Melbourne has one of the highest and most significant schools in Australia, as these schools are ranked top best. The University of Melbourne, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), La Trobe University, and Victoria University are the universities in Melbourne and Australia.

Melbourne is one of Australia’s pride cities.

List of Top 10 Best Primary Schools In Melbourne

Children need a great beginning, with a strong foundation because this strongly determines how prepared they are for a much higher and tasking future.

As you know, Melbourne is an advanced city with so many advancements and great innovations, there are several primary schools in Melbourne both, private, public, independent, and other schools in Melbourne, Australia.

Here is a list of the 10 best schools in Melbourne;

Wesley College, Victoria

Wesley College is an independent school for day and boarding and also, a co-educational school. The school was established in 1866. Wesley College was the first registered school in Australia. It has three campuses in Melbourne which include; Glen Waverley, St. Kilda, and Elsternwick.

The school has been ranked the best in Australia, as in 2020, it was ranked no. 99. Aside from its curriculum, the school is a great place that provides students with great extracurricular activities.

Wesley College, Victoria is structured into three categories, Junior, Middle, and senior school. Which caters to kids from early childhood from age 3 to year 12.

Wesley College is a great and safe place for pupils.

Camberwell Grammar School

Located in the suburban city of Camberwell. The grammar school is one of the notable schools in Melbourne.

 This is an independent School with affiliation with the Anglican Church and Associated Grammar Schools of Victoria. It is a boys-only day and boarding school.

The school was established in 1886, one of the oldest independent schools in Australia. The school has six houses in which pupils are placed. Robinson, Clifford, Macneil, Derham, Schofield, Steven, Bridgland, and Summons.

The School currently has around 1,300 students and also operates junior, Middle, and Senior schools. It also has great extracurricular activities and provides a safe place for learning.

Brighton Grammar School

Here is another great school for all boys. The independent day school was established in 1882. The school is also associated with the Anglican Church.

Like most independent schools, the school is divided into houses as it has six houses. It is affiliated with the Associated Public Schools of Victoria.

The school also has a sister school called Firbank Girls’ Grammar School which is for girls. The school in 2020 was ranked 22 best in Victoria, Australia.

The school offers some great programs and also great extracurricular activities, it is notable for its rich background in music and STEM programs.

Gilson College

The co-educational school is an independent school that is affiliated with the seventh-day Adventist. It is a Co-educational school that caters to children in early childhood school, and primary and senior school.

The school is part of the Seventh Day Adventist education system which is the world’s second-largest school.  Gilson was established in 1989.

Gilson College offers about 30 subjects, the school is a great place to learn. Its campuses are located in Taylors Hill and Mernda.

Caufield Grammar School

Caulfield Grammar School is a school with multiple schools in it.  Caufield is a very big school in Melbourne which caters to both boys and girls and in fact the only and second-largest in Melbourne.

The school offers programs from Kindergarten to year 12, currently having over 3,315 students in its care. It was established in1881. It was created as an all-boys institute but later introduced the girls boarding as well.

The school is an international school which campuses across the world. It currently owns one in Nanjing, China, which offers Mandarin to all its students however, English is the medium of communication and teaching in the school.

The school has been ranked top best to provide students with the best Victoria Certificate of Education. In 2020 it was ranked 36.

Caufield Grammar School is an institute that provides students with a wide range of subjects, and also not leaving out the extracurricular activities which cover music, Sports, and Arts.

The school is a great place to groom students in all works of life, as it has graduated notable people who have contributed to all.

  • Belgrave Heights Christain School
  • Bialik College
  • Ivanhoe Grammar School
  • Melton Christian College
  • Presbyterian Ladies College Melbourne.

Other notable schools in Melbourne include;

  • Plenty Valley Christian College
  • Fintona Girls’ School
  • Haileybury College
  • St. Margret’s School
  • Kew East Primary School
  • Erasmus Primary School
  • Royton Girls’ School
  • Beverly Hills Primary School
  • Serpell Primary School
  • Deutsche Schule Melbourne

These are the few best Primary schools in Melbourne, however, there are other notable schools, you can visit the link for more.


Melbourne is one of the largest and most highly advanced cities in Victoria, Australia. It has quite an interesting place to visit and other notable attributes. Education in the city is highly advanced. There are several Primary schools in the city, for girls, and boys, co-education, boarding, day, and private-public and independent schools.

They all provide great subjects and extracurricular activities. With this list, you should be able to pick great schools that fit your kid(s).


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