Top 8 Best Primary Schools in Sydney

Best Primary Schools in Sydney- Sydney is one of the most interesting and safest city to live in the world. It is a city that you can freely move on the streets no matter the time of the day because of the low crime rate. More so, the city is really thriving economically with lots of jobs opportunities. The climate is moderate and really fabulous throughout the year. Education in Sydney is in three levels; primary education, secondary education and tertiary education. If you are a foreigner, expatriate or even a local, that is in search of a good primary school you want to enroll your kids, then ensure to read this article to the end. Listed in this article are the top best 8 primary schools in Sydney and also some interesting places you could visit in Sydney during the holidays.

Eight (8) Best Primary Schools in Sydney

  1. Sydney Grammar School
  2. St Aloysius College
  3. Matthew Pearce Public School
  4. John Colet School
  5. St Ives North Public School
  6. Meriden School
  7. McAuley Catholic Primary School
  8. Coogee Boys Preparatory School

Sydney Grammar School

This school is an independent primary school for boys only. It was founded in 1857 in Sydney, Australia. The school is a non-denominational school that offers classical but quality school education. The school provides a prevocational type of education and this is revealed in its academic structure and subject combinations.

The various academic departments in the school include: Classics, Design and technology, Drama, Economics, English, Geography, History, Mathematics, Modern languages, Music, Physical Education, Science and Visual Arts.

The school runs academic extension programs in sciences and humanities. The school at such times host visiting scholars who take out time to teach the students in specific subject areas.

The school actively participates in different sport contests including football, cricket, tennis, volleyball, swimming, athletics, etc. There are times that the students go on sporting tours overseas for some sports events like; football in Brazil, Rugby in England and Volleyball in Japan. There are a number of club and societies in the school for students to belong actively. Some of them include Debating, Chess Club, Creative Writing Club, Australian Army Cadets, Australian Air Force Cadets.

Students have the opportunity to participate in overseas tours organized by the school. The aim of this tour is for educational and cultural exchange. The school has alliances with some outstanding schools around some major cities in the world like Paris, Shanghai, etc,  which the boys of Sydney grammar can get to visit for few weeks. During those times, students get to boost their linguistic studies and also visit interesting places to catch fun.

St Aloysius College

The school is also a boys-only school owned by the catholic mission. The school is located in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. It is the oldest catholic boys school in New South Wales.

The school which was established in 1879 is conducted by the Jesuit order. The Jesuit education is aimed at producing a well-balanced individual that is intellectually sound, religious, loving, committed to growth and a lover of justice. The Jesuit system of education emphasizes the need for development of the mind, and also formation of some good character, attitudes, values and social interaction. It also focuses on the need for the student to acquire strategic skills while studying.

The school is a member of the Combined Associated Schools(CAS) and they participate regularly in CAS premierships. Some of the CAS premierships won by the school include: Cricket (in 1990), Soccer (in 2017), Swimming (in 1932 and 1935), Basketball (in 1999 and 2022), etc.

Matthew Pearce Public School

The school is one of the best primary schools in Sydney. It is located in Northern Beaches, Sydney. The school delivers sound and quality education most especially in the subjects of language and mathematics.

The school is dedicated to providing a safe, nurturing and dynamic environment for students to learn. Students are equipped to be resilient, critical thinkers and highly motivated learners. They are also groomed to be respectful, tolerant and adaptable global citizens.

John Colet School

John Colet School is a co-educational and multi-faith independent school. The school was established in 1985 by a group of people that were in search of a classical education for their children. It is a co-educational school that is located in Belrose, Sydney.

The school has a culture that is based on traditional values and emphasizes ethical, spiritual and character development. The curriculum is very rich and all-round providing additional content such as philosophy, Shakespeare, classical and modern languages The school continually improve on its learning facilities for better educational experience for its students.

There are large classrooms, interactive whiteboard with specialist rooms for music, art, languages and a multipurpose hall used for lunch at lunchtime. The school has good transportation networks for its students and after-school care service.

St Ives North Public School

It is a K-6 government-owned public school located in St Ives, New South Wales. The school was founded in 1961 and ranks as one of the best schools in Sydney.

The school is very sound in delivering quality education and also engaging the students in co-curricular activities that will make them balanced. Some of the extracurricular activities in the school include: sports, choir, chess, debating, robotics, dance, drama, etc. The school hold sport activities weekly like soccer, rugby, netball, etc.

Meriden School

The school is an Anglican-owned school for girls only. The school is located in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. It was established in 1897 by Jane Monckton with a curriculum that caters for students from year K to year 12.

A lot of extracurricular activities goes on in the school some of which include: debating, festival of speech, Duke of Edinburgh’s award, Choir, Art club, Chess, Science Club, etc. The school participates regularly in sports competition in which the Meriden schools play and compete against girls from other schools in Sydney.

McAuley Catholic Primary School

 The school is a warm and welcoming community. It was founded in 1967 as a boys-only school by some Christian brothers but currently it is a co-educational primary school. McAuley Catholic school is one of the low-fee catholic schools in Sydney.

The school is highly dedicated to creating a learning culture that is built on a strong foundation and one that makes meaningful connections too.

The curriculum is child-focused and diversified with opportunities for problem solving, decision making, collaboration and inquiry learning. The subject of literacy and numeracy is well-stressed in its curriculum.

Coogee Boys Preparatory School

It is a boys-only school that is located in Sydney, Australia. It is an all-round school that educates boys to become gentlemen. The teachers at the school form an agile, dynamic and engaging team that instils irrefutable self-esteem and self-confidence into the student while also delivering a comprehensive and up-to-date curriculum.

There a number of co-curricular activities, sporting activities and creative programs in the school that helps build up the students and make them balanced.

Categories of Schools in Sydney

Sydney stands out as the capital city of New South Wales and the most populous city in Australia and Oceania. The city is ranked among the top ten cities in the world that are well-integrated into the global economy. There is a high concentration of foreign banks and multinational companies in Sydney making the city to become Australia’s financial capital.

There are different categories of schools in Sydney and they include public, private, faith-based and international schools. Free education exists in Sydney but it is not free for the locals and foreigners without a permanent residency permit.

Public Schools in Sydney offers quality education. The language of instructions in these schools is usually English. English proficiency is not required for primary school students (that is, kindergarten to year 6). But for entry into secondary school and higher education, proficiency in English is usually a requirement.

Faith-based schools are very common in Sydney and most foreigners/ expatriates love to enroll their kids there because the tuition fees are low compared to private schools and international schools.

International schools are the most expensive schools in terms of the tuition fees. However, children in these schools have the opportunity of studying their home curriculum or an internationally recognized curriculum. Studying a familiar curriculum helps a child to easily adapt to a new school for learning during relocation.

13 Interesting Places to visit after School in Sydney

After work and study, you must make out time to relax and have fun. Listed below are 13 interesting places parents can take their kids to catch some fun most especially during the holidays;

  1. Sydney Opera house
  2. Sydney Harbor bridge
  3. Watson Bay
  4. The Rocks
  5. Sydney Tower
  6. Darling Harbour
  7. Royal Botanical Garden
  8. Australian Museum
  9. Bondi beach
  10. Taronga Zoo
  11. Sydney Olympic Park
  12. Queen Victoria Building
  13. Art Gallery of New South Wales


Primary schools in Sydney is from K (kindergarten) to year 6, then comes junior secondary education (year 7-10) and then senior secondary school(year11-12). Whether you are a foreigner, expatriates or local, Sydney is a great city to live and study. The crime rate is so low that you can afford to walk on the streets at any time of the day without any fear. Also in Sydney are interesting recreational places that you can go to relax with your family during the holidays.


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